Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 302: Slaughtering Ghost And Slaying Phoenix

“Boom!” After her entire bloodline showed its real potential, the queen suppressed the firmaments instantly. She was surrounded with divine rings and an immortal temperament. Each divine ring carried a supreme power as she seemed to have turned into an Immortal Emperor.

“The power of a Rival. She has broken through the chains of the high heaven!” Even the matriarch was alarmed and murmured: “The ancestral blood of the Ancient Ming allowed her to break through her limits. This is indeed the blessing of the heaven, no wonder why people say that this race is the real favorite of the heaven.”

The queen was initially an Emperor Contender but after this process, she immediately reached the Rival level, truly grasping the power to fight against an emperor.

This was the terrible part about the Ancient Ming bloodline. In theories, a contender would never be able to break the chains of the heavens. There was an uncrossable bridge between a contender and a rival. Moreover, the high heaven wouldnt allow such a thing to happen. Otherwise, anyone could become an emperor. Alas, the ancestral blood allowed for her to do so.

“You deserve death!” The queen directly attacked Li Qiye with her bone sword. Even though she was radiating a sacred light, she also gave the feeling that she had turned evil.

“Destroy her!” In this split second, shadows rushed out of Soaring Immortal. Each had a frightening aura.

With a loud boom, they all unleashed an ultimate attack with an imperial weapon.

“Qi Shi, you still havent given up? Fine, Ill play along!” The queen shouted after seeing these ancestors making their way out.

“We shall cleanse the ranks for Soaring Immortal today!” The leading ancestors shouted. They burned their own longevity blood to unleash the strongest imperial attack.

They were from the other three branches of Soaring Immortal and had been placed under house arrest. This was their long-awaited opportunity, hoping to eliminate all traitors and they wouldnt hesitate from killing the disciples that have been assimilated by the entry chant.

“Know your place.” The queen sneered and slashed downward with her bone sword.

A nefarious flame swept through the sky. One could hear the stars being affected by this flame and instantly became ashes, resulting in a horrifying scene.

“Clank!” The azure dragon came thrusting for the queen. It was teaming with the ancestors from Soaring Immortal in order to put her down.

“Bang!” The stars collapsed again under this exchange. After the boost in the queens power, the dragon was pushed back in just one move. The ancestors were blown away while vomiting blood. One ancestor screamed and became a mist of blood after the strike earlier.

She was simply too strong right now. These ancestors were mighty and even burned their longevity blood. Alas, they couldnt withstand one move from the bone sword.

“Ah!” At the same time, the four siblings issued a horrific scream. Their vitality has been sucked dry by Li Qiye. The golden bolt was refining their inner physique with their own vitality but these inner physiques were being dragged out by Li Qiye.

“Die!” The queen was in no mood to fight. She crazily howled as her flame erupted. She swung her sword with a slaughtering strike, one that could split the heaven and earth.

Under her crazed offense, all the ancestors attacking her were killed instantly. Even the dragon had cracks on its gigantic body.

“Rumble!” The dragon finally became crazy and lit up the world with a bloody red shade. It seemed to have turned into a Blood Dragon; the legion was ready to use their real killing move.

“Let her come, I want her to watch her children die and they to watch their mother die.” Li Qiye gave the order to the raging dragon.

The dragon glared at the queen before slowly retreating.

The queen stepped forward and annihilated the stars and myriad dao. She instantly got close to Li Qiye and raised her sword at him while declaring: “I will cut you to pieces!”

Even time and space were being corroded by the sword. Its evil property was too much for anything to handle.

This wasnt surprising at all since it was created from the rib bone of the Ancient Ming Progenitor. The queens blood had awakened completely so this made her even more compatible with the sword and its flame.

She had changed her human bloodline into a very pure Ancient Ming bloodline. She was the only successful one in Soaring Immortal. She had indeed upgraded this particular blood and made it seem holy and exuberant, but this didnt change the darkness affinity of the race. Its corrosive power was still ever so present and destructive.

Li Qiye didnt bat an eye and slowly answered: “As I have said, anyone who conspires with the Ancient Ming shall pay a heavy price. No one will be surprised when I make you wail in anguish. It doesnt matter where the Ancient Ming is hiding, Ill let them watch their inevitable fate, the power of the nine worlds and my will to protect it!”

“Die!” Her face had become twisted, robbing her of her peerless beauty.

With another slash, the evil flame engulfed the area again. Space itself was turning black from this next slash. The celestials had their light taken away before turning into specks of dust.

Not to mention being struck by the sword, just being hit by the flame alone would instantly end an Emperor Assailant.

“Rumble!” The nine worlds all trembled at the same time without exception, from Mortal Emperor to Stone Medicine to Nether Sacred…

In a jiffy, imperial auras emerged in all locations, ranging from the ancestral grounds of imperial lineage to the birthplace of emperors, where they once learned the dao, and their previous abodes…

In short, the places where the emperors have left their footstep instantly lit up. Many majestic figures emerged and suppressed the entire area with their will to slay evil. All existences prostrated as the will of the emperors erupted in the worlds.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Ye Ti, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou, Immortal Emperor Bu Si, Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, Immortal Emperor Bai Lian, Immortal Emperor Bi Lian, Empress Hong Tian, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, Immortal Emperor Fan Chen, Immortal Emperor Ba Mie, Immortal Emperor Dao Huai, Immortal Emperor Guan Feng…

The majority of emperors that have proven their dao after the Ancient Ming Era all emerged around the nine worlds.

“Your Majesty!” People were full of tears after seeing these figures. This was their first time seeing the supreme appearance of their ancestors so they became uncontrollably excited. In a short time, cultivators and even mortals dropped to their knees.

Every inch of land in the nine worlds lit up with a brilliant light, from the earth veins to the vast seas of every sect.

Complex lines wove around the world. A supreme imperial aura came into being. It looked as if the emperors have blessed the land in full before.

“Ancestors!” The descendants offered their worship to the majestic figures.

From this point, imperial lineages, imperial descendants, cultivators who have trained in imperial laws, citizens protected by the emperors; they were full of an imperial power, evident by their bright aura. It looked as if their imperial ancestors were relying on their flesh to return to the world.

The complex lines activated an imperial protection in the form of these bright auras. The entire nine worlds were under their safeguard.

At this time, there was no distinction and discrimination between races. The emperors protected everyone as if all were the same, citizens of the nine worlds!

And their only enemy was the Ancient Ming.

“Your Majesty.” All sentient beings under this protection, regardless of their background, answered the call of the emperors. A will cropped up in their mind and became one with the battle intents from the emperor.

Their will was to protect the nine worlds and fight the Ancient Ming!

“Boom!” Streams of imperial battle intents and the will of all living beings fused together. The empowered will to fight was immensely impressive. Even existences in the burial grounds were very wary of this power.

At this time, the old ghost from Ancient Sky opened his eyes. His expression became serious after seeing the accumulation of wills all over the nine worlds.

Overlords hiding in the burial grounds were in awe as well. There was no way of resisting this new type of power, the result of all emperors after the Ancient Ming Era leaving behind their battle intents and will to protect the nine worlds.

No one was allowed to challenge this will or they shall be killed without mercy!

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