Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 319: The Enemies Joint Attack

“Hunting?” Even Bu Lianxiang was shocked after hearing this: “The strongest people above hunt emperors from the nine worlds?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Yes, its nothing new up there. This tradition had existed since a long time ago. The emperors from the nine worlds are considered the best preys by the people in the tenth world.”

“So the emperors from our world truly suffer after ascending?” She worriedly said. It was quite frightening that these invincible beings were being hunted.

“Not too bad, this only makes them grow stronger.” Li Qiye said calmly: “Plus, theyre not the only ones hunting, we also can do the same. Back then, Emperor Hunt was started by the nine worlds members, a never-before-seen war against the inhabitants up there. The tenth world trembled during this hunt. Even the self-proclaimed amazing Divine Race was afraid.” His eyes flashed amusingly. Suddenly, it was as if he was gazing at the cruel war again.

“Emperor Hunt! How did this war end?” She could imagine the scale of this war just by hearing its name.

Li Qiye recalled his memories before smiling: “Casualties everywhere. We have emperors dying on our side; they had Immortal Monarchs falling too. In the end, their side was forced to sign an agreement with certain provisions.”

Bu Lianxiang was very interested in this topic. The incredible masters up there were still forced to sign an agreement. This was indeed an amazing achievement from the emperors of the nine worlds.

“You were in charge of Emperor Hunt!” She understood from seeing her lovers expression. The Dark Crow has not always been in the nine worlds. He would disappear a few generations every once in a while. That was the reason why some emperors in the nine worlds had nothing to do with this imperial teacher.

Li Qiye sketched it in a light shade: “You can put it that way. Back then, I utilized my relations with all the emperors and started a plan in the shadow. The start was very difficult, if it wasnt for Qi Zhen answering my call right away at first, that war would have lasted much longer.”

Even though Li Qiye spoke in such a trivial manner, she was aware of the scale of the war. These Immortal Emperors managed to survive even after ascension. It must have been difficult for them to cooperate. Only a character like the Dark Crow would be able to convince these emperors to sit and talk in an amicable manner.

“Gathering these emperors is easier said than done, especially without you…” She said softly.

“It was for everyones sake. After all, humans and golems, charming spirits, blood race… If they want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the divine and heavenly race, they would need their predecessors like us to work hard and open a path.”

He became slightly touched at this point: “Those who can become emperors are visionary with some love for their race. Back in the nine worlds, Min Ren and I ended in a conflict but he immediately sided with me during Emperor Hunt and offered his utmost support. It was related to the prosperity of our races, personal feuds were left to the side.”

“You always think too much for the human race regardless of the time and location but how many humans are actually aware of your effort?” She sighed gently and caressed his face.

All he got for quietly paying price to safeguard the nine worlds and humans were curses and scorn.

“What else can I do? The human blood flows through my veins.” Li Qiye laughed freely: “Since Im a human, I must contribute for the sake of the race. Thats all.”

He didnt care whether the people in the nine worlds remember his contribution or understand his actions at all.

“You will have many enemies in the tenth world then. Im afraid they will not let go of this opportunity and will try to hunt you instantly.” She became worried again.

“Yes.” Li Qiye didnt share the same sentiment. He chuckled and said: “Its one thing for the other Immortal Monarchs, but geezer Qian will be the first to hunt me. He will never give up until he flays my flesh, thats the only thing that can wash away his fury.”

“What did you do to make him hate you so much?” Even though she didnt know who this “geezer” was, an existence that could hate the Dark Crow wasnt simple at all.

“Not much, I only took his daughter to the nine worlds.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile: “He once said that no one will be able to protect me. Any emperor who wants to do so would become his enemy.”

He smirked happily at this point and felt pretty good while imagining the angry appearance of the geezer.

Bu Lianxiang didnt expect this answer at all. In the beginning, she thought the hate would be relating to a treasure or a racial prejudice, not because of a woman.

“Cant you play nice for a little bit?” She pouted: “Picking up girls still in the tenth worlds, bringing the innocent lady down to the nine worlds, away from her home. How can you be so cruel?”

“No, she is very different.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The Qian Clan of Essence Continent is quite frightening. She didnt want to stay at her clan and definitely not with the geezer. Such a unique girl.”

He gently sighed while recalling the unwanted past.

“But shes still someones daughter.” Bu Lianxiang said.

Li Qiye explained: “Yes, but she agreed to follow me to the nine worlds, I didnt force her. It was just that she didnt wish to stay with her father. This was why the old geezer was so angry. He thought that I tricked and seduced his daughter with some devious art. Thats why he vowed that if I were to appear in the thirteen continents, he would flay me to death!”

It wasnt his first time feuding with the old geezer, but this matter pleased him the most because there was nothing the old geezer could do except gritting his teeth!

“Is he strong?” She asked.

Li Qiye nodded: “Very, a top ten emperor in the tenth world with few peers. He had presided over the matters in the tenth world several times too, quite an amazing person.”

She became quiet and worried for her lover. After all, the tenth world was even more merciless than the nine. Even emperors have died there.

“Dont worry, its not my first time. I cant die that easily.” He stroked her soft hair and comforted: “If they dare to stop my path, Ill flatten them all eventually.” A murderous glint flashed in his eyes.

She could only hug him tighter by the neck. There was nothing she could do about this even if she were to go to the tenth world with him. Perhaps she would even become a burden.

“I want to go to the Immortal Demon Grotto.” After a long embrace, he eventually revealed.

“You, you want to go there?!” She blurted out in shock.

Others werent aware of this location but she did. This was the origin of the Dark Crow. Even emperors might not be able to survive after a trip there.

“Yes, tomorrow. Its time to tie up all loose ends. After doing this, I will have nothing else to worry about, no need to look back again during my ultimate battle.”

“Right, but this is the Immortal Demon Grotto, a powerful foe of yours. How about we gather everyone to go with you?” She asked.

“No need, its not the same as before. The grotto is weaker now after the choice back then. Plus, I have four grand completion physiques at the moment. How many people can actually take me on in this world? Even if the grotto was still as strong as before, I can definitely still escape alive. This is our personal feud.” He smiled and said.

She wasnt in a position to say anything else after seeing his determination and had to acquiesce.

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