Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 306: Great Disaster Begins

Li Qiye glared at the survivors from Soaring Immortal and uttered coldly: “Run as far as you can. Soaring Immortal is no more.”

The survivors shuddered after regaining their wits. Li Qiye was supreme at this moment with his four grand completion Immortal Physiques. Each of his words carried an unquestionable authority. He wasnt an emperor yet he was above one. The world was in awe of him.

They didnt dare to mouth off at all and quickly fled out of Soaring Immortal, the place that used to be their home.

In their eyes, the weak had no voice. It was either to run and live or stay behind to be killed. Thus, they chose to run. There was no way for them to oppose Li Qiye since they were mere ants in comparison. Staying behind was a waste of time.

Li Qiye was too lazy to care for them and let them roam free. He had no interest in massacring them all.

No one had any comment during the aftermath. The peerless Soaring Immortal used to be able to give orders to the rest of the world. How many people would have dared to go against them?

Who would have thought that this sect would fall in just one night and its disciples ran like dogs?

Li Qiye shifted his cold gaze towards the sky. He peered through the world again. No coordinates and space could elude him in this second.

His four physiques amplified his presence. Each action was extremely threatening. One could even say that night was when he closed his eyes and day was when he wished it so. At this point, even Emperor Rivals were fearful of him.

No one wanted to oppose him at this second. They were afraid that he would suddenly make a move against them. With his current power, it would be all too easy.

“Four grand completion Immortal Physiques, what an existence… The world should quiver before him. As long as he is around, Ancient Ming and even an Immortal Emperor, if one is around, could only tremble in fear!” Yu Zhengfeng who was always staying behind his wine shops counter actually came out to look at the sky and murmured in a daze.

Li Qiye took action after all the survivors from Soaring Immortal ran out.

“Boom!” Several forbidden grounds were penetrated by him. The defense from the emperors and wise sages were useless and couldnt stop him.

“Rumble!” He dragged the treasuries from within along with the divine trees and sacred springs.

The treasures were dazzling with immortal laws floating around them. Sacred water gushed from the springs while amazing light came out of the trees… People swallowed their saliva after seeing these treasures.

Even those who were used to treasures couldnt help gulping either.

This was a sect with five emperors that had been established during the ancient Desolace Expansion Era. After eras of accumulation, it had countless treasuries.

Li Qiye alone took them all today to the envy and greed of the crowd. Of course, no one would dare to do anything. Fiercest had already destroyed Soaring Immortal. There was nothing he couldnt annihilate. It was simply suicidal to anger him.

After taking all the treasures like the wind, he stared at the land and declared: “This is a good location, leaving it like this is a waste, maybe I should leave something behind.”

Having said that, he took out a seed from a wooden box and released it. The seed instantly drilled into the ground afterward.

It was a supreme seed that had been refined multiples times by him. He had indeed spent a lot of effort on it.

This used to be the Evil Typha Trees seed but it had lost this evil aura now. Moreover, it had fused with the Bloodsoul Worm to perfection.

More importantly, he had also refined them with the lightning from his pillar of light, giving it a unique characteristic.

“Rumble!” The entire sect quaked and a tree grew from the ground. It kept on increasing in size at an astounding pace. In a short time, this sapling turned into a tree that blotted out the sky yet it was still growing.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The thick roots of the tree cracked the ground and entered. There were cracks everywhere in the sect. These roots infiltrated all the locations, creating thousands of holes around the sect.

Thunders and lightning bolts were striking down during this whole growing process. They looked like thunderous waterfalls that could shatter the world. Eventually, this tree has reached its limit in size. Its leaf was the size of peaks. Even the stars were surrounding it. Due to the loud thunders, it looked as if the tree itself was turning into a new world.

The scary part was that half of the tree had a divine, flashing aura. The other half had evil images and flames. One-half divine, one-half evil; they rotated around like the yin and yang as if wanting to become eternal as well.

Everyone was afraid of this sight. The tree looked as if it was containing a world of thunder, a godfiend would definitely be born from within.

“Will a godfiend come out?” A spectator murmured.

The crowd was amazed as well with their hair standing on ends after sensing the trees world-destroying power.

“Lets call it the Thunderblood Tree then.” Li Qiye gave it a name after the successful growth.

Despite knowing the name now, no one understood what was special about the tree.

Of course, they were aware of just how incredible it was. After all, it grew from the Soaring Immortal Sect and had taken all of the locations power.

Li Qiye nodded approvingly from seeing the fruit of his effort. He had thought about planting the seed ever since he destroyed the Ancestral Terra but he endured the temptation. The terra was indeed amazing but it couldnt give birth to a complete tree like this.

Only the ancestral ground of Soaring Immortal would be the right location. This tree was virtually perfect and would be very useful in the future.

“Rumble!” The gigantic tree absorbed everything in the sect. Rolling mountain ranges turned into wasteland while the rivers were sucked dry. The vast territory of the sect had become worthless.

“Boom!” With a final bang, all of Soaring Immortal collapsed into an expanse of dust. The specks fell down from the sky just like a sandstorm wishing to reach all the corners in the world.

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