Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 307: Like A Tiger Stalking Its Prey

Soaring Immortal had turned to ashes that fluttered away with the wind. There was no trace left of the great sect that had once ordered the world through many generations.

The behemoth had fallen. The name Soaring Immortal and its legends shall be no more in the nine worlds.

Imperial lineages and invincible characters were speechless and palpitated. It was definitely the strongest lineage around yet it still couldnt escape the fate of destruction.

The moniker, “Fiercest”, was fear-instilling at this moment. The old geezers who knew his real identity were even more shaken. The eternal ruler, the dark hand behind the curtain, an existence that had groomed Immortal Emperors, someone that had killed emperors before… Who would dare to oppose this man?

“Buzz.” Li Qiye opened his fate palaces. They flew outside and instantly engraved an indelible seal on the Thunderblood Tree. Once this was done, it would allow Li Qiye to always have control over it.

It wouldnt matter how much time has passed or how powerful the tree became, the mark would make sure that it would be under the laws of the palaces!

Li Qiye spread out his palm and the tree shrunk with extreme speed. It was originally big enough to devour the world but now, it was a tiny tree floating on his palm.

There were still lightning arcs flowing through it along with rumbling thunder. People still had the same sensation as before when it was bigger. They could still see celestials floating around it.

He looked up in the sky for another search but found nothing again. At this point, he lamented the fact that his opponents were so cautious.

There was no way for him to find them if they chose to hide due to the Corporeal Zone.

The person in charge of the Corporeal Zone was too cautious. Even though the queen with her unique evolutionary bloodline was killed and their lair destroyed, they still chose to hide in the darkness, not making a single sound.

They were aware that once they did something, Li Qiye would use his full force to kill them. At that point, even the Corporeal Zone might fall in his hand.

For the remaining survivors of the Ancient Ming, losing the Corporeal Zone would be losing their last bastion and hope. It would signify the true end of their race.

In the end, Li Qiye could only sigh. This was all he could do for the nine worlds.

“Boom!” The legion in the form of the dragon returned to their original form. Countless lineages felt a cold chill because this legion was powerful enough to sweep through the nine worlds.

Just think about it, even the eight legions from Soaring Immortal couldnt resist at all. How could anyone else resist their murderous advance?

“Good job.” Li Qiye nodded after seeing the legion.

Worldkeeper and the soldiers bowed ceremoniously towards him and got down on one knee. For them, this might have been their last battle with Li Qiye. After he left the nine worlds, they would never be able to fight under his banner any longer on the battlefield!

“Rise, perpetual glory shall be yours.” Li Qiye told the men in the legion.

They straightened their backs and shouted after the true god: “Men, withdraw!”

A large portal appeared and the legion instantly left. They once again removed their armors to return to their home.

After their departure, Li Qiye took one step and disappeared as well. In the sky, the first body of the Black Dragon King was still guarding there. He had been observing keenly, waiting for the Ancient Ming.

“Its time for me to leave, maybe we will meet again in the future.” Li Qiye sighed and said.

The kings forehead flashed brightly as if a rune was emerging. Li Qiye stretched out his palm and touched it.

Images immediately appeared in his mind. A grand battle was happening with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, the Black Dragon King, the Immortal Demon Grotto, and the Ancient Ming…

These unbelievable scenes all showed up in his mind.

His eyes turned cold with flashing glint that could dissect the world. Each gaze could kill a godfiend and cause any existence to tremble.

After the images slowly dispersed, Li Qiye withdrew his hand and looked at the dragon: “I will personally take a trip to settle this!”

The dragon only issued out dragon hymns that seemingly crossed through time itself.

Li Qiye continued: “Your third body and soul are dead so it wont be easy to redo your first and second generation either. You have a body right now but no complete soul. Turning a fragmented soul into a complete one is easier said than done. It will require many years.”

This current body of the king, powerful it might be, it lacked a complete soul. For a cultivator, this meant a lack of a true fate. They were only a walking corpse, in essence. There was no way for them to become a real living entity.

This was the case for the Black Dragon King. It was also prohibitively difficult for this fragmented soul to become complete. It required a long period of gestation with unguaranteed success.

Li Qiye took out a bottle and handed it to the dragon: “Soul creation is the business of the heaven and earth, completely out of the boundary of living beings like us but we still need to give it a shot. I cant stay in the nine worlds but this Pinnacle Lifewater can be of use. I hope that you will be able to create a new soul and cultivate a true fate again!”

This liquid was unbelievably precious. Even emperors yearned for it. Just one bottle alone could drive the entire world crazy.

Dont underestimate this tiny bottle. It contained a large amount of this liquid since it was all he had. Nevertheless, he gave it all to the dragon in order to assist him with his goal!

After accepting the bottle, the dragon left out a lasting roar. It moved its tail back and forth and flew to the sky before jumping down into the Grand Sea for another recuperation period.

The dragon couldnt come into being for too long or this could destroy its fragmented soul. Without this soul fragment, it would become a real corpse.

After the king left, Li Qiye gently sighed and returned to the Grand Sea.

This was the time for him to say goodbye and leave.

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