Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 28: Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law 2

Li Qiye disagreed with Bones sentiment: “Dont drown in despair and be so pessimistic. There is still hope in this world due to the numerous wise sages that took root here. Both treefathers and sea gods have yet to give up. They have tried their best, but since that day still hasnt come, the world has yet to see their efforts.”

“You mean…” Bones eyes flashed after hearing this.

Li Qiye sentimentally added: “If you can see that day, you will understand. There are a few things that no one really wants, but they have no choice other than to make a decision. This is true for these great existences. Despite making concessions, they still tried regardless of success. Some of them didnt give up on this world and their children.”

Bones went silent for a bit before answering: “Im afraid even sea gods and treefathers might not be able to change anything.”

“Hope alone is good enough. You have to start somewhere to build a castle from sand; this is not a bad start. If, one day, the world finally knows the truth, they might not sympathize with a few concessions. However, this is quite normal. After all, for generations, not anyone could go all out regardless of the cost. There are things in life that hold people back, forcing them to stop no matter what.” He sighed at this point.

“Yes, how many can persevere like you without stopping?” Bones became sentimental as well.

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “Im not selfless like that. In fact, those who chose to compromise are even greater because they didnt do it for themselves, everything was done for the sake of the future and their race. I never compromised because I am selfish! This is also the reason why some call me a murderous devil.”

Bones knew that for generations, those who blocked the path of the Dark Crow would be killed without mercy. Even humans werent spared, let alone those from the other races.

“Savior” and “guardian” had been part of his description as well, but the title of being a devil or the dark hand behind the curtains was more widely accepted among those who knew him.

“Even though rivers of blood have run because of you, there is no denying your contribution to the nine worlds so you have, in fact, been its guardian.” Bones spoke from the heart.

Li Qiye freely said: “All of these titles are irrelevant. Walk your own path and ignore what others say.”

Bones smiled and said: “Quite open-minded, Your Excellency.”

Li Qiye looked at him in response: “You dont have to flatter me. Lets be frank, what will you do in the future? Will you run and hide or stay and help Heaven Spirit?”

Bones mused the question and wryly smiled: “Your Excellency, Im only an ant that can be crushed to death instantly, what use am I? I just need to be smart and run as far away as possible.”

“An ant?” Li Qiye burst out in laughter: “Bones, where did this self-abasement come from? If you are an ant, then what about the rest of the cultivators? And the rest of the world? They arent qualified to even be ants since you can kill all of them in an instant. Are you an ant compared to the rest of the living beings?”

Bones answered: “Even treefathers and sea gods cant do anything. What difference can I make?”

“The times have changed.” Li Qiye sipped his wine: “There is still hope. Although I might not be here when that day comes, I have left behind a treasure since I feel that this world is still worth saving. So you tell me, is there hope or not?”

He smiled at Bones at this point. Bones was pleasantly surprised after hearing this and stared at Li Qiye with widened eyes: “Your Excellency, you are taking action to save it?”

“No.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I cant stay in this world for too long. Unless something comes up, Ill be leaving the nine worlds and at that point, it will have nothing to do with me. However, I will lend a hand by leaving behind an ace… The future will depend on the three races and their effort. Heaven Spirits fate will be up to its own people and not my assistance.”

Bones was quite shaken with his emotions running rampant. Even though Li Qiye said that it wasnt a big deal, he knew full well that any preparations made by Li Qiye wouldnt be so simple!

“What now then?” Li Qiye smiled at Bones.

“I dont know.” Bones wryly smiled as well: “I am very strong compared to the rest of the world, but I know that if the Bonesea wants to crush me, it wont be difficult at all. A casual flip of the hand would be all it takes.”

“Im not saying you should participate in the battle. I guess you will be free when that day comes, just do as you please then. Running errands or sending messages wont be bad either.”

Bones didnt answer. He knew just what kind of existences he would be facing at that point as well as his own regrettable outcome.

Li Qiye eventually said: “Of course, I wont force you. Everyone has their own life, path, and responsibilities. It will be your choice alone, Im just here to tell you the news.” With that, he stood up and left without saying anything else.

Bones sat in his chair afterward and stared at the sky in a daze. After a long, long time, he murmured to himself: “What should I do when the disaster comes? To leave or to stay…”

He was a bit lost at this moment. In his mind, anyone with the tiniest trace of sensibility would decide to run away as far as possible. However, some things couldnt be decided by reason. Was he willing to leave this land? It would be full of reluctance since he loved it! Li Qiye didnt force him to do anything and simply told him the news. In the past, he really would run away given the opportunity, but now, he wavered with hesitation.

After leaving Bones Island, Li Qiye headed for the Godhalt Continent in order to meet Su Yonghuang. Of course, this wasnt the only reason. He also needed to obtain something on that continent.

As the largest continent, Godhalt could be said to be a miracle in Heaven Spirit. In this world, there were oceans everywhere and land was a rare sight, but Godhalt was different from the other places. Its full scope was still unknown to others.

It had been said this continent alone could accommodate all existences in Heaven Spirit. It might be a little crowded, but the possibility was there. Land was worth as much as gold, so a place this large should have been lively and bustling with people everywhere. However, this was far from the truth. The population here was so scarce that it was pitiful. One could go for thousands of miles without seeing a single soul!

Logically speaking, there should be countless mortals and cultivators. Alas, these people would rather stay on the sea or even at the seabed than to stay in Godhalt.

Many werent clear on why this was the case. Some said that there were devils living here. Others believed that this place shortened peoples lives, and the life expectancy here was much shorter. Another belief was that this place was suppressed and not suitable for living beings. Perhaps there were other unknown reasons as well.

Just like its name, even the gods stopped before this place, so who would want to live here?

Of course, there were exceptions to everything. Some sects were still built on this continent. For example, the Undying Gate and the Spirit Abyss!

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