Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 351: Teasing The Goddess

Li Qiye fell into a brief hush before sighing and said: “I respect their choice. The path is quite long and it isnt over after becoming an invincible emperor. If they only aim for invincibility by obtaining the Heavens Will, they are no different from ants. Having twelve only makes one a stronger ant that can rampage among their peers. Immortal Emperor is only the beginning. A long journey awaits them. This is their mission and pursuit, in order to not waste their life and dao!”

All the emperors became silent. They held the highest reports for the emperors who chose to embark on the ultimate expedition. Even though they were enemies, they wholeheartedly agreed with his comment.

For those who have yet to become an emperor, the Heavens Will was their goal. After becoming one, they yearned for more wills. However, once they reached the peak with twelve wills, this was when they began the final expedition. Aiming for the throne wasnt only to become invincible but something much more.

“I have nothing but the highest respect for those who choose the expedition.” World Emperor became serious and spoke in the most dignified tone.

Li Qiye didnt add anything since he felt gloomy inside. He participated in the fifth expedition started by Immortal Emperor Min Ren. It was a devastating war. Even though he and the emperor parted on bad terms in the nine worlds, the emperor always firmly chose the Dark Crows side in the tenth. The Emperor Hunt was the best example.

When he started the fifth expedition, he was aware of the result. Nevertheless, he still trod on with resolution. This was the path all emperors must take!

The Dark Crow was in the nine worlds when Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen began the sixth expedition. Nevertheless, he could still sense the change in the tenth world and understood what was going on. Now, World Emperor has confirmed it for him so he became a bit downtrodden.

“If you dont have any last words, start then.” After the emperors paid their respect, World Emperor scowled and gave Li Qiye the death sentence!

“Last words?” Li Qiye smirked: “Geezer Qian, if you think Im really going to die, then so be it. Here are my last words. It is not my wish or anything, I just want to tell you and the emperors of the tenth world, especially if you can find Purewood Divine Emperor. Tell them that the Ancient Ming is not extinct. And Im sure all of you know that they still have nine Immortal Emperors hiding in the nine worlds using the Corporeal Zone!”

World Emperors eyes became much colder; same with his group. The Grand Emperors who have experienced the war back then understood the significance. The younglings have heard the tales before from their predecessors.

“You stay in the nine worlds for many generations yet you still cant kill them all.” World Emperor said.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I should be honored, being held in such high esteem by my father-in-law. You actually thought that I would be able to end that race in the nine worlds.”

“Rumor has it that you have found a method to massacre them in the tenth world, and that you have met Purewood Divine Emperor.” World Emperor continued.

“Looks like you really think highly of me.” Li Qiye teased: “Unfortunately, the world doesnt go easy on people. Back then, Purewood Divine Emperor issued the must-kill decree against the Ancient Ming. Your emperors mustered all of their forces and still couldnt uproot them. All of you could only watch the Ancient Ming run to the nine worlds because of the Corporeal Zone.”

In terms of age, Li Qiye was much older than World Emperor. He was already in the tenth world before World Emperor was born, not just once either.

He only called the emperor a geezer to tease him because he kidnapped his daughter. People in the tenth world actually thought that his daughter had eloped with the Dark Crow. The truth was a bit more complicated than that.

Of course, this was not Li Qiyes final message. He only wanted to ask World Emperor to spread this to the upper echelon of the tenth world.

World Emperor simply glared at him without replying.

“No need to look at me like that.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Maybe while were chatting like this, the Ancient Ming has snuck into the tenth world using the zone. As you can see, I have created so many holes in the barrier so it isnt that hard if they actually try! You all are focusing on me so much, Im afraid that you might be missing a spot and theyll sneak in there.”

The emperors became somber because this was not just a threat!

“Dark Crow, you still like to scheme after so many years.” World Emperors authoritative tone echoed across the area: “You are directing the disaster towards someone else, in this case, the Ancient Ming! You caused such a big commotion not only to let the nine worlds experts come and settle your feuds!”

“Yes, you are right.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I created so many holes not only to move my people up here and settle the feud with all of you, it is also to give the Ancient Ming a chance. If they were to take it, then they will come up to the tenth world. If they give up this chance, who knows how many more long years they will have to wait?” Li Qiye had no need to hide and calmly admitted.

This was one of Li Qiyes plans by breaking so many holes. He wanted experts from the nine worlds to have a chance of coming up to the tenth world, and the Ancient Ming as well.

If the Ancient Ming were to use the Corporeal Zone to sneak up again, the tenth world would become the new battlefield!

Of course, Li Qiye didnt know whether it was successful or not. He merely presented the opportunity.

The entire group became contemplative. The Ancient Mings return would be quite terrible for the tenth world. They wouldnt be able to find the Corporeal Zone and the looming threat.

Li Qiye was smiling, unlike the long-faced emperors. He said: “Dont look at me like that. This is just payback. When I came to the tenth world to talk about destroying the Ancient Ming, the reception wasnt there. Plus, who was the one that banished the Ancient Ming to the nine worlds? This was all your doing so Im returning them back to the tenth world. Were even now. I had splitting headaches trying to kill them. It was quite difficult so it ’s your turn to feel the pain if they sneak back. This is your war, not the nine worlds!”

“Who is winning right now?” He finished with an impish smile.

The tenth world was sealed for some reasons and this gave World Emperors group the chance to hide Li Qiyes coordinates to delay the reinforcement. It was a deliberate move from them in this chess game.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye had attracted their attention, increasing the chance of success for the Ancient Ming to sneak up.

This was Li Qiyes overarching plan for this game. Both sides have successfully obtained their objective. World Emperor created a chance to kill Li Qiye while Li Qiye created an opportunity for the Ancient Ming to sneak back to the tenth world. Who will be the last man standing?

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