Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 315: Kill Without Mercy

“Whoosh!” In the last few days, the night sky in the nine worlds was especially beautiful with the occasional visual phenomena. Images of a phoenix would fly towards the horizon, engulfing the world in a royal aura as if the noblest of creature was about to be born.

True dragons would also jump in the sky with their billowing aura. Before the primordial lord of beasts, everyone else felt as if they were little kittens.

Resplendent totems would emerge with sun and moon together within. Stars would circle around the flowing galaxies. One could see the three thousand worlds floating up and down.


The power of the nine worlds gathered with these visual images. It was omnipresent and everyone could sense it.

This power reigned over the nine worlds and the myriad realms. It came from the worlds yet didnt belong to them. It represented the high heaven, a reflection of its will.

This was the Heavens Will that had finished forming, just waiting for a new emperor to shoulder it. This was the state of the nine worlds with the emergence of the Heavens Will, filled with its awe-inspiring power.

Both Godkings and Emperor Candidates felt insignificant before this power, no longer finding themselves invincible. Only by shouldering and controlling the Heavens Will would one reach true invincibility, able to smile proudly while strolling through a generation and capable of sweeping through the nine worlds.

This was the most tempting aspect about the Heavens Will, the reason why so many experts and geniuses chased for it in order to reach the peak of this world! There was nothing greater than the Heavens Will for all cultivators to pursue.

“Who will be accepted by the Heavens Will in this generation?” Older Godkings were envious at this sight. If they could pick again, they would pick the path for the Heavens Will without any hesitation. Since they have seen its power before, they couldnt resist its temptation.

Meanwhile, many geniuses were eager to try with boiling blood. They wanted nothing more than the Heavens Wills recognition in order to embark on the path of the competition. The day couldnt come sooner for them while fantasizing about becoming an unbeatable emperor.

With its emergence, the portals to the nine worlds completely opened. The great powers began to take over these locations and sent their disciples to the other worlds in order to broaden their horizon.

As for the smaller sects, they could only hand refined jades over so that they could teleport as well.

“Mortal Emperor World, here I come. This place full of talents shall be my next battleground.” A genius from a different world excitedly claimed after entering Mortal Emperor.

In a short time, many geniuses and even older experts from Stone Medicine, Heaven Spirit, and Sacred Nether rushed into Mortal Emperor. For outsiders, Mortal Emperor was a sure visit because many competitions in the past had been held here.

“I represent the Vajra World to take on the heroes of the worlds. My first stop shall be Mortal Emperor. Their supreme geniuses shall taste defeat by my hands!” A monk from Vajra powerfully declared.

“I, Sacred Supreme, from the Western Bull World, challenge all the aspiring candidates of Mortal Emperor. I dont care if it is one-on-one or everyone together since the throne is mine!” An unstoppable genius from Western Bull immediately challenged everyone during his first visit to Mortal Emperor.

More and more experts came in droves to Mortal Emperor. Everyone was ready to challenge the local geniuses. Of course, some were very reasonable and stood on the sideline to watch, waiting to see who the real rivals were.

The monk from Vajra and Sacred Supreme from Westen Bulls blatant challenge was unanswered by Mortal Emperor. No one actually bothered to respond.

The foreign geniuses found the lack of response astounding.

“Does your world not have any geniuses or something? Look at how unbearable these two are but no one wants to take them on?” A cultivator from Vajra quickly made friend with someone from Mortal Emperor. He asked with curiosity.

The Mortal Emperor cultivator leisurely responded: “Oh? That? No big deal. Theyre only ants compared to Fiercest from our world, not worth mentioning. Fiercest doesnt care for such weaklings so the other young people dont need to interfere either. No one wants to steal his thunder.”

“Ants? Impossible!” The Vajra cultivator couldnt help but shout: “Do you know how strong that monk is? He had never lost before since his dao debut and had even once tore a Godking to pieces with his bare hands. His cultivation is unfathomable while his defense is impervious.”

“Oh, is that so? Thats an impressive tale, not a bad topic to talk about.” The Mortal Emperor cultivator was still as nonchalant as ever.

“Thats it? Only worth talking about?” The Vajra cultivator was unconvinced and said: “Then how strong is your Fiercest?”

“Thirteen palaces, four grand completion Immortal Physiques, annihilated Soaring Immortal, sacrificed four imperial princes with their own grand completion Immortal Physique, killed an Emperor Rival, completely unbeatable.” To which his friend calmly recalled each of Fiercests miraculous feat. There were simply too many.

“Thirteen palaces? Four grand completion Immortal Physiques? What? No one can accomplish these things in the world!” The Vajra cultivator shouted again.

“But nothing is impossible for Fiercest. His achievements are well known in these parts. He is the miracle creator, other geniuses are only trash before him.” The Mortal Emperor cultivator flatly replied.

“Soaring, Soaring Immortal is that legendary sect with five emperors?” The Vajra cultivator swallowed his saliva and asked.

The Mortal Emperor cultivator glanced at him and said: “Who else dares to have that name outside of that sect in this world?”

“But, but they are an imperial lineage with five emperors that has stood strong for generations…” The Vajra cultivator didnt dare to believe of Soaring Immortals destruction. Its prestige was simply too illustrious in the nine worlds.

“It still collapsed before Fiercest. Its four imperial princes were sacrificed and even Imperial Queen Ren Xian was killed. Her scream echoed across the planes.” Another matter-of-fact statement was made.

“Imperial princes and queen…” The Vajra cultivator felt his mouth becoming dry. For him, these were untouchable and virtually unbeatable existences yet they were still killed by this Fiercest?

He didnt dare to speak again.

As more people poured into Mortal Emperor, more heard about the tales of Fiercest. They were unconvinced at first but Soaring Immortals destruction robbed them of their ability to speak.

Even the imperious monk and Sacred Supreme from the other two worlds were speechless. Their expression became solemn.

“Fiercest? Is that Li Qiye?” Some cultivators from Stone Medicine, Sacred Nether, and Heaven Spirit were stunned to hear this all too familiar name.

“How many Fiercest can there be in this world? Thats him!” Cultivators from Mortal Emperor told them.

“Damn it! We were confused about his sudden disappearance. So he has been here at Mortal Emperor? Thats the reaper for you, killing imperial lineages like pigs wherever he goes, so merciless!” Those who were aware of Fiercests battle record blurted out.

The ones from these three worlds were curious about his whereabouts. So it turned out that he had returned to Mortal Emperor.

Meanwhile, Cleansing Incense was busy receiving guests such as Lan Yunzhu, Long Jingxian, Jian Wushuang…

The sect became lively instantly with carriages and people everywhere. Some fans even came to have a glimpse of Fiercest.

1. Xi Niu, looks like a reference to a location in Journey to the West or Buddhism. Translated to Western Bull. The towns most popular commodity is cattle, hence bullPrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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