Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 344: Above the Top

In fact, the overlords werent the only ones tempted. A few generals or hibernating children of emperors felt the same way.

They were aware of the tenth worlds existence since they saw their parent going up. They also missed the emperors who might still be living in the tenth world. Thus, they were thinking about seeing them and some legends in the tenth world.

Emperors usually went alone not only because of the difficulty in surpassing the barrier, it was also due to the hunt waiting above. They could face people at a higher level and might not necessarily survive the ordeal, let alone protecting others.

So now, when the Prime Emperor wanted to bring so many people, it meant everyone could have a chance to go to the tenth world.

“So thats what hell use to break the barrier!” The crystal fowl back at the mine saw the three grand dao and twelve laws hovering above and understood Li Qiyes method.

“This is even stronger than an Epoch Wheel, definitely before the primordial period and all the epochs. Thats when such a powerful thing would be created and break through the barrier like an Epoch Wheel.” The fowl murmured.

He also yearned while looking at the starry dots. There were the coordinates of the tenth world. After breaking through the barrier, the tenth world was next. It was a type of homecoming. Unfortunately, their mine wasnt allowed to join.

Even when an emperor was doing this, he could only open a single path for himself on this barrier with the Heavens Will. After all, this was a separation created by the high heaven and another reason why emperors usually went up alone.

Li Qiye locked onto his target with a chilling glare and said: “Is everyone ready?”

“Raawr!” Both the golden dragon and tyrant tiger roared and became excited with surging battle intent. Their terrible aura engulfed the nine worlds. They were at the level of emperors so everyone else shuddered.

The Prime Emperor alone was frightening enough but now, two divine beasts were present as well. This magnitude of force was truly unprecedented. It could suppress all the ages since it was virtually three emperors existing at the same time. No one could ever touch this group in any era.

The Beastworld became excited by exuding an endless primal aura as well. It was as if countless beasts were coming back to life. The birds, fish, and beasts all over the nine worlds stopped on their track instantly due to fear.

Even the Soaring Immortal Sect at its highest peak couldnt possess this all-crushing power!

In fact, Li Qiye was full of regrets. He wanted to use the dragon and tiger to deal with the Ancient Ming one last time before leaving. Alas, they kept on hiding so he didnt have the chance for a final massacre.

“Buzz.” His forehead lit up and released loud explosions. The three grand dao and twelve laws began to spin like a drill bit. The bright entities became dazzling with a suffocating power.

“Quite terrifying.” The crystal fowl was very wary after sensing this power.

Even the pair of eyes in the deepest part of the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground opened as well and became serious. The old ghost realized that Li Qiye was going all out back at the negotiation day. If the burial ground were to refuse, he would have definitely destroyed them!

“Rumble!” The dao and laws rotated faster and faster until it just looked like a drill at work.

Once it reached maximum speed, it instantly began to head for the world barrier.

“Bang!” The impact made the nine worlds shake. Tsunamis assaulted the sea while the stars swayed up above. Even the strongest beings tumbled to the ground.

One move to break the heaven! A huge hole was penetrated in the world barrier!

“Crack!” More cracks appeared that were increasingly widening. More locations on the world barrier began to collapse, resulting in more holes.

The path to the tenth world emerged before the spectators. One could see the strands of immortal lights descending from above. They were brilliant and tempting, baiting others closer with palpitation.

“One must get through the lightning ponds first.” An ancestor looked at the holes in the sky and said.

The paths were still very dangerous. The closest area to the nine worlds was full of lightning tribulations. One could see lightning bolts rampaging that place like dragons, ready to annihilate all trespassers.

After crossing through this area, one would reach a vast expanse. Thats the buffering zone between the two worlds or a battlefield. The hunt would start there with the existences from above trying to stop emperors from the lower worlds from coming.

This was due to the three clauses agreement back then. Once an emperor made it to the actual tenth world, all hunting must cease.

Of course, it was a different scene for those looking down from the tenth world. The buffer zone looked like a bottomless abyss, made out of time and space. Once fallen inside, anyone would be corroded by these two affinities, losing up to several hundred thousand years. Thats the tradeoff in lifespan in order to descend.

The beings up there couldnt pay this price since they would die of old age within that expanse. Thus, it was much easier to go up from the nine worlds versus the opposite.

In a short time, all cultivators held their breath. Some were quite tempted but no one dared to rush forward since they didnt know what was waiting above.

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