Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 303: Great Child Yao Guang

“Clank!” Sparks went flying. Even though all of this required considerable words to describe, it all happened within a split second.

The bony sword aiming for Li Qiye was stopped due to a spear appearing out of nowhere. Li Qiye wielded it with many grand dao accompanying it. Each grand dao represented an Immortal Emperor, mostly from the Emperors Era. Even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was there!

This spear represented the emperors battle intent and the nine worlds inhabitants will. It was meant to create the nine worlds, residing in every inch of the land and everyones heart.

“Like I said, show no mercy to those who conspire with the Ancient Ming! Watch, no matter where you are hiding, open your dog eyes! The nine worlds are eternally protected, get the hell out!” His merciless voice filled the world with the stench of blood.

Anyone would shiver before his cold and bloodthirsty glare; even Immortal Emperors were no exception.

“Pluff!” He instantly threw the spear towards the imperial queen.

“Ah!” Her miserable scream should come as no surprise. She was instantly pinned to the ground despite having the power of an Emperor Rival. There was no resisting this weapon.

Her wails of torment echoed around the world. She struggled, aiming to pull the spear out of her body. However, it was useless. Universal laws were locking her body and slowly refining and separating her body. Her holy light dimmed down along with her sacred breath. The initially white-as-snow blood began to change to reveal its true darkness.

“The nine worlds arent meant for you, Ancient Ming!” Li Qiye glanced at the queen without any mercy.

Not to mention the queen, even a real emperor would be dead for sure. As long as the victim had the bloodline of an Ancient Ming, there was no escaping!

Nine Worlds Evil Subduer! This was the name of this spear but it wasnt actually a weapon. It was a sure-kill move, created from an accumulation of wills and power from the earth.

Its existence was to protect the nine worlds from the Ancient Ming!

After the end of the Ancient Ming Era, this race wasnt completely wiped out because it had the Corporeal Zone. They still had extremely powerful overlords hiding within. Even Li Qiye himself was helpless against this artifact, truly headache inducing.

Moreover, he couldnt always stay in the nine worlds. Without sufficient preparation, the Ancient Ming could always come back to make the nine worlds its victim.

Thus, as the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had a grand plan. He signed a supreme agreement and Immortal Emperor Min Ren carried it out first.

After spending countless efforts of preparing the nine worlds, Li Qiye also had Immortal Emperor Min Ren and Empress Hong Tian start by refining and empowering the nets around the nine worlds. Later on, each successive generation of emperors would do the same to create this sure-kill move.

It was the ultimate method of dealing with the Ancient Ming in case they were to come back again. At the very least, the inhabitants of the nine worlds could use this to try and stop them.

It wasnt under Li Qiyes control but rather, everyone in the world could wield this “spear” as long as they had a will to fight against the Ancient Ming to the very last drop of blood!

“No!” The four siblings screamed after seeing their mother pinned to the ground and groaning. Alas, they couldnt do anything either.

“Your turn!” Li Qiye shifted his gaze towards the four. The lightning bolts jumped frantically into their body and instantly removed all of their blood and cultivation. They used these essences to refine their four inner physiques.

“Ah!” The four princes howled and were instantly burnt to a crisp. Meanwhile, their inner physiques were refined into the best physique essences using the power of the heavenly tribulation.

“No!” The queen shrieked after being forced to watch her children turn into nothingness.

“Li, I will haunt you forever!” The queen screamed with a twisted expression and no longer had any semblance of her regal self.

Li Qiye said coldly: “Many Ancient Mings cursed me like that when I massacred them back then. Haunt me? So what, you will still be kneeling before me then!”

Having said that, he ignored the queen. With a popping sound, the essences of the four inner physiques instantly fused with his own.

“Whoosh!” In the blink of an eye, his four inner physiques became dazzling. They spewed out immortal light and Li Qiye suddenly became magnificent. The black light of Hell Suppression, the wondrous light of Soaring Immortal, the purity of Void Imperfection, and immense power of Sky Destroyer; all four annihilated the world. Nothing could restrain Li Qiye any longer.

At this moment, his four physiques have finally reached grand completion. When his eyes became bright, everything shivered in fear, even emperors if they were to see this sight!

“Its finally done, four Immortal Physiques, one and only in history.” The matriarch was astonished to see this. In the past, the Black Dragon King was already unbeatable with just two but now, His Excellency had four. Immortal Emperors certainly werent his match any longer!

Even Gu Zun gently sighed. He knew he had lost at this point. All of his remaining ace cards were useless.

“Saints, dont forget your promise!” The queen shouted in despair at the horizon.

Li Qiye at this time posed coolly with both hands behind his back. His eyes resembled two divine lamps illuminating every single coordinate in the world!

However, regardless of her screaming, the sky was still the same as before. It was as if she was only talking to herself.

“What a shame, they still wont take action. Youre only a pawn in their eyes.” Li Qiye coldly told the queen.

“No! I am the only one in the world who had a successful blood evolution, they cant abandon me!” She was in complete disbelief.

“Even Immortal Emperor Ren Xian abandoned you, let alone them. The man who loves you the most didnt care, do you think the Ancient Ming would care about a mere pawn? Tell me their location, I might spare your life!” He said coldly.

“No, no, Ren Xian would never abandon me!” The woman drowned in despair murmured to herself and didnt hear Li Qiye at all.

He became disappointed. The queen simply didnt know the location of the Corporeal Zone at all. The Ancient Ming was too careful. In their eyes, they only had one chance so they must be certain of success. Otherwise, all they have done would be gone with the wind, especially their last hope, the Corporeal Zone. If they were to lose this artifact, their entire race would be completely wiped out!

The sky remained quiet. There was no sign of any Ancient Ming, let alone the Corporeal Zone.

He gently sighed and knew that it wasnt happening. After millions of years, he couldnt wait till the last moment. Alas, he had no other choice because he no longer had eternal life and waited like before. He must keep on going in this generation instead of waiting for the Ancient Mings retaliation.

Killing the queens group was only an early end to his plan. This was the last sweep before he left the nine worlds. It also served as a threat to the remnant Ancient Ming so that they wouldnt dare to act recklessly.

As for the future, whether the nine worlds could oppose the Ancient Ming or not, that was up to them. He had done all he could. He would continue forward without caring or protecting the nine worlds.

With that, he shifted his gaze towards Gu Zun who was still standing calmly there. Li Qiye could see his own image on Gu Zun. The guy had indeed learned many things from him.

“Its unfortunate that the opportunity you were waiting for didnt come.” Li Qiye shook his head.

Gu Zun knew that he had lost and said seriously: “I know. I also feel sorry for you, Your Excellency. The Ancient Ming still doesnt dare to take action, not biting down on such a tempting bait. Looks like theyre giving up on their best pawn.”

1. The full name is, Nine Worlds Inhabitants Evil Subduing Spear. Thats a mouthful so I shortened it Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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