Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 345: Fortunes in the World Temple

The spectators in the nine worlds gulped at the broken barrier. The overlords that knew of the tenth worlds existence gleamed with anticipation.

In a short time, some people were secretly preparing to go up in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Some Godkings thought that this was the mythical world of immortals. Going up there was a fortuitous event, perhaps they could even obtain immortality.

Unlike all the previous generations, the Prime Emperor had shattered the entire barrier, creating cracks and holes everywhere. Anyone who could withstand the upcoming lightning tribulation could have a chance of reaching the tenth world.

However, he stood motionlessly in the same spot. Anyone else who wanted to go up still had to wait for him to leave first. Who would dare to compete for the first spot with Prime?

“Were finally returning!” The golden dragon and tyrant tiger stared intensely at the holes with fire in their eyes.

They were different from South Emperor and the others. One group was returning home while the other consisted of visitors. As two who have left home for so long, how could they not become excited at the repatriation?

Nevertheless, the other group was still excited and ready to try. There was an entirely new world waiting for them, allowing them to excel even more.

Li Qiye himself had locked onto a particular coordinate. He then pointed at one of the holes and told the dragon and tiger: “You all go this way! Be careful.”

“Very well, commence!” The two beasts lost their patience long ago. After hearing the command, the two of them eagerly shouted.

“Rumble!” They controlled their ship to fly towards the hole directed by Li Qiye.

Magu and the others hurriedly waved goodbye at him. They couldnt go with him so they had to wait for the meetup in the tenth world.

It wasnt that he didnt wish to go with them but he couldnt due to having too many enemies in the tenth world. He caused a huge commotion this time so the ones up there were surely aware. Plus, they would try their best to calculate his position in the shortest time.

Thats why he would definitely face an ambush the moment he got up there so he must go by himself in order to avoid involving Magus group.

“You go on that path.” He pointed at another hole and told Ming Yexue who was controlling the beastworld.

Separating was the best way to avoid being captured altogether.

“Rumble!” When the beastworld and the gigantic ship jumped into their respective hole, the lighting tribulation frantically attacked them.

One wave of thunderous attacks came after another with an immense destructive power. The thick lightning bolts came striking and would turn anything in their path to ashes.

“Come!” The two beasts didnt care at all and roared. In the blink of an eye, their vitality erupted; same with their divine aura. Draconic runes and tiger symbols appeared to stir the lighting ponds.

“Boom!” Their attack instantly made a path in the currents, allowing the ship to head for the buffer zone!

Those who could watch this scene were astonished. These beasts werent weaker than any emperor. This was too heaven-defying, who could stop the two of them working together?

“Rawr!” The beastworld issued a cry as well, one that threatened the world. It looked as if the king of beasts was within. Beast runes emerged and came together to form a huge defensive barrier.

“Rumble!” Just like that, it jumped into the lighting pond and suffered the massive onslaught.

However, this barrier was quite mighty and was able to withstand the onslaught. It rushed through the tribulation and made it to the buffer zone.

The truth was that going through this ocean of tribulation wasnt the hardest part. Two other things were more challenging.

First was the pathway that required the Heavens Will to break; this would be a lone pathway just for the emperor. Second was the hunt aiming at all newcomers at the buffer zone, the most dangerous obstacle.

Meanwhile, the envious crowd was still watching. Certain big shots were waiting to try to go up as well, maybe they could get lucky.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and couldnt help but turn back to look at Bu Lianxiang despite not wanting to do so.

She waved at him with gentle encouragement. Her eyes, full of determination, sent him off as his biggest and eternal supporter.

Li Qiye became firmer and nodded solemnly at her. It was time for him to tread forward and never stopping. He glanced at the nine worlds and said: “Goodbye.”

Having said that, his four physiques erupted and became radiant.

“Boom!” He was standing on the peak but now, it has been uprooted and shot straight at a hole in the sky like an arrow that he was controlling and riding.

“Bang!” He instantly surpassed the ponds of lightning after the hole and made it to the buffer zone.

In this whole process, lightning and thunder couldnt touch him at all due to the Void Imperfection Physique.

This scene was astounding to everyone. Even tribulations couldnt touch him at all. Thats Prime Emperor, no one else was on the same level in history!

“Its starting.” After the ship reached the buffer zone, the dragon on the front and tiger on the back of the ship had a sharp glare, capable of seeing through the entire area. Nothing could hide from their gaze.

“Well let them taste our power, no matter who they are. Hah, not coming back after so long, its fine to teach these juniors a lesson. As long as it is not a twelve Heavens Wills Grand Emperor, anyone else is fine!” The tyrant tiger fiercely claimed.

“Boom!” In a wink, a gigantic palm descended from above and sealed the field. Its imperial aura suppressed the myriad laws. This power was not inferior to any emperor from the nine worlds.

“Not bad, junior, state your name, which race are you from?!” The tyrant tiger guffawed.

“Thats right, state your name.” The dragon laughed as well and unleashed its claws.

The tiger showed no reservation and pounced forward with a slash straight at the palm.

The Grand Emperors eyes gleamed with astonishment. Without a doubt, he didnt expect to see two powerful adversaries like the dragon and tiger from the nine worlds.

“Boom!” The power of the Heavens Will erupted to face the incoming beasts. Without a doubt, the emperor in the sky resorted to using the wills power.

For Grand Emperors, they might not necessarily use the Heavens Will even against Emperor Contenders right away. However, this Grand Emperor had no choice or the two beasts would end him.

“How many Heavens Wills do you have? Four or five?” The aggressive tiger wasnt afraid at all and bore its fangs to the world. It created a deep gash in space before jumping within.

“Emperors with six and up wont easily come out in order to avoid the tribulations by the villainous heaven. Even if you have six, youre not our match, being all alone.” The dragon had a much more amicable attitude while attacking with its claw.

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