Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 311: Arrogance Before The Crowd

After getting out of the coffin, Li Qiye climbed up and sat on the throne.

It seemed that this particular throne was created by a supreme existence. Unfortunately, things have changed and stars have moved. Even this imperial chair was wasting away in this place.

He looked down at the abyss next to him with a flashing glint that could see through all illusions and time itself. Nothing in this world could elude his eyes.

In this split second, it illuminated the bottom of the abyss. He could see everything clearly!

A scowl came from below. This scowl alone could shatter the galaxy and annihilate true gods. It was enough to make the nine worlds tremble. It contained a peerless and unquestionable divinity. No one could challenge its power.

Li Qiye ignored the scowl and simply smirked.

”I heard you wanted to see me. ” A voice finally came from the abyss. It was feeble and upon a careful listening, one would find that it was completely identical to that of the old ghost. They would think that the old ghost was hiding below.

”Yes. ” Li Qiye smiled and looked around the place. He leisurely commented: ”The abode of the Heavenly Corpse Lord. I have always wanted to come here but have been unsuccessful due to the obstacles. ”

”The Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground is not inside the nine worlds or any world for that matter. Plus, we do not welcome outsiders. ” The old ghost responded.

”I know, only the remnant of an epoch. ” Li Qiye replied: ”All of you buried yourselves in the best location of your epoch for generations to avoid the punishment of the villainous heaven, evading the ultimate judgment. But this only turned all of you into moving corpses. ”

”Allowing you here shows our respect and good-will. I expect the same in return. ” The old ghost replied.

”I ’m not unhappy or anything. ” Li Qiye smiled: ”This is indeed a very prestigious entrance, being carried by the ants here. Only you enjoy this treatment in the entire burial ground. ”

The old ghost became silent before speaking: ”Since you are here, you must have a transaction for me. I ’m listening. ”

”It ’s nothing, I only want to have someone watch the nine worlds for me. ” Li Qiye smiled and said: ”The Ancient Ming doesn ’t only have some defeated soldiers, their lords are still around. Some Immortal Emperors are still hiding in the nine worlds! Thus, I hope someone can take charge after I leave and win a decisive battle! ”

”That ’s impossible. You have been the ruler of the nine worlds during your Dark Crow ’s days. You should be aware that I haven ’t left this burial ground for who knows how many years? I don ’t even remember. ” The old ghost said.

Li Qiye nodded: ”I know. You must pay a great price to forcefully leave this place. ”

”That ’s why my hands are tied. You will need to ask someone else. ” The old ghost replied: ”Of course, if you really need something, my avatar can do it for you. It does owe you a favor. ”

”No. ” Li Qiye shook his head: ”I won ’t deny the immense power of your avatar, it can fight against an emperor but I need one decisive battle to annihilate the Ancient Ming! They have the Corporeal Zone, your avatar isn ’t enough even if it goes all out. Plus, it is not stable at all due to the withering of time! There are too many restrictions. ”

”Then I can ’t help you. The price of leaving this place for me is beyond your imagination. ” The old ghost concluded.

”That ’s your business and I won ’t be inquiring further. ” Li Qiye chuckled: ”I want to let you know that I ’m not here to negotiate. You must do it regardless of your intent! ”

”You are threatening me?! ” A chilling aura erupted from the depth that could instantly kill a true god and freeze three thousand worlds over!

Li Qiye was unperturbed on the throne and calmly answered: ”Correct, I am threatening you. ”

”You are indeed powerful, not one yet but even mightier than an emperor. But don ’t forget, this is the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, not your nine worlds. You ’re not allowed to leave in such a haughty manner under my domain! ” The old ghost said coldly.

Li Qiye smiled back: ”I know, no one is allowed to be impudent here, even an emperor does not think they can leave this place unscathed or some would have taken it down already. However, let me ask you, you think you can kill me if you go all out? How many moves? ”

The old man didn ’t reply.

”I ’m not afraid of death or anyone who wants to kill me. I don ’t think anyone can do so either, outside of the Villainous Heaven. ” Li Qiye spoke in a matter-of-fact manner.

”There are things much worse than death. ” The old ghost stated.

”I have experienced too many of them. Plus, what is more frightening than coming back alive from the end of the world? I ’m no stranger to suffering and torments. ”

”Hmph. ” The old ghost scowled, showing his discontent towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye leisurely continued: ”Do you know the consequence of not being able to kill me? It ’s very simple, I will rise again. Don ’t forget, the Ancient Ming is a big threat to the nine worlds but your burial ground is a looming danger as well! It ’s just not as clear as the Ancient Ming. ”

His eyes turned cold at this point: ”What do you think I will choose to do when the nine worlds are facing two separate threats? Let me tell you, everything will change when it comes to that point, I will flip open your heavenly coffins and refine all of your corpses into an ultimate weapon, one capable of destroying the Ancient Ming! This is called using the enemies against them!”

“You!” The old ghost was furious after hearing this and continued to assault the myriad realms with his torrential aura.

Of course, this had no effect on Li Qiye. He took his time responding: “You understand the mysterious phrase about this place more than I do – enter the heavenly coffin to obtain eternality; awaken the corpse earth to achieve the everlasting blessing of the heavens! Because of this, what choice do you think I should make?!”

The old ghost in the abyss endured. After all, Li Qiye being here showed that he wasnt afraid of them. Moreover, like he had said, in order to kill a being with four grand completion physiques, they would have to pay a monstrous price if it was even possible. Their burial ground would become a battlefield!

The old man calmed down and said: “Arent you overly confident with your claims? No one is capable of this since the start of time!”

“But I, Li Qiye, am capable.” Li Qiye said leisurely: “I just need to drop my pride. Among the nine heavens and ten earths, I can still rally some helpers and as long as I am willing to pay the price, I can take down your burial ground and unearth your coffins! I will even suppress the Heavens Will and go all out for two generations. At that point, am I capable yet to refine your corpses into an ultimate Ancient Ming slaying weapon?”

At their particular level, words werent sufficient as threats any longer. Li Qiye wasnt just blustering or talking crazy. If he was willing, he could indeed do so by ignoring all scruples.

“Thats how it is with the world, one must pay a heavy price for anything good.” Li Qiye said: “Work with me and destroy the Ancient Ming or watch on the sideline then Ill pick to destroy you first. It is no longer the same as before. Even though your group isnt as threatening as the Ancient Ming right now, it is still a looming seed of danger.”

“That is why I am here to express my attitude towards the current situation. Are you a threat or a friend to the nine worlds? It is up to a single decision from you.” Li Qiye solemnly added.

The old ghost took his time thinking in silence. A character of his stature didnt like being threatened by others. But indeed, the burial grounds fate was up to a single thought from him at this moment.

“You are right, heavy prices must be paid. There are no free lunches in the world. Then what are you paying for this transaction?” The old ghost finally asked.

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