Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 336: Entering The Timeless Portal

“Boom!” Right when the cultivators and experts were busy moving to the world inside the Void Gate, a loud bang resounded in the sky. Everyone noticed the Heavens Will spinning even more rapidly than before.

The rotation was very natural and in the same rhythm as the grand dao of the heaven and earth. In the beginning, people got used to the Heavens Will spinning above. However, it was completely different this time. It was wild like a storm with lightning flashing inside. A life seemingly wanted to rush out.

“Boom!” Suddenly, the entire maelstrom disappeared and was replaced by a dazzling supreme grand dao.

Archaic runes were flashing inside the grand dao and wove together to form a chapter containing boundless power.

It included the power of the primordial chaos, the power of the source, the power of the seven emotions and six desires, and the power of the heaven and earth…

This was a brand new grand dao like at the start of the world. No one has ever used it before so it was at its highest level, not missing a sliver of power.

All cultivators in the nine worlds felt a resonation with their own dao. All of these dao became joyous and appeared next to them like a peacock stretching its tail.

It didnt matter whether the cultivators agreed or not. The laws from their grand dao couldnt wait to show off for others to watch their most beautiful feathers.

“Whats going on?” Many cultivators were startled to see this resonation, especially the younger ones since they have never experienced this before.

The supreme grand dao hovering in the sky began to disappear. Initially, there was an image of a Heavens Will hovering in each world but now, only the one in Mortal Emperor was left. All of the powers scattering across the nine worlds gathered in Mortal Emperor and the Heavens Will here.

It emitted an unstoppable aura that permeated every corner of Mortal Emperor. Even though it was hanging on top of Mortal Emperor, the entire nine worlds could feel this force. All existences prostrated to worship.

“Buzz.” It stretched and released an imperial aura. The Heavens Will has finally turned into an imperial grand dao. The birth of a new Immortal Emperor was coming.

People could hear a clear sound everywhere. The experts grand dao suddenly faded as if they have lost their power.

In a short time, laws appeared around the experts and dropped to the ground while the terrible aura continued to ravage the nine worlds. These experts were helpless and dropped to their knees, ready to greet the new emperor.

They were completely astounded since they lost control of their body and couldnt stand up at all.

“What, what is going on?” The inexperienced ones were stunned.

“The new emperor is coming, the Heavens Will has a master now.” A big shot from the last generation murmured in astonishment.

“Theres, theres no way.” An expert became slack-jawed and said: “The competition hasnt even begun, the talents in the nine worlds havent fought yet. Isnt the emperor usually the final victor?”

“Maybe this generation is completely different, the emperor of our time is peerless. No need for a fight, the Heavens Will has already been taken. It clearly shows that this is the most unique emperor of all times.” A big shot speculated.

“How can this be!?” A young genius that has been robbed of his qualification screamed.

“How can there be no competition? What is going on with this illogical generation? Where is the cruel and merciless war?” A different candidate felt indignation and shouted.

Of course, the talents would find it difficult to accept this development. They didnt understand why they were robbed of the chance for competition and now, a new emperor was already appearing.

“The new emperor will be from Mortal Emperor, a unique one in all of history since the Heavens Will is theirs even before a competition.” A great character could read the situation from the clues.

“Mortal Emperor! Let us go, I want to see just who has become emperor.” A young genius said while being unconvinced.

In a short time, everyone soared towards Mortal Emperor. They wanted to watch the birth of the emperor. It would be the biggest conversational topic of their life to personally watch the coming of the new ruler.

Of course, the young geniuses were coming to challenge the emperor as well. One genius claimed: “Hmph, I dont care who the Heavens Will has picked but Im not convinced without a battle. I will challenge the new emperor!”

“Thats right, we have to fight. Without blood, how can we be so sure the new emperor is worthy?” A different Emperor Candidate repeated.

The geniuses at the Emperor Candidate level were especially eager to challenge the new emperor. In their eyes, no one was worthy before a real battle.

This alliance grew increasingly stronger and finally, it was grand enough to shake the nine worlds. Nearly all Emperor Candidates joined. If the nine worlds were to have one hundred, ninety-five was part of this alliance.

When this alliance made its way to Mortal Emperor, imperial lineages made way for them. Such a force was simply too powerful.

Not to mention the powerful candidates, they even had invincible Godkings acting as their dao protector. A few Emperor Assailants were present as well.

They gave themselves the name “Nine Worlds Candidates Alliance” or “Alliance Against The Immortal Emperor”! Such a grand tone left others clicking their tongue.

In history, how many people actually dared to form an alliance with this type of name?

“What an unreasonable era. In the past, only a few candidates would team up but this is an unprecedented alliance. This might be the first time.” An old undying spoke with a tinge of emotion after seeing the great alliance of candidates.

“The Heavens Will has a master before a competition. I think only Fiercest in Mortal Emperor can do something like this.” Someone speculated.

No one really refuted this idea since they have all seen the power of Fiercest.

“Indeed. Four grand completion Immortal Physiques, thirteen palaces. Such achievements do not require a competition any longer. Plus, he had destroyed Soaring Immortal. Thats more than enough to prove everything.” Even those who hated him had to admit his invincibility!

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