Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 29: Twelve Immortal Physiques 1

Li Qiye opened a portal and crossed the void into Godhalt. The moment he stepped inside, he suddenly felt a boundless atmosphere suppressing him.

There were very few living beings in this place since neither mortals or cultivators wanted anything to do with it. However, it would be mistaken to think that this land was barren. In fact, it wasnt desolate or barren at all. On the contrary, this vast place had treasures everywhere.

A reasonable yet grand statement would be that the majority of elixirs and treasure grasses in Heaven Spirit came from Godhalt. Moreover, there were many ores and mines here as well.

One could see tall trees and eagles flying in the air while deers scavenged the earth. It was clear that this place was full of life. Who could imagine that people would rather stay in the sea than this place?

A surge of boundless majestic lifeforce could be felt in the air. It seemed that since the beginning of time, Godhalt had never experienced destruction or development before; it has stayed the same all this time. This was a feeling unique to this place. Other locations might have the same vast aura with dense worldly energy, but it was different from Godhalts primordial sensation.

“It really is a good location.” Li Qiye murmured while walking through this continent: “This place could nourish many things in this world, but it is abandoned for a variety of reasons. What a shame.”

Li Qiye wasnt the only one who thought so. This was a common belief across Heaven Spirit, but even those who chose to take root here would have to leave eventually. Even Immortal Emperors wouldnt want to establish their sect here outside of one exception, Immortal Emperor Bu Si.

There were certain acceptable explanations for why cultivators didnt want to stay here. A force of suppression existed. Anyone who came would be subjected to this. A paragon visiting Godhalt would be dropped down to Heavenly King or an even weaker cultivation.

The suppression people felt varied on a case-by-case basis. Some actually never experienced this suppression. Of course, this group of people was fewer than few.

This suppression was precisely why cultivating here was much slower than the other places. For example, in the Jade Sea, one could take ten years to cultivate one level, but it would require several decades or even centuries to replicate this task on Godhalt.

Because of this, without solving this problem, no cultivator would want to stay here despite how great of a place it was.

In fact, the moment Li Qiye set foot on the soil, a buzz could be heard. A faint light appeared around him alongside an unknown power that wished to pressure him.

However, Li Qiyes thirteen palaces slightly pulsed and the light dissipated along with the pressure. For Li Qiye, this continent had no effect on him. His thirteen palaces could surpass everything.

He took his time strolling through the continent. Along the way, one of his palaces reacted, so he opened it to release the group of immortal medicines.

After the yang vine and ginseng ancestor came out, they seemed extremely excited and jumped up in joy.

The yang vine cheered: “What a nice place, immortal medicines like us would love to stay here.”

“Thats right, Im willing to take root here. If we can seize this place, it would be an amazing opportunity.” The ginseng ancestor agreed.

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head after hearing this: “This is indeed a treasure ground, a great creation of the world. Unfortunately, it isnt your turn to have it. We can take a step back and say you all take root here. One day, after growing to an unmatched level, you will find that all of this would have only been benefiting someone else… This place already has a master.”

His eyes turned profound as he gazed into the vast continent and the forest full of life: “Who can actually try to seize it? After everyone matures here, you will only act as supplements for this land.”

“Really?” The soldier tree didnt believe this. All of them quickly took root in the mud; their bodies lit up as they used their own techniques.

“Strange.” The soldier tree said: “I cant move this particular vein. It looks like its already rooted.”

“Indeed, Im unable to absorb the worldly energy in mass. It appears that this land is sealed.” The yang vine agreed.

“What a bizarre place, its different from all the others. My roots cant reach an end, this land is vast and fertile to an unimaginable extent. This doesnt look like soil and earth at all, it must be the remnants of something…” The immortal injury peony chimed in.

Shortly afterward, these medicines began debating with each other. If anyone could see such a large group of immortal medicines talking, their mouths would be wide open and their jaws would inadvertently drop to the ground.

Even though these roots were all at the immortal level and were quite strong, they had no method against Godhalt.

The yang vine concluded: “Even a true immortal medicine is helpless before this place, let alone me. Unless we plan on staying here for a long time and take root for an entire eon, no one can really get this land.”

The other medicines busily nodded their heads in agreement.

The ginseng ancestor couldnt help but ask: “Young Noble, what is going on here?”

Li Qiye showed a carefree smile: “Nothing else can really happen because this land already has a master. Like I said earlier, growing here will only benefit someone else.”

“Judging by the vastness of this place with veins that span tens of thousands of miles like dragons, even a true immortal medicine cant seize it all.” The soldier tree measured the earth and was startled: “Anyone who can control this place should be similar to us, a type of plant…”

“… Just how horrifying is this existence capable of controlling this earth? It has to be far above a true immortal medicine, but I have never heard of a plant like that before…” It continued to speculate in a daze and felt quite frightened.

“Just because you havent heard of it doesnt mean it doesn ’t exist.” Li Qiye chuckled: “The world is vast and full of wonders. There are things far beyond your imagination.”

Having said that, he stared towards the horizon and slowly said: “From the point of view plants or alchemy rather, true immortal medicines are considered the highest form of existence, the top of the pyramid. However, in a broader sense, this isnt quite right…”

“Theres something above even true immortal medicines? What is it then?” The ginseng ancestor was quite curious.

Li Qiye smiled: “With regards to both spirit medicines and plants, they do exist. True immortal medicines might be at the apex of the nine worlds, but this isnt the case outside of these realms.”

The dragon silkworm soulgrass asked: “And the existence here is one of them?”

“The existence here isnt a spirit plant, its only the ruler of this place.” Li Qiye said: “It is extremely ancient and impossible to trace.” With that, he stared into the distance. Godhalts deepest location contained too many secrets unknown to the rest of the world.

The ginseng ancestor reckoned: “From our point of view, if such a powerful existence exists, if we could seize its creation, then we can actually reach immortality.”

“Immortality is too difficult.” Li Qiye said: “But if one could really get obtain it, it would allow them to live for a very long time. Alas, it is impossible even for Immortal Emperors.”

Li Qiye would have gone for the grand creations in this place long ago if it was possible.

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