Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 337: Ye Chuyun

The majority of the crowd could tell that Fiercest was about to be emperor. The moment they found out that the emperor was from Mortal Emperor, they immediately thought about him. In this particular world, everyone thought that only Fiercest was qualified to win the throne.

“Who in this world can stop Fiercest?” His enemies were completely convinced of his feats as well.

“Fiercest is about to become the Prime Emperor of our human race!” A human proudly said: “His achievements in the future will be above Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng and Empress Hongtian! No one is more qualified to be calledPrime than him!”

“The Prime Emperor!” Many people pondered quietly. There had been more than one hundred emperors in history but who would dare to grab this title?

“If we were really to pick the best of them all, Fiercest is indeed qualified to be in the conversation. Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was undefeated throughout his life, Empress Hong Tian could suppress the heavens. But, just the thirteen palaces and four grand completion Immortal Physiques alone should edge the other two out.” An older cultivator eventually commented.

This was a very serious topic. There have been many emperors in history, some extremely brilliant. For example, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, Empress Hong Tian, Immortal Emperor Fei, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, and even Immortal Emperor Tian Tu from the Ancient Ming. Thus, people always disagreed about the best among them.

In an ancient location, an eternal existence also heard about this title. He was aware that Li Qiye was actually the Dark Crow so he remarked: “Prime Emperor… not to mention the thirteen palaces and four physiques, just His Excellencys lifelong accomplishments alone are enough to give him this title, not just because he became an Immortal Emperor either. Who has been protecting the nine worlds and fighting the Ancient Ming? Who was the one stopping their dark reign? Without His Excellency, the nine worlds might still be drowned in darkness right now. Even in the tenth world, he rallied the emperors together to fight the Divine, Heaven, and Devil Races for the sake of the myriad races…”

“… Traveling between the nine and tenth world was painful but he still did it for the nine worlds and the myriad races. This was an indelible contribution but people only remember about how majestic the emperors were, not the one protecting them in the shadow. Thus, only His Excellency is qualified for the title of Prime!”

This eternal existence had worked for the Dark Crow before. He felt his blood boiling after stating this because he had always remembered the contributions!

Some people were very unhappy about this discussion; they were the candidates that have currently formed the alliance to fight against the new emperor.

“Hmph, who cares about his achievements? One just cant be strong and become an emperor without a fight. Without the final battle, there is no emperor.” One genius claimed.

Everyone was aware of just how terrible and powerful Li Qiye was. However, for these candidates who were robbed of their eligibility, they were in a bad mood.

No matter what happened, Fiercest has become everyones enemy and target, hence the formation of the alliance.

“Boom!” During the heated debates, a loud blast exploded in Mortal Emperor. The sky seemed to be splitting apart.

A series of rumbles came next, causing the entire world to quake. A visual phenomenon occurred as if a world was descending.

“Whats going on now?” After the descent of Soaring Immortal, many great powers in the nine worlds were completely afraid. Thus, the appearance of another world in Mortal Emperor shocked many people.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Finally, this world hovered in the sky right below the Heavens Will. It seemed to be waiting for something.

It emitted the aura of primal beasts, as if a great monster was coming out.

“The Bian Beastworld!” Someone recognized this world and immediately shouted.

“One of the six Ancestral Earths! Shouldnt it be in Stone Medicine, why is it here now?” People were perplexed at this sudden appearance. The great powers in Mortal Emperor became increasingly vigilant.

“This might be bad, another invasion?” A sect master became worried.

After the Soaring Immortals invasion, many great powers were still in anxiety. Some even planned for the worst and became prepared to fight against the beast world.

Fortunately, the beast world didnt show any aggression after appearing. Everyone became relieved.

In the faraway immortal mine, the skinny crystal fowl woke up. It stood by the entrance and looked out at the direction of the beast world and murmured: “The tenth world… only emperors can go up there all along but now, the Dark Crow is bringing so many people, what is he going to do about the spatio-temporal barrier. Only an Epoch Wheel is capable of doing this but does such a thing still exist? Not even the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground has one so what will the Dark Crow do?”

Even the crystal fowl couldnt predict what Li Qiye will do to break the world barrier. However, he must be confident if he dared to bring so many people to the tenth world.

Because of this, the fowl said with a tinge of emotion: “This damned crow has too many unbelievable methods. So heaven-defying, after generations of planning and accumulation, no one can stop him outside of the high heaven. No wonder why even the corpse burial ground conceded. Thats some determination, daring to destroy that burial ground if it dared to oppose him. Its a good thing we didnt try to fight him or our mine would have been flipped over too. Both the chicken and the egg would have been broken at that point.”

It continued lamenting: “Being free must be nice. The beastworld has finally waited till this moment to settle the scores. Its a shame that were still stuck here in the darkness. I guess we can only hope for the crows victory since the villainous heaven wont spare us.”

Who didnt want freedom in this world? However, their mine didnt have any choice. It was either to hide in the immortal mine or face extinction.

In the past when the young nine sea kings snuck out, it naturally knew but turned a blind eye. It could understand the young ones desire to see the outside world. He was also aware of their struggle. Even if they were to sever their bloodline, the villainous heaven still wouldnt spare them. The mark left by the heaven was impossible to be destroyed. Even a blood severing could only hide them temporarily.

Only by destroying the villainous heaven would the seal be destroyed as well. Of course, they didnt have this opportunity. Thus, the fowl placed all hope on Li Qiye. He was the only one who had a chance for victory.

The fowl was truly envious of the beast world. Though both of them were Ancestral Earths, they were different in nature and this had decided their fate. The beast world could see the sunlight again while the mine couldnt.

The beast world didnt suffer the same seal from the villainous heaven. Thus, as long as the villainous heaven continued to exist, the mine wouldnt have their freedom.

“Damned crow, you were a blood-sucking vermin but you need to stay alive. Do it.” The fowl spoke: “You are shouldering the hope of so many to break the eternal chains. Their freedom depends on you. If you fail, how many more cycles and epochs will it take? Few people could make it to that step and even fewer had any chance of victory. In this epoch, youre the only one. Dont disappoint me since I have gambled everything on you.”

The fowl became absent-minded. After a while, it shook its head and was between laughters and tears: “How strange, an old geezer like me still gets so sentimental.”

1. This title used to be Eternal Prime Emperor, but now that I think about it, Prime Emperor is more concise, it means hes already the best of them all. The Eternal part seems unnecessary and only sounds better in Chinese. Let me know. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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