Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 352: Saving the Realm God

Of course, the emperors were annoyed of Li Qiyes scheme of leading the Ancient Ming to their tenth world, evident by their unfriendly glares.

“Well deal with the Ancient Ming after we send you off!” World Emperor uttered coldly with a sharp gaze.

The group had weathered many storms so they wouldnt panic just because of Li Qiyes revelation.

In their mind, whether the Ancient Ming has come up or not, it was already done and over with. They needed to focus on killing the Dark Crow first.

Li Qiye smiled freely in response: “I have been waiting for this day for a long time now. Geezer, I couldnt break all your teeth during the Emperor Hunt, this has been a regret for me. Today, I hope your real body is here so I can fulfill this wish.”

“Boom!” World Emperor answered directly. His imperial aura ravaged the land and the other emperors followed his lead. The four that came with their real body unleashed their six Heavens Wills.

As for the other eight avatars, their two wills erupted. In the blink of an eye, at least forty wills created a storm in the area. Both time and space were instantly refined by this power. These concepts no longer existed in this newly-formed battlefield.

After the destruction of the coordinates and the suppression of the grand dao, World Emperor and his group could instantly seal this space. It robbed Li Qiye any opportunity of running. Even his grand dao was being repressed.

Even an Emperor Rival might have to kneel before this impressive alliance, unable to resist in the slightest.

In a twinkling, Li Qiyes grand completion physiques reached their highest state. Both the Stagnation and Demise Domain activated.

The sealed space couldnt stop his pace as he instantly emerged above Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor.

“Bang!” Twelve fists fused together as his first attack.

No words could describe the power of the four physiques and twelve fists as one technique.

“Break!” The emperor became serious so he channeled all six Heavens Wills. Their power exploded and created a scene of three thousand worlds floating. Countless inhabitants were worshiping him. This granted him the primordial power as well as the grand dao power.

He took out his weapon and unleashed the strongest attack in his arsenal under the empowerment of the wills.

Both sides went all out without any hesitation. There was no room for mercy; both of them wished to kill each other, not giving any room to breathe!

“Boom!” The shockwave from the first exchange destroyed everything nearby. The shiny space shattered and left behind black holes and spatial fragmentations.

The emperor still couldnt withstand the fusion fist despite using his wills. He spat out blood while his body cracked, on the verge of crumbling down.

“Boom!” The other eleven emperors rushed to help by attacking LI Qiye with their weapons empowered by their Heavens Wills.

The force of this assault was unimaginable. It could shatter the nine worlds instantly, a true calamity if the fight was actually taking place there.

Li Qiye didnt bother to turn. His left hand created myriad laws while the right hand channeled the “Myriad World Soaring Immortal” as well as the “Hell Suppression Godly Aegis”!

Next was another right punch encompassing the twelve fist styles straight for Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor. He intended on taking down the emperors one by one! Each one killed was one less enemy to worry about!

“Boom!” The emperor gathered the power of the dao and the celestials. His three thousand worlds rushed in front of him in order to stop the invincible punch. However, this wasnt enough.

“Bang!” The already collapsing body of the emperor was blown into a bloody mist by the second punch.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Li Qiyes two physique breaks were stopping the attack from the other eleven emperors.

Alas, the two breaks and activated domains werent enough. His left hand exploded and he had to take several steps back. His clothes were stained with blood and started to crack as well.

The time for talks and mercy was over, hence the fatal attacks.

Before Li Qiye could finish killing Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor, World Emperor took action and shielded the area. He instantly took whats left of the emperor in order to save him.

The eleven emperors unleashed the second barrages encompassing the power of thirty-four Heavens Wills.

Li Qiye didnt have time to think. He unleashed another devastating fusion punch with his right hand.

“Boom!” Primordial chaos engulfed the area after the blast. Everything was forced back to their initial form.

Li Qiye failed to resist the eleven emperors again but who in this world could actually stop the attack? Perhaps only a Grand Emperor with twelve Heavens Wills or an Immortal Emperor at the apex.

The result was his entire body turning into a bloody mist before the catastrophic attack.

“Boom!” The emperors continued to attack in order to end him completely.

They were aware that at this level, as long as the Heavens Will and the true fate were still intact, they could still reform their body even if they were mere ashes a second ago. There was no way of killing an emperor without destroying the Heavens Will and the true fate!

The bloody mist suddenly disappeared before their very eyes. They were startled and opened their heavenly gaze to scan the entire area.

Alas, no one could find Li Qiye right away. This gave them a bad feeling. Being able to run from eleven gazes was quite a heaven-defying method.

“Zzz-” Dao Dragon Heaven Emperors six Heavens Wills lit up. They created the six dao and the yin and yang. Thus, the bloody mist turned back into the emperor.

He was completely fine outside of his pale complexion, only expending a great amount of vitality.

“Buzz!” in the blink of an eye, Li Qiyes bloody mist appeared again. He recreated his body instantly.

Cryptic Space, a technique from the Space Scripture. When a Godking used this technique, even an Immortal Emperor would have a hard time finding them. Li Qiye was an emperor already; this was why the others failed to find him with their heavenly gaze.

“Geezer, youre old but still in good health, just as fast as the young ones like me. So mighty, Im happy for you.” Li Qiye smiled and teased despite being much older than World Emperor.

World Emperor saved Dao Dragon too quickly to Li Qiyes chagrin.

Next, Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor joined his peers and once again surrounded Li Qiye. They sealed space again, hoping to start the next onslaught.

However, they were much more worried this time around.

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