Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 348: The Void Gate

Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor replied: “If you are aware of that future, you shouldnt be surprised of today, Your Excellency. I know you are well-prepared for this incoming hard battle.”

An emperor always maintained a certain grace and proper temperament. Even though he wanted to kill Li Qiye, he was still very friendly and called him, “Your Excellency”.

“Hard battle? Im afraid you wont do. Six wills are not enough. Maybe it can be fun with one of your twelve-wills emperors.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I know you are peerless, Your Excellency, and surely you have some incredible aces since you dared to come out with your real body. Alas, I still want to try and test my limits. It is great training to fight against a legendary character like you regardless of the outcome.” The emperor sincerely said.

Li Qiye clapped in response: “Not bad, it would be hard not to become an emperor with such an attitude and dao heart. Fine, as you wish.”

Having said that, his four physiques became resplendent and erupted. Their power pressured the firmaments and deterred the realms. Even without using the Heavens Will power, his physiques alone could threaten the emperors.

Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor was an exceptional talent with his six wills after two attainments. However, he became serious after seeing the physiques.

“Boom!” His six wills appeared and floated above his nine rotating palaces. Six palaces were empowering six wills while the other three were full of primordial chaos and ready to take in a will.

The emperor became majestic as if he has just arrived from the primordial period. He grasped the celestials and ruled the myriad laws. His six wills rotated like the six dao. His imperial aura exploded, turning him into a matchless ruler worshipped by all.

“Show me your grand dao!” Li Qiye flashed to his front and attacked.

It was a casual punch but it was destructive enough due to the four physiques.

“Start!” The emperor was slightly startled but he didnt panic. He raised both hands to create a gate sealing the world. There was a carving of a true dragon with other ancient runes. It looked like a portal back to the ancient time when the world of the dragon race existed!

When this gate closed, it could seal time and everything else. Everything was denied entry.

“Boom!” The resulting explosion could shake the three thousand worlds and take down the stars. An Emperor Assailant wouldnt be able to handle these world-destroying impacts at all!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Even with his defensive gate, the emperor retreated several steps before stabilizing. His internal energy was running amok.

He took a deep breath to stop the fluctuation of energy. He has not met such a powerful foe ever since he became an emperor.

“Your Excellency, you are invincible. I, alone, am not a match you.” The emperor took one step back but this step encompassed an entire realm. In the blink of an eye, he made a great gap between the two.

There was no arrogance in this emperor since he frankly admitted that he was not a match for Li Qiye. Of course, this was not shameful at all. The Dark Crow had created too many miracles in the tenth world.

One figure after another appeared in this vast space. Each of them instantly sealed the area so no one could escape.

The most terrible aspect was their imperial aura ravaging this space. Such seemingly-materializing aura could take down an expert with haste. Emperor Assailants would drop on their knees instantly.

It wasnt only Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor waiting for Li Qiye at this place. More than ten emperors were involved in this ambush!

“Ah, just a trap. You bought time in order to seal the coordinates in this sphere so that I will have no chance of escaping.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor was only a bait in order to lead Li Qiye to this area. The guy would have no chance of escaping unless he were to defeat all the emperors and monarchs here.

In fact, running away was common in this situation. Since they were outnumbered, emperors from the nine worlds would use some incredible means to hide in this space before running to the tenth world.

Because these beings were so powerful, it was very hard for a Grand Emperor at the same level to catch up.

Moreover, due to the previous agreement, once an Immortal Emperor made it to the tenth world, the hunt must stop. This everlasting pact was signed by all the emperors from both worlds back then.

The Dark Crow was public enemy number one up here so the three races would definitely not let him go this time.

“Your Excellency, you have supreme methods and flawless calculations. I have no choice but to resort to schemes so that you cant leave.” Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor spoke while standing in front of Li Qiye in the distant.

The other three directions all had a Grand Emperor each. They worked together with Dao Dragon in order to suppress the area. These were their real selves, evident by the great aura.

Moreover, eight more powerful figures stood in the sky. Each of them had two Heavens Wills.

This meant that they didnt come with their real body, only a dao avatar with two wills. This was a total of eight avatars and sixteen Heavens Wills.

“Having six wills is a threshold. Once passed, if they still stay in the world, the Heavenly Execution will come. That means there are emperors who have more than six among the eight of you. Good, lets see how many of you are my old friends then.” Li Qiye glanced at the eight figures and said.

The eight didnt answer because they knew how terrible the Dark Crow was! Some of them were his old enemies.

In the tenth world, after a Grand Emperor or an Immortal Monarch shouldered the Heavens Will, there was a certain chance of inciting the Heavenly Execution. Before six, the chance was quite low. The lower the number, the lower the chance.

However, after six, the execution will surely come; this was only a matter of time. Thus, the ones with six wills and more would hide from the world in order to avoid the tribulation.

Even those with less than six would do so as well despite the lower probability. No one could escape the Heavenly Execution when it came. This was proven by history. In the past, Flame Emperor had twelve Heavens Wills but he still became ashes before the tribulation.

Another example was Immortal Emperor Wan Gu who created the fusion method. After taking in eight more wills from the tenth world, he still died to the tribulation and all of his wills were destroyed. [1. Wan Gu is the progenitor of Myriad Bones Throne[/ref]

The bitter results and case studies made all emperors hide right away after the end of their competing generation.

“Four six-wills emperors and eight with more than six in avatar form, there are more than forty wills then. Looks like a great era is ongoing. Its quite rare to see emperors shouldering this number in a single generation.” Li Qiye looked at the emperors and smirked.

Even though each generation would have seventy-two wills, not all of them would be taken. The leftover ones would return to the world in the form of primordial power so that other cultivators could continue to train.

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