Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 353: Realm Gods Recovery

They werent worried because of fear. All had a firm dao heart after reaching this level. Instilling fear in them was no easy task.

They were concerned that under their spatial suppression, no one should be able to escape, at least in theory. However, Li Qiye clearly turned invisible and hid from their gazes.

Cryptic Space was too amazing. Once Li Qiye used it as an emperor, other emperors at the same level wouldnt be able to find him so easily. It also meant that he could escape right before their eyes to the tenth world.

Strange enough, he had no intention of escaping. It looked as if he wanted to fight them. This meant that he was completely confident in fighting against thirteen emperors. This made them nervous.

World Emperor stared intensely at him. He understood the Dark Crow quite well after contending against him for generations. This guy wouldnt participate in any battle he wasnt certain of victory.

Right now, he had no reinforcement coming but there was a clear path for retreat yet he still chose to stay here. This was the most terrifying thing, a reason for World Emperor to be perturbed.

Perhaps he wasnt lying before about needing assistance from other Immortal Emperors. Maybe even if they didnt hide the coordinates, no emperors would come either since Li Qiye was confident in going against them alone!

“I want to see your Heavens Wills.” World Emperor said. He was the strongest supporting force so he wouldnt be the first one to take action.

“Geezer, it looks like youre not confident at all. Who do you think will win this chess game? You still think youre one of the players?” Li Qiye laughed.

World Emperor wanted to see Li Qiyes Heavens Wills since he hasnt shown it all this time. He was certain that Li Qiye had become an emperor with a will but so far, the guy had only relied on his four physiques to stop them. The Dark Crow was one of the few people in this world who could make a twelve-wills emperor worried.

“Still want to fight?” Li Qiye taunted the emperors.

“Of course, Grand Emperors never run from a fight.” Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor still had a smile on his face.

His dao heart remained steady despite being obliterated just now by Li Qiye. He didnt look down on himself and this was not a blind confidence either. The guy remained vigilant, ready to come up with a new plan.

These emperors would never run away due to fear. At most, they would resort to a roundabout fighting method, such as switching in and out in order to tire the enemy.

Of course, running could be a viable strategy as well. Ordinary cultivators would run away against a stronger opponent due to fear. These emperors would run because it was the best possible plan.

“Crow, go ahead and use your killing moves. Were ready.” World Emperor solemnly declared.

Until Li Qiye revealed his Heavens Wills, World Emperor wouldnt be able to predict Li Qiyes real ace cards and overall strength. This was one of his best abilities after reaching this level.

The Heavens Will was an emperors strongest backing. When it appeared, one would be able to gauge the emperors strength. But now, Li Qiye was already contending against them without resorting to the Heavens Will. What if he were to release it?

“My sweet geezer, where ’s your confidence? Very well, we ’ve been a family for so long, if I dont present a grand gift to you in our meeting today, I would be a useless son-in-law. Behold, my grand gift. I hope you are ready to show something else that can stop me!” Li Qiye continued his teasing.

World Emperor has grown used to Li Qiyes style. This was not his first time being teased by the guy throughout the long years.

“Buzz!” One palace emerged after another. A total of thirteen floated above Li Qiye.

“Thirteen palaces!” The twelve weaker Grand Emperors took a deep breath. Even World Emperors expression shifted.

Nothing could shake their dao heart or scare them at this level. However, they were still astonished to see the number of fate palaces because it was completely unprecedented. No one in the tenth world had thirteen palaces either.

“Your Excellency, you have completely surpassed us and created a new path.” Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor spoke with admiration.

The combatants at this level would normally respect their foes. Li Qiyes creating thirteen palaces has earned their respect. All the other emperors beside Dao Dragon felt the same way.

“Its a miracle for the ages. No one has done it before.” A different emperor spoke with a serious expression.

One palace meant one Heavens Will. This was the existing concept for the emperors in the tenth world. Even though Li Qiye came from the nine worlds, he had broken the eternal shackles. Who knows what will happen in the future? Perhaps he would be able to shoulder thirteen Heavens Wills.

Such an existence had never appeared in the tenth world. He would surpass all others before him and no successors would ever exceed him.

“Everything is possible with thirteen wills.” World Emperor had to admit that Li Qiyes future potential was boundless.

Li Qiye joked: “Old geezer, what do you think about your son-in-law now? Satisfied with my gift?”

World Emperor ignored the joke and said: “With thirteen palaces, your achievement is at least on the same level as Purewood Divine Emperor.”

Regardless of whether Li Qiye was powerful or weak, his palaces meant that his achievement was at least on the same level as any other twelve-wills Grand Emperor!

One of them was World Emperor. If he gave such a high evaluation of Li Qiye, it was indeed true.

Li Qiye commented after hearing the most mysterious emperor being brought up: “Purewood Divine Emperor. If my greatest pursuit is the final battle, then another one would be to compete against them!”

The others here had no objection. If Li Qiye could make it to the tenth world alive this time, then he was qualified to challenge Purewood Divine Emperor in the future.

This was the most mysterious and the first emperor to have twelve Heavens Wills. The other emperors were all his juniors. This person was an imperishable monument that couldnt be surpassed in the tenth world.

“Life or death shall be determined with this battle.” World Emperor spoke with a murderous glare.

He might respect his opponent but this creator of thirteen palaces was still their enemy. Both sides wouldnt yield until one of them fell!

“Clank! Clank!” The emperors took out their treasure again. Some wore armor while others preferred spear and shield among others. One even had a rope. All twelve raised their weapon at the same time.

“Buzz!” The weapons empowered by the Heavens Wills formed supreme formations.

Each emperor had their own formation but these formations were harmonizing together without any conflict. They were independent yet capable of forming an even greater formation.

Li Qiye watched and commented: “Formations made out of imperial arsenals, forming a complete set that should be quite powerful without any compatibility problem. It looks like you all have been planning this for a while!”

1. I thought about using Purity for this title, but if he uses tree/wood/nature techniques, then it wouldnt be as accurate. The character for wood can mean simple as well, and from simple I get pure, so its two characters for pure, hence purity. But wood is the more common usage, so Ill leave it as Purewood

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