Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 25: Heavenly Crow Peak 1

After a while, Fairy regained her wits and softly said: “Thank you, you are the one that will bring hope to this world.”

“No, I do not dare to claim your credit! Without you, there is no hope! What I have done is no big deal. Im afraid I wont be able to help you at all in the tough future.” He smiled and shook his head.

She nodded and earnestly said: “I understand.”

“Go. After another eon, it will come and perhaps closure shall be found.” He eventually sighed.

Fairy lifted the wooden coffin and went on her way. She didnt make it far before turning back to look at him: “Will we meet again?”

Li Qiye pondered for a moment before cheerfully answering: “I dont know. Perhaps. Maybe Ill even take one step ahead of you and die above the nine skies!”

She mused his words before replying: “I know that place, but is it necessary to go there?”

“Yes.” Li Qiye seriously nodded: “This has been my lifelong goal, my sole aspiration. Many bones already pave this path! Countless ancestors never gave up, numerous others have agreed to fight to the end, and Im no exception! That place is where I belong, just like how you have your own place that you belong.”

“Where I belong…” She murmured to herself and was lost in thought for a long time. Eventually, she stepped off the ship and casually tore apart the void to reveal a portal. The inside of the portal was full of immortal shimmers and mysterious floating laws. It looked like a portal to the immortal world.

She entered it and disappeared right away. Next, the portal closed as if nothing had happened. Li Qiye only smiled without commenting.

Jianshi quietly asked a bit later: “Young Noble, why didnt you try and convince her to stay?”

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and reiterated: “Keep her here?”

Ruyan chimed in: “Right, if you asked her, maybe she would have agreed to stay.”

Fairys style was impeccable. Her pretty features were beyond the capabilities of the pen. Any man would want to make her stay. Moreover, she had a power comparable to Immortal Emperors. Given the opportunity, anyone would want to get her to stay and would even pay a great price for it.

“Why should I? She has her path while I have my own. Even if we go together, one day we shall go our separate ways. Someone like her wont give up because of me, and I wont stop for a woman either.” He shook his head.

“What is she trying to do?” This was the question ruminating in Jianshis mind. What other things did Fairy want when she was already this invincible, even across the entire nine worlds?

Li Qiye went silent for a bit before answering: “Maybe, maybe one day, you two will have a chance to see what she must do.”

“Really?” The two sisters glanced at each other. His expression gave them an uneasy feeling.

Li Qiye gently brushed Jianshis slightly messy hair that was draping down and sighed: “I hope you two wont get to see that day. May it stay far away.”

The two blurted in unison: “Why?”

He chose not to answer directly: “Because it wont be a good thing when that day comes.”

He couldnt change the inevitable. Like he said before, Fairy wont give up because of him and he wont stop his journey for her or Heaven Spirit. In the end, both Fairy and Heaven Spirit must rely on themselves!

As for him, he must go far to the end of the world. He had no time to worry about Heaven Spirit! The ultimate war was his mission for too many sacrifices have been made along the way. He would never give it up!

Countless questions ran rampant in their minds, but both the girls couldnt ask when he stood there in silence.

“Speak.” He stared at the two of them and lightly smiled.

With an indescribable melancholy, Jianshi had a hard time expressing herself. Ruyan, on the other hand, was feeling better. She chuckled and asked: “Sister and I have to go back to our sect, will you come along with us?”

“No, I want to go to the Godhalt Continent.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “After Im done with that, it will be time for me to leave.”

He had agreed to meet Su Yonghuang at Godhalt so that he could help her retrieve an item. After that is done, he would return to the Mortal Emperor World.

In fact, the two knew the answer without having to ask, but Ruyan still had to confirm it. There were ten thousand words to say, but the two didnt know what to say at this moment.

He smiled and said: “You two should go back now. Your futures are very bright, so in just a few years, you will reach grand completion for your Immortal Physiques. At that time, the two of you will be the pride of Void Imperfection, making it even stronger. Being an enemy against an emperor or sea god wouldnt be an issue then.”

This was completely true. This would mean that the Void Imperfection Schools would have two grand completion users. For a lineage to have two at the same time was even more worthy of pride than having an emperor.

The two understood that what Li Qiye said made sense. This trip has greatly benefited them, so they really should return to meditate in a calm environment in order to ponder the dao. Moreover, they have obtained the Windchase Break and must bring it back to the school. This was the time for them to say goodbye.

After a long time, Jianshi mustered her courage and stated: “We are willing to follow you.”

It wasnt easy for a reserved woman like her to say this. Li Qiye happily smiled in response: “I know, this is how it is for the grand dao. I had a good time with you two following me in the recent days. The truth is that if you want to follow me, I would be glad to take you along. However, that would be too selfish of me since I havent left anything for your school.” He shook his head and refused.

This was not due to his unwillingness to accept them, he simply didnt want to break the serenity of the Void Imperfection Schools and tie it to his war chariot.

The two had more to say, but in the end, they could only sigh.

“Its not like there wont be chances in the future.” Li Qiye turned soft after seeing their sad and disappointed demeanors: “Wait until you two reach grand completion, then Ill take the two of you out of this world! But be ready, there is no beautiful world full of immortals or a peaceful paradise. What awaits us is a larger and crueler world.”

“Okay, its a deal then.” The disappointed Ruyan smiled right away. Her smile was dazzling and beautiful like fireworks at night. Even Jianshi was smiling cheerfully.

“Alright, its time for you to go now. Of wait, I should be the one leaving.” He laughed and shook his head before standing up.

He forgot that this ship belonged to the Void Imperfection Schools. As a decisive person, he didnt linger around and left with haste.

“Young Noble!” Ruyan chased after him and called him back.

“Whats the matter?” He looked adoringly at her.

Ruyan intensely stared at him before finally taking down her veil to expose her face.

A fair complexion like a lotus flower and willow brows — this was the appropriate phrase to describe Ruyans beauty. Her eyes were particularly charming and seductive like the limpid autumn water, causing hearts to beat faster.

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