Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 331: Aftermath Of The Battle

“The nine treasures and nine scriptures are much older than any epoch. Moreover, they have never been destroyed before.” Magu quietly added this time.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Youre right, but not completely. The former statement is true but we dont know whether they have been destroyed or not. Its too hard to tell because even if they were destroyed, they would appear with another form.”

He paused for a moment and went on: “Say, this Void Gate right here, it had created a world. Maybe this world will be destroyed later due to many reasons but the gate will still exist, maybe in a different form several epochs later. At that point, maybe people will call it the Immortal Gate or something else instead.”

“The absolute beginning creates the nine words which give birth to the nine treasures which lead to the nine scriptures.” South Emperor stated: “As long as the nine words exist, so will the treasures and scriptures. Time and the world might change but the overarching existence wont.”

“Indeed.” Li Qiye nodded: “This is the reason why the nine treasures and nine scriptures are so tempting. It is not about their innate power and profundity, granting its master certain achievements but because it is an eternal part of the heaven and earth.”

The group gained a deeper understanding regarding these treasures after listening to Li Qiye and became more eager to see them.

“The nine scriptures arent necessarily the strongest merit laws in the world. One can even say that in terms of destructive potential, they are weaker than many other arts but they have a unique charm.” Li Qiye finished.

Along the way, the group was in awe of the beauty of this place. If one could create a sect in this location, their descendants would surely flourish.

“Can we establish lineages here?” South Emperor wondered.

“Of course.” Li Qiye smiled: “This is an unexplored world that needs the myriad races from the nine world to excavate. The riches here are for everyone but they must follow the rules. As long as it is permitted, anything is possible.”

“Looks like our Mysterious Bamboo Mountain will need a branch here.” South Emperor became tempted.

The godfiend and Old Xian shared this sentiment as well. If their sect could start a branch here, it would bring about unlimited potential.

Of course, Li Qiye allowed for this since the world required the sects to populate it. With the place flourishing, the nine worlds will have more hope in the future and enough power to fight the Ancient Ming.

In the end, they made it to the source of this worlds power. It was boundless like space. The entire location was being hidden under a great tree.

Li Qiye couldnt be more familiar with it. It was the World Tree. While looking up at it, everyone felt so tiny. It was blotting out the entire area with its unfathomable height. Not to mention a person, even a star paled in comparison. Just one leaf alone could uphold a star.

The stars around it decorated the tree like beautiful diamonds. The existence of the tree shielded the area, not allowing anyone to step inside the source of power.

Li Qiye smiled and decided to experiment by activating his four physiques. His power erupted as he took a step forward, wishing to infiltrate the area.

“Boom!” But even under the state of his four physiques in action, he still couldnt get in. An endless power blew him flying for more than one thousand miles before he could stabilize.

The group was astounded by this scene. South Emperor blurted: “The power here is actually this strong?”

He wasnt completely convinced. Thus, he roared and channeled his energy. An explosive forced aimed straight for the World Tree.

“Boom!” The area quaked. He mustered all of his strength but still failed to destroy the barrier created by the World Tree.

“Looks like its impossible for me.” He smiled wryly while shaking his head.

Li Qiye commented: “This is still the power of the Void Gate and everything here. Not just you, even emperors cant do it or they would have something above the power of the nine.”

South Emperor felt better after hearing this. After all, the nine treasures were unique and to a certain extent, they represented the primordial power since they were born in there. Emperors werent above the absolute beginning, the source of all.

“How do we get in then?” Bu Lianxiang asked after seeing that brute force was of no use.

“Others cant.” Li Qiye smiled and the Ancient Void Rune flew out. With a clank, it fused with the tree, causing the whole thing to be flashing with light.

The tree seemed to be waking up like an old friend waving at Li Qiyes group.

“Let us go.” Li Qiye told the group.

After entering, the others were astonished by what they saw so they stood there frozen.

It was a vast space with the World Tree growing in the center. It took roots in the flowing galaxies. The most shocking thing was the primordial energy permeating this entire area. Meanwhile, worldly energy has turned into a great ocean with great waves, slamming into the stars.

This looked like the beginning of the world, the shape of the start. The phenomenon was ancient and unreachable in terms of time yet it was also inches from them. Any existence wouldnt be able to describe their emotion while standing here. They were witnessing the worlds initial form.

Many imperial lineages had ancestral grounds that were amazing enough to look down on the rest of the world. They had the best earth veins and mines but those were nothing compared to this world. This was a real treasure ground.

Old Xian emotionally blurted: “Whoever can grasp this will have resources beyond imagination.”

“People cant grasp this place, even if they are allowed to stay here. This is the power belonging to this world and the Void Zone. If you can grasp everything here, it means that you can also grasp the entire treasure.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The group agreed with this statement since they couldnt be above a heavenly treasure, no matter how strong they might be. Just slightly using it alone was amazing enough.

One would be invincible if they were allowed to stay here on top of slightly using the Void Zones power, at least in this place. Even if an emperor were to come in person, they wouldnt be enough of a threat.

This made it clear to the others why emperors wanted these heavenly treasures so much. It was indeed enough to drive someone crazy with greed.

“What kind of rules should be made?” Magu eventually asked after everyone calmed down.

Li Qiye said: “Our group isn ’t enough to create these rules, the power here is too much. We need help.”

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