Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 349: Contesting For The Void Gate

Twelve Grand Emperors were here with their suppressive forty Heavens Wills. It was quite a terrible and awe-inspiring team. Who could actually stop them and their unbridled destruction?

“Your Excellency, dying here is indicative of your lifes achievements. Outside of the ultimate expedition and Emperor Hunt, such a great team hasn ’t been assembled before.” Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor said slowly.

This was indeed the truth. No one or anything was worth mobilizing so many emperors, not even the ones ascending from the nine worlds.

“So I should be honored.” Li Qiye smiled without fear: “But really, I have many enemies in the tenth world but one that can gather so many emperors to kill me? Its not easy, you know? Not too many can organize this.”

Having said that, he smirked leisurely: “Someone among the overlords who has done enough favors or carries enough clout for this feat and definitely wants to kill me? There can only be one person, Geezer Qian.”

“Geezer, I know youre here. Whether it be your avatar or real self, just come out and meet your old friend, dont be so stingy.” Li Qiye laughed and called out.

“Hmph.” A scowl came about the moment Li Qiye finished speaking. A very faint figure appeared in the sky. It was impossible to see his real face. Despite the weak presence, this figure looked like the king of the gods.

In this place, all the emperors had impressive auras and temperament. Alas, they were not enough compared to this newcomer.

This was someone who could order the tenth world and all emperors within.

“Crow, you should have played nice and hide in the nine worlds instead of climbing up here.” The figures voice resounded across the world with an unquestionable and irresistible prestige.

“After so many years, geezer, youre still the same.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile: “The tenth world isnt your house, and plus, even if it belongs to your clan, I can come and go as I please, you think Im afraid of you?”

“Only a merciless death will await you for crawling up here. I and the fellow emperors will destroy your seed of chaos from the get go!” The world turned cold with his words. A murderous aura emanated that could scare anyone below the imperial level to death.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye leisurely said: “So noble and stately. Qian Daoxin, you have worked so hard for the tenth world then, opposing me for one generation after another, even risking the Heavenly Tribulation in order to kill me. The tenth world is really lucky to have someone like you as a Grand Emperor!”

Of course, Li Qiye was mocking his foe. Alas, it didnt garner much of a reaction. The persons cold eyes continued to glare at him.

Not too many were aware of this name. However, his title, World Emperor, threatened the entire realm. It played a major part in many eras! This was a figure with considerable power and influence, respected by the emperors and gods.

Li Qiye didnt mind the chilling glare at all: “Geezer, no need to use the tenth world as an excuse. You only want to kill me because of your daughter.”

Li Qiye made the World Emperor even colder. His terrible eyes would even scare the gods to death.

Li Qiye then turned towards the other figures: “Our feud is not recent at all. The geezer is truly persistent. Each time I come to the tenth world, he would always try to ruin my business, to no avail, of course.”

“The geezer kept on taking the moral high ground about wanting to do it for the tenth world but its just really a personal feud. I abducted his daughter back then and he swore to kill me! Hes here again with you all to kill me. Sigh, why is it so difficult being a son-in-law?” Li Qiye laughed while shrugging.

He went on: “Geezer, we really dont need to do this. We should make up again and Ill start calling you father!”

World Emperor had soared above the nine firmaments so he was supreme. There was no fluctuation of emotion at all from the teasing.

The other twelve emperors didnt comment. The youngest among them, Dao Dragon, smiled back: “Your Excellency, no need to try and divide us. Our three races arent blind and we trust World Emperor. We know who is our friend and enemy.”

It was a reasonable stance. The emperors were at the top of the tenth world. Few things could fool them due to their unique and insightful perspective.

“Fine.” Li Qiye clapped and said: “Theres nothing I can do if you dont trust me. But its not easy for we, father and son-in-law, to meet again. Can you give us some time to talk about family stuff?”

The other emperors werent in a hurry to take action. In fact, they felt some apprehension as well, especially about the hidden moves from the Dark Crow. This being was too famous among the emperors due to his role in Emperor Hunt.

“We have nothing to talk about, one of us will die today!” World Emperor said stoically.

“Dont you want to know about your daughters situation?” Li Qiye smiled.

This silenced the emperor. Even though he was one of the greatest in history and stood on top of the tenth world, this was still his daughter, his flesh and blood!

“Geezer, we both know that our feud didnt start with your daughter. I was only messing with you.” Li Qiye became quite earnest at this moment: “It doesnt matter whether I abducted her or she followed me willingly. For both of us, we can let this go. A Grand Emperor like you doesnt care for this type of things. What angered you is that fact that your daughter didnt inherit your legacy. Moreover, she violated your will so you thought that she didnt only betray you but also the three races and the tenth world!”

His opponents were unresponsive. This was World Emperors family matters and feud with the Dark Crow.

“Geezer, were all the same, rivers that run into one ocean; you, me, Origin Heaven Emperor, Deepsouth Divine Emperor… Its the same for your daughter too but her idea is different from yours and mines. You can hate me and want to kill me or chop me into a thousand pieces, thats fine. Plus, it is quite justified when you take the perspective of the three races and personal grievances. I do ask you for one thing though. When the Buddhist Funeral Plateau wants to start their final battle in the future, I hope you, as her father, will try to convince her. They have no chance of winning!”

He solemnly said: “I know that there is nothing in this world that can change her mind, not even me, but I still hope that you will try at least once. Its not just about wanting her out of the war, its also because of your relationship. Its true, I had personal agendas for kidnapping her back then but she deserves her fathers love instead of animosity.”

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