Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 317: Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds

A romantic air permeated the tasseled bed behind the red curtains with Li Qiye and Bu Lianxiang tenderly embracing each other.

After a long time, he spoke softly: “Ill leave behind a few treasures for you. There are some treasuries I left hidden around the nine worlds, you can open them later when needed.”

After her decision to stay, Li Qiye instantly left her many things, such as the Declivity-Mountain Bell, the small wooden coffin, and other artifacts.

“My Bu Clan has many treasures, you dont need to worry about me. Youll need more resources up above.” She gently responded.

She wasnt just boasting. Her clan and the Middle Continent Kingdom used to be one of the strongest lineages during the Ancient Ming Era. It stood strong for so long before finally being destroyed by Immortal Emperor Tian Tu.

“No one can have too many treasures.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “This is just preparation for the future. These treasures are different from imperial life and true treasures. For example, the mountain bell is similar to your yin yang mirror. Even if the time changes, it will still be unsuppressed. That small coffin is even more extraordinary. Its evil affinity could scare godfiends. Just open it and see.”

“Thats the last resort though.” Li Qiye sighed: “Who knows how the world will change later? Maybe another race will rise or the laws of the heaven and earth will be different. Its better to play it safe by preparing ahead of time.”

She agreed and nodded: “Thats fine. The clan had left behind a secret location. In case of a complete change, I might hide and live in seclusion until everything calms down. Thats another choice.”

“Its not a bad one.” Li Qiye said: “I will also leave the Myriad Age Tree for you in case you want to live for another generation.”

She wanted to speak but he pressed his finger against her lips and said solemnly: “It is decided. I know that it is not easy for anyone to live another generation. Even emperors have to suffer endless torment. Like that guy in the Drystone Courtyard, he endured for generations just to live again. But sometimes, we have to make a hard choice. Im leaving this tree behind not to force you to do so. This is only a possible path, another choice. It is safer this way in case of the unexpected and the tree might be useful later.”

She acquiesced and said: “Dont worry, just keep treading onward. I survived the Ancient Ming Era so how bad can the future be? Ill just hide in the clans hidden location. According to our progenitor, this place could hide from all calamities. The only reason our dynasty ended back then was because my father and the elders were too confident. If they ran to this place earlier, they could have escaped.”

“I believe it.” Li Qiye confirmed: “If your progenitor had said this, it proves just how amazing this secret location must be. It might not be comparable to existences like the twelve burial grounds and the six ancestral earths, it should be one of the few places that can hide from the heaven.”

“It sounds like you know our progenitor very well?” This prompted her to ask.

There were very few records of their progenitor, only a few sentences from their inheritance writings. Their descendants didnt know where they came from. It seemed that their progenitor had appeared out of thin air.

Such a character capable of starting this clan and laying down its great foundation couldnt have been a nameless person.

But strange enough, even the nine worlds had virtually nothing written about their progenitor.

In her speculation, their progenitor was no lesser than Immortal Emperors. It was strange that such a powerful being was so unknown.

“A little bit.” Li Qiye said: “But Im not too certain about a few things, they stop at being mere guesses without evidence. Unless he is alive to reveal it himself, theres no way to confirm. After all, it is a true separation. Im the only one who can really travel and find information between the two worlds.”

“So our clan is from the tenth world!” She concluded. This was one of the theories about her clans origin.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded: “This is something Im sure of. However, your progenitor has erased many things in the past. He didnt want the world and his descendants to know about it.”

“Above the nine heavens…” She was slightly dazed. After a while, she asked: “Why did the progenitor bring our clan down to the nine worlds?”

“Hes the only one who knows the reason. In my opinion, he might be hiding, hoping that his descendants can quietly flourish instead of competing for hegemony. Unfortunately, they have let him down.” Li Qiye mused.

“Was it to avoid the enemy?” Bu Lianxiang wondered.

“I dont think its that simple. At his particular level, all enemies should be crushed by him.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Not more than ten people would be able to take their descendants down from the tenth world. Plus, few among them are still alive right now, probably around five.”

“Whats the reason then?” She was startled, having been aware of her progenitors strength but didnt expect it to be at that level.

“Hard to say, he might be the only one who knows. I think it is to avoid a heavenly calamity. Your secret location might not be created by him either. It must be from an ancient era, created by the heaven and earth. It is an ultimate treasure to avoid heavenly calamities. Such a treasure ground would be fought over up in the tenth world. After all, their descendants would at least have a spot to hide. Few in the nine worlds should be aware of this type of places. Even Immortal Emperors who were aware wouldnt use them to stay in the nine worlds. Because of this, no one tried to seize your place, outside of maybe the Ancient Ming.” Li Qiye stated.

Bu Lianxiang nodded. After destroying her kingdom, the Ancient Ming searched everywhere. It wasnt just for simple treasures.

“Im aware of Immortal Emperors going to the tenth world. It is unavoidable after obtaining the Heavens Will. But why are there so few people who have descended? The tenth world is the realm of the gods and emperors so there should be many unstoppable beings. They should be capable of this.” She became curious.

Li Qiye replied: “The price is immense even if they are capable of descending. Like I have said, not more than ten beings can rely on their own strength to come down while paying the price. For example, your progenitor is certainly strong enough. Bringing your clan down from up there must have been tremendously difficult. His death would have been the simplest payment.”

“So our progenitor died because of this.” She was startled.

“You can put it that way.” Li Qiye nodded: “Thats why no one who is capable of this feat wants to do it. Its like being a tycoon having everything they want suddenly becoming a beggar without arms and legs. Would you want to do it?”

Stunned she was with this question. Indeed, no one would be willing to do so but her progenitor did for some unknown reasons.

“Looks like we have let him down.” She gently sighed. The Bu Clan was still annihilated in the end.

Their fate was sealed the moment they became allies with the Ancient Ming.

“The ancestors cant control everything. Even though they are always hopeful about their descendants, some of these children will be less than acceptable.” Li Qiye chuckled: “If their descendants are always virtuous, then no imperial lineages would ever fall in this world. How can the smaller sects ever rise then?”

She could only nod and accept the words of consolation.

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