Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 329: A Scheme To Bury All Enemies

After opening the portal, Li Qiye turned back and looked through the entire crowd before speaking calmly: “The rules are determined by me. No one shall move an inch or die.”

In a short time, no one dared to open their mouth. All the experts and imperial lineages from the nine worlds were silent. Even the unhappy ones and those that coveted the Void Gate didnt dare to show their intent and could only swallow their anger.

Li Qiye didnt care for them since he had grasped the laws of the Void Gate. No one could disobey his rules.

“Whoosh.” He entered the Void Gate along with his group.

Once they disappeared, the portal closed again with a buzzing noise. Without the Ancient Void Rune, no one could open the portal still surrounded by primordial chaos and floating runes.

A new world appeared before Li Qiyes group. They took a deep breath to take in the air here.

It was a majestic place with long rivers spanning like a sleeping dragon. It was quite vast with rolling hills and mountain ranges. This looked like a great paradise, full of energy and a touch of primordial chaos energy. The power of the origin was within. This belonged to the early formation of the world. Grasping this power would grant one some incredible abilities!

One could see planets above in the sky. They seemed to be inches away as if one could easily climb up and reach them.

Larger galaxies were above; they resembled long strips of jade that made this world even more beautiful and grand.

“Feel anything special?” Li Qiye smiled at the group and asked.

“The worldly energy here is beyond the ancestral ground of many imperial lineages back in the nine worlds. It also contains the power of the origin, a bit different from the power of our grand dao.” The godfiend took another deep breath and became surprised.

“Correct and incorrect.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Yes, the worldly energy here is too thick because the Void Gate has derived an entirely new and pristine world. It has untouched earth veins and locations, thats why the energy here is still so pure and seemingly endless.”

“How strange for a heavenly treasure to turn into an independent world.” South Emperor was astonished as well.

Many people imagined the nine treasures to be artifacts. However, the Void Gate has turned into its own world, one that couldnt be brought along by anyone. In a sense, no one could truly seize the treasure.

“Each of the nine has its own profundity, impossible to be controlled by people or the heaven and earth. What it will turn into and what it will create, only the treasure itself knows.” Li Qiye smiled.

With that, he continued the previous topic: “Bloodbulls second half is wrong. Thats right, this world has the power of the origin, one that is a bit different from our own world. But the mistaken part is that our power also has the power of the origin.”

“Whats the distinguishing factor?” The godfiend humbly inquired.

Li Qiye slowly explained: “What is the origin power? It is the power before the formation of the world. Well, this is the common explanation. To be more exact, it is when everything starts over again, the power of a completely new epoch being derived from the chaos, the purest force in the world. Because of this, the origin power is within the primordial chaos.”

“Thus, with an expanse of chaos, there will be a type of origin power. However, this doesnt mean that our own strength contains this affinity.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The energy we absorb still has primordial chaos. If we refine it to the purest level, then it will have the origin power. The only difference is the relative discernibility. The majority of refined power still has some origin power mixed within.”

“Please elaborate.” The godfiend politely requested.

“Our nine worlds are boundless with trillions of beings. There are more than just cultivators that absorb worldly energy. Regular animals and mortals also do it, to a much lesser extent. All of this thinned out the energy in the nine worlds. At the same time, our seven emotions and six desires also filled the world with their powers. But dont forget, we originated from the heaven and earth so we shall return to the source after death, regardless of how much energy we absorb and how strong we are. The thing is that we absorbed too many things, like a multi-colored ocean. Therefore, the purest sea water, or origin power, is drowned out by all the other colors.”

“However, once you reach a particular level, for example, Immortal Emperor, you will be able to refine the worldly energy in your body to the purest level while removing imperfections, then it can become primordial chaos, and within this chaos is the origin. Of course, you can also change your merit law at the very beginning and start by refining worldly energy, so that the only thing you absorb is primordial chaos. This is the better method, but the cultivation speed will be very, very slow.”

“This is the cultivation method of the tenth world, primordial energy.” South Emperor immediately understood because after being taught by Li Qiye, he had changed his method. One of the topics was refining worldly energy into primordial energy so he was aware of the current discussion.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded: “The cultivation method of the tenth world is different but it is still similar. That world is still full of worldly energy but better, they just take it one step higher with the refinement. Using the origin power is purer and has more room for growth.”

“Wont our emperors from the nine worlds be restrained when they go up there?” Allpine had to ask.

“Just temporarily.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The powers of the worlds are different but all dao are ultimately the same in terms of beginning and end. Most importantly, it doesnt change the fact that theyre emperors with the Heavens Will. This is also the most basic power in the heaven and earth, the force of an era, very similar to an origin power…”

“Furthermore, just imagine how powerful these beings are. It is very easy for them to refine their own worldly energy and absorb more due to the power of their Heavens Will. In the eyes of the emperors, going to the tenth world is a new starting point for them. However, for the inhabitants and masters up there, Immortal Emperors are still untouchable. If they wish to defeat our emperors, their own emperors and gods must come out. Randoms up there are still no match. Remember, in each era, our nine worlds only produce one emperor and one Heavens Will. Thats no joke, even in the world above.”

South Emperors group felt their blood boiling. They wanted nothing more than to rush up there and bask in the new magnificent world.

“I wonder what it will look like?” Even Old Xian interjected.

“In terms of energy, very similar to this one, just more primordial energy with a touch of origination inside. Thats the tenth world, their powers are purer and their world is vaster.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

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