Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 330: Perimeter Of The Wise Sages

Magu couldnt stay quiet as well: “Outside of that, what else is different between the worlds?”

Li Qiye smiled and pointed at the sky: “The biggest difference? How should I put this… The biggest difference is that they are a little closer to the villainous heaven. For us, it might be separated by a world but for them, it could be looming right above their head.”

He continued: “This is both good and bad.”

“Why is it a bad thing?” Old Xian asked: “There are writings stating that the Divine and Heaven Races are the heavens favorites.”

He was the strongest and oldest ancestor from the War God Temple so he knew a few rumors unavailable to the rest of the world.

“Thats true.” Li Qiye nodded: “They are indeed the favorites, at least in their own opinion. They claim to be exceptional with an extremely noble bloodline. In that world, humans, golems, charming spirits, and bloods are indeed flawed compared to them. However, after generations of work from our emperors and wise sages, we still have our own home and sky, despite being so close to the heaven. So what if they are the favorites, we just need to put in the effort before stomping down on the beautiful faces of these races, to let them know the power of ants like us!” He chuckled at this point.

South Emperors blood was boiling. He was sure that Li Qiye has stomped on these geniuses before and he also had the will to do so, defeating all the geniuses in the tenth world!

“What is bad about being close to the high heaven?” The godfiend asked.

“Do you think the high heaven has eyes?” Li Qiye pointed up at the sky and smiled.

The group was a bit perplexed by this question. They wouldnt make this statement since it was more of a phrase belonging to the mortals. When they experienced injustice or bullied by others, they would utter this phrase, hoping that the high heaven would become the arbiter.

“This phrase has nothing to do with equality and fairness.” Li Qiye explained: “Being close to the high heaven is not good at all. The stronger you are, the closer and the more dangerous. When you reach a power capable of crossing through the myriad worlds, this danger grows even more. Once it reaches a particular level, a tribulation will come down. Who knows if you will be able to bear it or not.”

“The emperors and gods up there will incite tribulations after reaching this level!” South Emperor understood and became startled.

“Thats right.” Li Qiye nodded: “If you cant handle it, you will turn to ashes. All of your effort and strength will have been wasted. A lifetime of cultivation… for nothing.”

“Then what do the emperors and gods do?” Old Xian asked.

“Hide from this power so that the villainous heaven cant spot you.” Li Qiye chuckled and told South Emperor: “In the future, you might have to face this situation and you must hide from the world as well.”

“Is there no other choice?” South Emperor asked for clarification since he was about to become an Immortal Monarch.

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled: “Fight to the very end. This was a choice many people have chosen as well. Alas, all became corpses. It didnt matter how powerful and amazing they were. Death was the only result, at least till now.”

South Emperor became quiet. He had heard about the final battle before. His Excellency, the Dark Crow, has chosen this path.

Old Xian and the godfiend were silent as well. The mercilessness of the tenth world exceeded their imagination. One still needed to hide after reaching the imperial power level. Just how cruel was this?

If these powerful beings didnt have any other choice, weaker existences were lesser than ants.

“Alright, no more talking about the tenth world. You will learn much better after arriving there. What you will face wont just be the Divine and Heaven Races.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Let us continue with the task at hand.”

Li Qiye walked forward and the group followed right behind.

They found this world to be extremely vast and suitable for cultivation due to the rich worldly energy. There were treasures everywhere as well. Ores and minerals were all over the place. One could randomly crouch down and pick up a gemstone.

This was definitely a paradise to the cultivators in the nine worlds. If this place were to be open, they would soar inside and begin the excavation.

“Cultivators wont leave a single stone unturned after coming in.” The godfiend spoke in awe.

“Thats why I come in first. This is an entirely new world so a set of new rules is necessary. Those who do not obey will be banished or killed!” Li Qiye said flatly.

“How will you make the rules?” Old Xian wondered. This beautiful world would incite countless greed. Many imperial lineages would want it for themselves.

They had the same thought as well if they werent going to the tenth world right now.

“Well use the power of this world to establish and enforce the rules.” Li Qiye elaborated: “This will be a new world for the myriad races on top of being a sanctuary in the future if the Ancient Ming were to return. The new rules and laws wont only limit the myriad races but also the Ancient Ming.”

“It wont be that easy. After all, this requires generations of work.” Old Xian believed.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye chuckled: “However, the Ancient Void Rune is in my hand. As long as I have it, I can create the rules for this heavenly treasure and make everyone else obey. This is similar to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. It doesnt matter how powerful someone may be, they are subjected to these laws. For example, emperors cant break the laws of the Myriad Thoughts Pot and Di Shi at Nihility Temple and the plateau. Under these laws and the power of a heavenly treasure, even emperors cant do anything. If one could break these treasures power, they would no longer be considered heavenly. They possess the true primordial power, existing at the very beginning of the heaven and earth.”

“Thats why Immortal Emperor Hao Hai never returned to the plateau even though he left in a cool manner.” South Emperor understood.

“Yes, he couldnt break the laws there either so he could only flee. Thats why he didnt want to return, after losing the bet back then.” Li Qiye said.

“Is there a difference between the start of the heaven and earth versus the primordial beginning?” A woman was always more meticulous than their counterpart. Bu Lianxiang noticed something in his explanation and asked.

“Two different concepts and time period.” Li Qiye said slowly: “When we talk about the start of the heaven and earth, were talking about the beginning of a new epoch. However, the real primordial beginning is so far away from us, back in a time before the concept of an epoch, back in a time before time and space existed. This was the state when the nine heavenly treasures and nine scriptures were born! An epoch came later, same with our current era. The truth is that in each epoch, the power and profundity of the heavenly treasures are different. This is related to the origin power of each epoch and the cultivation method. For example, in an epoch before ours, the twelve Immortal Physiques didnt exist.”

The crowd had a better understanding between the different time periods after hearing this.

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