Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 305: Working Together

The Netherflame Serum was the first shot of the Netherlord Hexagear Launcher. It instantly crossed through many realms and worlds to destroy the lair of the Ancient Ming.

It didn ’t matter how many worlds were in between or its defensive capabilities, even by emperors, the unstoppable shot rendered everything to ashes.

The launcher had a total of six shots with an increasing level of power. The sixth shot had enough power to slay immortals! After all, it was crafted from the best materials and leftover corpses from the Immortal slaying War back then. He even added fierce beasts, battle intents, and murderous bloodthirst into the mix.

The most precious material was still the blood and flesh of Immortal Emperor Long Ming. The ultimate essence among this mix was the Heaven ’s Will that was refined in the process.

Thus, the power of this godly weapon was simply unfathomable.

It was a waste this time around, using the first shot to destroy the lair. Alas, he did it so that they would have no chance of escaping.

The blood chain was a method to seal a particular set of coordinates. After the end of the Ancient Ming Era, Li Qiye had used it in order to hunt more lairs.

After their destruction, the survivors became quite meticulous and would run at the sensation of the slightest breeze. Furthermore, these lairs were actually mobile. They could fly to any coordinate in space.

This was the reason why Li Qiye created this method. He directly refined their blood to seal space and destroy their lair. He had taught Gu Zun in the past so Gu Zun was also aware of this process.

During the beginning of the great battle, Gu Zun had always been keeping an eye out on any fluctuation in time and space above.

Soaring Immortal was only an experiment. The Ancient Ming was naturally keeping an eye out for the fight to the death between Li Qiye and the imperial queen.

This battle had a lot to do with their future. If the imperial queen were to win, this would usher in a new era for them. In case of the opposite, they would continue to hide in the darkness. Just the slightest rustling would bring about Li Qiyes attention and swift destruction!

Because of this, they were only spectating. Alas, it didnt matter how far they were and how well they did, there would definitely be some type of fluctuation in their location.

Of course, Gu Zun didnt intend on killing all the Ancient Ming in the beginning while trying to find them. He was only waiting to see if they would mobilize or not.

As an eonic genius, he had some supreme talents. Though the nine worlds were large, he quickly latched on to a particular coordinate and predicted that there was an Ancient Ming lair there.

But after the queens defeat due to the Ancient Mings inaction, he understood that it was over. There was no chance for him to reverse the tide.

The nature of this utter defeat left Gu Zun with peace. He had no attachments left so he decided to lend Li Qiye a hand before dying. He refined himself into blood in order to seal the location of the Ancient Ming, allowing Li Qiye to destroy the lair with one shot.

This was Gu Zuns one and only deed to repay the Dark Crow. They were enemies yet not, teacher-disciple but not quite so. This strange relationship had finally ended.

Everything had turned to ashes with the ultimate shot. A supreme genius of this era had fallen as well.

Li Qiye quietly sighed and lamented for Gu Zuns talents and firm dao heart. Alas, the guy chose a different path. If he were to pick the orthodox dao path, he could have become an extremely brilliant emperor.

Alas, there was no chance to redo and no medicine for regrets. After starting on this path, Gu Zuns fate had been sealed and his death was only a matter of time.

Li Qiye put away the launcher before glancing at the sky where the Black Dragon King has been lurking. However, the king didnt ask him to stop this time around. This wasnt Gu Zuns first mistake so any effort of beseeching was useless. Li Qiye would never stop until Gu Zuns death.

Because of this, his death was an ideal ending for all parties involved. His existence itself made many people lost sleep in perpetual anxiety.

“Ah!” A miserable scream came from the queen pinned by the Evil Subduer Spear. Her holy self had revealed its true evil color with dark flames floating around. She looked like a devil from the darkness.

The spear intended on refining her into oblivion as well, removing all traces of her from this world. It was created for the sake of destroying the Ancient Ming. Thus, when it started its process, it would burn the bloodline completely so that none would spread to the rest of the world.

The queen was on fire due to the spear. Inch by inch, her flesh was burning. Any existence would be victim to this spear and be erased completely.

Li Qiye said flatly while watching the wailing queen: “You chose this path. Do not blame me for being cruel. I am a human, so when an Ancient Ming appears in front of me, I will muster all my might to destroy them, subjecting them to eternal damnation!”

The spectators, no matter how powerful they may be, were speechless. The imperial queen used to be the topic of splendor and royalty, beloved by all, but this was her end today.

Of course, sympathy was nowhere to be found. A human choosing the path of the Ancient Ming, she couldnt blame anyone for her own choices and must pay the price.

“Poof!” The queen finally turned to ashes. The bright sky behind her disappeared as well. Strands of light returned to Soaring Immortal.

Many disciples and ancestors appeared once again. They cultivated the entry chant or had been tainted by the ancestral blood in the past so they ended up boosting the queens bloodline.

After her death, they returned to their original location. However, there was an evil flame floating around their body. The power of darkness from this race had tainted their own bloodline.

“Buzz.” Some disciples began an evil transformation. Some even grew wings and became a half-man, half-monster.

“No!” Seeing this transformation left them pale in horror.

“Whoosh!” Evil Subduer soared into the sky. With a series of loud explosions, the spear split into many little ones. They instantly pinned all the transformed disciples from Soaring Immortal to the ground, causing them to scream.

Shimmering light flowed through the little spears. Each transformed disciple was engulfed in a fire. The spear would never allow this bloodline to exist in this world!

“Ah!” Soaring Immortal became a scene of hell. No one would link this place to a sect with five emperors, the sacred ground for cultivation in the eyes of many cultivators.

The lucky survivors were horrified; their knees grew weak and made them tremble. They would never forget todays scene.

The pure disciples were few in number. They were the ones that have only joined the sect or havent trained in the modified version. Of course, some mortals that never trained were spared as well.

Eventually, the screams subsided. All the tainted disciples were turned to ashes and blown away by a gentle breeze. There was nothing left of them in this world.

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