Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 338: Gathering of Geniuses

“Boom!” Another loud explosion broke the peace at Mortal Emperor after the appearance of the Bian Beastworld.

A great ship ascended from Cleansing Incense with a size large enough to blot out the sky. When it revealed its full scope, the spectators were in awe and shock. It looked just like a flying continent.

Each inch of the ship made from divine metal has been empowered and polished. This was indeed a mobile continent.

It poured down laws like the waterfalls on top of having layers of defensive barriers. It was an unbreakable fortress.

This was the Sea Conch. After stealing it, he recrafted and polished it into this new form. It would be a great help for him during this trip to the tenth world.

With this fortress, the group could still withstand the barrages from the masters up there, even if the emperors and gods themselves attacked.

This would be Li Qiyes base as well in the future, to be used by the group.

The ship was shocking enough but people were even more shaken by the existence standing on it.

This was a gigantic golden dragon. It absorbed and spewed out an immense amount of draconic energy. This energy engulfed the entire world like a great flood! It looked as if it could annihilate Mortal Emperor with one claw.

At the back of the ship was a tiger the size of a mountain range. When it opened its eyes, they looked like suns. Just its glare alone could disintegrate a Godking.

Everyone shuddered at the sight of these two creatures. Unless it was an emperor, no one else in this world would be a match for them.

They were the two beasts below Hidden-dragon Mountain. Of course, they had a name as well. The dragon was called Golden while the tiger had the name, Tyrant.

Golden and Tyrant were perpetual enemies up above due to the animosity between their races. They would often fight upon seeing each other. Moreover, they were evenly powerful so a victor couldnt be decided at all. Their battles could last for several hundreds or even more than one thousand years.

Later in the future, due to all kind of coincidences and reasons, the duo fell into the nine worlds. This was an impossible matter but the two met an exceedingly rare occurrence. Both were crushed under the mountain range and couldnt come into being.

There were also South Emperor, Old Xian, Bloodbull Godfiend, Allpine Treefather… These unstoppable beings were standing on deck without hiding their aura at all. The nine worlds trembled before their appearance.

There was nothing else to say after seeing this lineup. It was more than enough to show Fiercests true power. Perhaps he was the only one who could rally such a force in the nine worlds.

An eternal existence felt dread and blurted: “Is this putting it all one the line? In the past, it was virtually impossible for an emperor to bring up one or two people. But now, His Excellency wants to bring such a force? Thats the dark hand for you, capable of doing what the emperors cant. No wonder why he was the ruler for so long.”

People were kneeling down, even the Godkings and other exceptional masters. They were coming to say goodbye. Among them were ancestors from the Blood Race and War God Temple. Many experts from Mysterious Bamboo Mountain came as well…

Their seniors were leaving so the descendants were coming out in droves. The girls also had their sects ancestors and peers coming, Heavenly Dao Academy, Eternal River School, Heaven Suppression.

This send-off party was monstrous and included the strongest lineages in modern time. Thus, all experts in Mortal Emperor were retreating to make a path after the ship came out.

Some people in the party didnt wish for their friends to leave. Some were even crying…

The older members of the group were much better. They were from the last generation and had seen through life after living for so many years. There wasn ’t much that they would miss in the nine worlds. Plus, they wanted to go all out before dying from old age.

As for the young ladies, some sadness couldnt be helped. After all, they might not be able to return to the nine worlds later on. Moreover, their seniors, family members, and even parents were here so some of them were crying as well. Nevertheless, they still chose to leave. This was their pursuit in life.

Chen Baojiaos parents eyes were red from tears. However, they didnt interfere with their daughters business and boundless future.

The most nonchalant one among them was Magu. She only needed Li Qiye so the location didnt matter. As long as he was there, she would have everything that she needed. Thus, she was neither sad nor excited. She stood there like a transcendent fairy, as free as the clouds and winds.

The ship was waiting at the moment for Li Qiye to destroy the world barrier.

“Buzz!” A great path emerged from Cleansing Incense and headed straight for the Heavens Will. One could hear the cries of the mystical beasts everywhere.

There were deities singing along the path, filled with immortal springs and divine flowers. The primordial aura was plentiful as well.

At this time, Li Qiye finally stepped out of Cleansing Incense with his thirteen palaces floating above. When he stepped on the path, he triggered a loud detonation and activated his four physiques. An endless flame surged straight up and swept through the celestials in the sky.

He was letting his Immortal Emperor aura out in full swing. All of the nine worlds had to shoulder his power. He was omnipresent and his majestic figure made everyone prostrate on the ground.

“Your Majesty!” The inhabitants of the nine worlds felt a sense of respect before this aura. Even those who didnt want to bow had to do so due to an instinctive fear. Their knees grew weak and they dropped loudly to the ground.

Li Qiye took his time walking. Even without the Heavens Will, he was already an untouchable Immortal Emperor. The laws of the world screamed before his coming. All beings had to submit to his might.

He was holding Bu Lianxiangs hand. The two of them walked very slowly, painting an eternal scene.

She was beautiful enough to shame the stars. Even if she wasnt an official Imperial Queen just yet, she was above all the previous queens.

Many girls were lost in admiration and envy. Only Bu Lianxiang could enjoy this honor in the entire world. In their eyes, nothing was more prestigious than becoming an Imperial Queen.

Though parting was inevitable, she was still as nonchalant and elegant as always. She was never one to wear her emotions on her sleeve. Though she knew that this could be their final moment together, she wanted to stay to help her man.

She didnt want to be his shackles and supported him the entire way. She already had the style, temperament, and vision of an Imperial Queen. Her position in Li Qiyes heart was unique as well.

Mei Suyao and the other girls had no objection. They didnt become jealous either since they thought that she deserved such honor and the position of queen.

They were aware that she had paid more than the rest. Plus, she was staying back in the nine worlds because she needs to keep his bloodline going. Not wanting to extend her life for another generation was another minor reason.

Regardless of the destruction in the future, she carried hope and legacy. She would become the guardian of the nine worlds and the protector of Li Qiyes line!

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