Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 340: The World Tree

The world fell into a hush; all eyes were fixated on this scene. The experts who were strong enough to watch all held their breath.

Moreover, many great powers and imperial lineages opened their heavenly mirrors to watch the area. The ancestors who didnt personally come to the field could still see the battle.

For the nine worlds, people didnt only want to see how Li Qiye would destroy the alliance with one move. They also watched how he would shoulder the Heavens Will and become emperor.

They wanted to see the process with their own eyes. Becoming emperor was everyones goal but right now, if they couldnt become one, being able to witness Li Qiyes ascension was still the topic of a lifetime. Their life wouldnt have been wasted completely.

Members of Mortal Emperor were more curious about which technique he would use to take down the alliance. They cared about the process, not the result, since the latter was already written in the stars.

The geniuses in the alliance werent that numerous. However, the addition of their dao protectors and sect members increased the number to one hundred thousand. They completely surrounded Li Qiye with many Godkings and some Emperor Assailants.

This was indeed a frightening force. Any lineage in the nine worlds would tremble in fear.

No one would dare to oppose this type of alliance, outside of an Immortal Emperor!

These Emperor Candidates and their unstoppable dao protectors no longer held anything back. They instantly released their vitality and auras. These powers swept through the world like a storm to the dismay of its inhabitants.

Li Qiye simply glanced at the alliance surrounding him without leaving an inch and leisurely said: “You all have chosen this path. Do not blame me for being merciless.”

The members glanced at each other one last time. Finally, the strongest genius cried out: “Kill, kill him! Then well have the chance to shoulder the Heavens Will!”

“Kill!” All the members roared in unison and took out their weapon together.

Everyone attacked without holding back. They wanted to use their strongest attack in order to kill Li Qiye with this final attempt.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, so many wondrous weapons came killing, including Immortal Emperor Life and True Treasures and some other ancient divine weapons…

The weapons derived and created myriad laws. Some combatants reversed the yin and yang. Others were able to destroy the six dao or refine everything in their path…

The entire Mortal Emperor World quaked before this onslaught. It was drowned out from so many powerful masters attacking at the same time.

The glint of artifacts and brilliance of techniques erupted instantly like the explosion of a million suns. This blinding blast illuminated all of Mortal Emperor.

Peoples legs grew weak before this combined attack. Even Godkings were horrified, let alone their pale seniors.

Li Qiye simply stood there with a smile. In the blink of an eye, his four physiques activated.

“Boom!” A boundless immortal light flowed all over and overshadowed the existing brilliance. The lights of the alliance became dimmed.

The power of these physiques was unimaginable. No one had cultivated four Immortal Physiques at the same time in history, let alone reaching grand completion in all of them.

In the past, the Black Dragon King was invincible and on the same level as emperors just by having two. Thus, one could extrapolate Li Qiyes current power level.

The thirteen palaces instantly suppressed true immortals and the myriad dao. Others dao became gray and feeble, unable to withstand a single blow.

These two factors assaulted all of Mortal Emperor. Even space seemed to have been frozen. No one could move before this irresistible suppression. Maybe an emperor wouldnt be able to handle it either.

Li Qiye in this split second made a fist with his right hand.

He had no need for techniques and complicated variations. His fist became resplendent and everything seemed to be within his grasp. It was no exaggeration that the nine worlds were under his control. All existences felt that they were insignificant, trapped in this incoming move!

“Bang!” Just the mere vibration of this fist shattered time, space, and the grand dao laws in Mortal Emperor. It could crush everything since it contained the power of the palaces and physiques.

The weapons and techniques were instantly destroyed; they werent spared either. All the candidates, dao protectors, and ancestors from their sect instantly turned into a mist of blood.

This bloody mist filled the sky. Even Godkings and Emperor Assailants didnt have the chance to scream nor an opportunity to resist. If they had awareness down in the nine springs, they would be lost in disbelief right now with regards to their death.

“Shocking” couldnt describe this scene. The spectators had a shadow forever imprinted in their mind. This would be their terrible memory and nightmare for years to come!

“Blechh!” After a long while, someone regained their sanity and instantly vomited. More followed suit.

People turned pale and some experts were paralyzed on the ground before this terrible feat.

Just the vibration of his fist alone instantly massacred one hundred thousand enemies, even the Emperor Assailants.

Who could be stronger than him in this world? Who could actually withstand this fist if it had actually come out? More importantly, Li Qiye had yet to officially become an emperor!

If he were to ascend in combination with his current state, people would be lost in despair even more.

Everyone thought about the topic previously discussed – who was the Prime Emperor across the ages?

This was when everyone was of the same mind and thoughts – only Fiercest was eligible for this title, no one else!

One pale ancestor murmured: “Prime Emperor. If he isnt qualified for this title, no other emperors were.”

Other people kept their mouth shut. They didnt dare to comment on this topic since they felt that they were ineligible from participation.

They were too insignificant under the invincible might of the Prime Emperor.

Prime Emperor became Li Qiyes crowning title. The world began to forget about Li Qiye and Fiercest. He had left behind only one memory for everyone… that of the Prime Emperor!

1. Nine springs = underworld

2. This word is the same word the author used for the movement of the fist. It means to shake; to vibrate; to shock; to stun; shocking; stunning; fig. mind-blowing. A little wordplay here Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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