Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 333: Immortal Xu Chong

After creating the rules of the world, Li Qiye immediately helped plant the Realm God in front of the World Tree. Even though the process wasnt easy, it was worth it for the Realm God even though it didnt have many years left. It was, in a way, returning to its roots.

It had no regrets. It had experienced enough time as the divine protector of the academy. The future belonged to it alone now.

After preparing everything, it was time for Li Qiye to leave the nine worlds. He especially called for Niu Fen beforehand.

After so many years, Niu Fen has grown more vigorous. Though he still had the appearance of a withered old man, his aura was completely different than before. It was overwhelming, especially the shell on his back. It looked just like a mobile yet impregnable fortress.

Even though Niu Fens stature wasnt too intimidating, he still looked quite powerful and gave the feeling that if the sky were to fall, he could still shoulder it.

The guy had become strong after cultivating the complete eighteen solutions and had signs of atavism. As a heavenly ancestral snail, he had a bloodline on the same level as a true god. If he could cultivate the eighteen solutions to the apex, he would have the chance to catch up to his ancestor, the Snail God.

“Im very happy to see your success today.” Li Qiye said after seeing Niu Fen.

The old man quickly prostrated in response: “This lowly ones achievements today are all because of you, Young Noble. I will never forget your grace.”

“You deserve it.” Li Qiye said: “You dont owe me anything. Its just that there are certain things in this world that I cant let go.”

Niu Fen shuddered after hearing this. He had heard the rumor of Li Qiye wanting to leave, same with Nan Huairens group. The disciples here all wanted for their First Brother to stay. However, they knew that he was a dragon among men and couldnt stay at Cleansing Incense forever. This world was too small for him and one day, he would soar towards the nine firmaments.

He still felt sad despite being ready beforehand. He asked: “Young Noble, youre about to leave?”

Li Qiye had no need to hide: “Yes, thats why I need to delegate a few tasks.”

“You shall never hear the word,no, from me.” Niu Fen hurriedly said.

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “Its nothing that serious. Cleansing Incense is still young with many flaws, thus, I want you to stay here and work together with Tu Buyu to advance the sect so that it can rise again. It needs seniors like you to protect and educate.”

He also wanted to do something for Cleansing Incense. The sect right now had no lack of resources, especially when it was moved into the Void Gate.

Right now, it was missing the guidance of the old generation. Even though Nan Huairens group was not bad and the young disciples had great potential, they required the help of Tu Buyu and Niu Fen. The older two were much more experienced and could stay calm in times of trouble.

This was the reason why Li Qiye wanted Niu Fen to stay. The guy had great potential and could become a second Snail God, a second divine protector for the sect. Gu Tieshou and Old Devils group was still around but they were too old. Niu Fen would most likely outlive them.

“Young Noble, if you wish for me to stay, I will devote my entire life to Cleansing Incense. From now on, I shall live as its member and die to become its ghost.” Niu Fen solemnly swore while kowtowing.

Even though he was staying at the sect and had a pivotal position, strictly speaking, he wasnt part of the sect. He could only stay because of Li Qiye but now, after the solemn oath, he had become a real member.

“Very well.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “Since you are contributing your entire life to the sect, I will not mistreat you and shall allow for you to pass the eighteen solutions to your clan. You deserve this much.”

“Thank you, Young Noble. Our race will never forget your kindness and will forever pray for you.” The old man was ecstatic.

This news was too much for him. If the eighteen solutions could come back to their clan, the effect was paramount. Even though they were few in members, the significance was still great enough.

Li Qiye pondered for a moment before taking out the shell of the Snail God. He gave it to Niu Fen: “This is the corpse of the Snail God. I pass it down to you now. This is the pride of Cleansing Incense and your race, let it be remembered forever.”

Niu Fen respectfully got on his knees and accepted the shell.

“Go, I leave the future of the sect to you.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said.

Niu Fen carefully stared at Li Qiye before asking: “I wonder if I will be able to see your godly self again in the future?”

Though Niu Fen appeared much older, Li Qiye acted as his teacher during the cultivation process. Thus, he was very respectful towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye softly answered: “No one can predict the future. Consider this our final goodbye.”

This prompted Niu Fen to emotionally kowtow three times and said: “I wish for you to find nothing but victory, to be invincible regardless of the location, to be eternal as time itself.”

Li Qiye nodded and accepted his grand gesture. In the end, Niu Fen took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and left.

Li Qiye then called for Little Autumn, the space crossing worm. It was much different from before. Its body was dazzling with a golden glow and had a draconic aura. The worm seemed to be transforming into a true dragon.

“Youre about to leave?” Little Autumn knew right away since it had spent some time with Li Qiye in the past.

Li Qiye confirmed: “Yes, time to leave. I have agreed to take you up there, so Im asking now. Do you want to leave as planned or do something else?”

The worm became quiet. It had a very strange origin and was aware of many secrets. In the past, it wanted to go to the tenth world with Li Qiye. That place was vast with numerous challenges.

However, it was hesitating at this moment.

“Your mind is not made up.” Li Qiye could clearly tell while looking at the worm.

It sat down next to him and seemed to be quite down: “The nine worlds are vast and beautiful. Perhaps the tenth world is superior but it is not the same.”

“Yes, the nine worlds are worth remembering, stopping others from wanting to leave. The mundane realm has flaws and undesirable things but it gave birth to us. It has places that can bring out the true you.” Li Qiye seemed to be speaking to both Little Autumn and himself.

It wiggled around for a bit before making up its mind: “Young Noble, Ill be staying behind. Master will be lonely here, plus, I havent beaten up the brats here enough just yet. Ill feel bad if I dont hit them for another generation or two. Ill stay here to keep the master company and when I have time, Ill beat the disobedient brats. Ill keep busy enough with this.”

The master he was talking about was the Myriad Images True God that had passed away. Of course, the brats were Nan Huairen and the others.

The truth was that these young men could take care of business but Little Autumn still called them brats.

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