Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 301: Gui Fushu

Emperor Assailants felt apprehensive after seeing Li Qiye taking on the power of the thunder pond alone. This was an Immortal Emperor level of tribulation. They needed to be that strong to challenge it yet Li Qiye was perfectly fine. The more scary part was that he wanted to refine this type of lightning for his own use.

No one would dare to imagine refining a tribulation of this level. The slightest mistake would render one to ashes. Just withstanding it alone could allow him to claim invincibility, let alone stealing it.

“Crack!” After refining the tribulation, he had a lightning bolt running through him. It was golden and blinding as if it was gold turning into lightning. This particular lightning had the power of tribulation within.

He used this bolt to attack the fused imperial princes.

“Ah!” The four screamed and writhed in pain.

The fours grand completion physique and perfect grand dao were quite mighty. However, they were powerless to resist since the two Li Qiye were suppressing them. Thus, they had to suffer the power of lightning.

“What are you doing?!” The heart of a mother made the queen scream at this sight.

“Offering to the heaven.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Conspiracy never ends well, only in blood! Since you chose to conspire with the Ancient Ming, you should have mentally prepared for this pitiful end.”

“Ah!” The four continued to wail.

“Die!” The distressed queen grabbed the sun and moon to annihilate everything and attacked the azure dragon with her most domineering style.

The dragon retaliated with its spear. Each thrust was destructive enough to destroy all like exploding galaxies.

“Rumble!” The two sides fought intensely in a stalemate!

The queen unleashed more barrages so that she could get past the dragon in order to save her children. At the same time, the furious dragon ferociously defended against her onslaught.

The legions power should come as no surprise. It had stopped waves of merciless onslaughts from the Ancient Ming in the past.

“Clank!” After several failed attempts, the queen raised her hand and the Virtuous Sword came into her grasp. She quietly asked: “Your Majesty, grant me strength!”

The sword did not answer. No imperial auras or techniques came out.

“No, you cant abandon me, you cant!” The queen turned pale and screamed after seeing the lack of reaction.

“Clank!” The spear pierced the yin and yang with this ultimate thrust. Because the sword wouldnt respond, the queen had no choice but to throw it away before defending.

“Ah!” The four princes continued to scream. Li Qiye used the power of tribulation to forcefully undo the fusion. This fused form allowed them to withstand Li Qiye for a bit but after being forced apart, they were up to Li Qiye and his clones mercy.

“Boom! Boom!” Li Qiye divided the bolt into four golden ones for each of the siblings. The bolts directly pierced into their inner physique. Li Qiye was trying to use the tribulation power to sacrifice the four of them!

“Youre forcing me to do this!” The queen shouted. Her body instantly became resplendent with an ancient rune carrying a mysterious power.

“Master, I offer you my blood!” She repeated a supreme mantra that echoed across the world.

“Nameless saint, dao without hardship, mind without a speck of dust, life for the dao…” Her chant continued.

At the same time, the same chant resonated in Soaring Immortal. The majority of disciples there chanted the same thing: “Nameless saint, dao without hardship, mind without a speck of dust, my life for the dao…”

This was the entry chant for Soaring Immortal but it was different right now. The chanters blood were boiling and wanted nothing more than to join the battlefield.

As they were chanting, their body lit up as if they were empowered by the high heaven and trusted with its strength.

“Boom!” Loud blasts detonated inside the queens body. Her blood was circulating faster as if it was awakening. She exuded a holy light and her body nearly became transparent. One could see white-as-snow blood coursing through her veins.

“Buzz!” When she opened her pretty eyes again, her pupils have become vertical in a bizarre manner.

Li QIye smiled after seeing the white blood: “So you experimented with your body. Using Immortal Emperor Ren Xians blood to refine the Ancient Ming blood. Pushing the darkness to the limit, from black to white.”

“Who says the Ancient Ming is the darkness!?” She screamed: “You are the source of darkness in the nine worlds. The Ancient Ming is only a race, it is innocent!”

With that, her forehead cracked open and a third eye appeared. In the socket was a tiny pool of blood with only a few drops. However, the blood drops changed from red to black.

The earth veins from Soaring Immortal resonated with the rippling blood drops. Each inch of Soaring Immortal exuded a sacred light.

“Looks like the Ancient Ming went all out. In order for you to carry out the experiment and have the Soaring Immortal act as its pawn, they actually gave you some ancestral blood. This is the primordial blood of their race.” Li Qiye was surprised to see this.

The queen had a great breakthrough in this blood evolution. She made it look quite holy with a sacred power. This was the reason why the Ancient Ming was bullish on her and gave her some ancestral blood drops.

She was also determined to turn Soaring Immortal into the sect with the strongest bloodline in the world so that it would reign at the top. Thus, she stained the sects earth veins with the ancestral blood. Because of this, when she woke up her bloodline, it wouldnt only become stronger due to the disciples chant but also from the prior assimilation with the earth veins.

No one else would be able to do this because these earth veins have been blessed for generations. However, she was the wife of an emperor on top of being extremely gifted. Her talents were among the top two during Immortal Emperor Ren Xians generation.

With the passage of time, she slowly devoured the earth veins and assimilated the disciples. With the support from the ancestors for the last few generations, especially the ones from the Ren Xian branch, it was too easy for her to take over Soaring Immortal.

“Boom!” A sky appeared behind her, resembling the high heaven. Fiery rays emerged from her body. Normally, an Ancient Ming would have a black light upon activating their bloodline. However, her light was extremely holy, capable of converting others into followers.

She looked as if she was protected by the high heaven. However, it didnt stop there. More explosions detonated. A kingdom opened behind her. It was endless with the power of trillions of living beings.

The disciples who trained her version of the entry chant all disappeared. They turned into holy strings of light and flowed towards her kingdom. They became deities inside and used their majestic lifeforce to empower her even more.

Even the earth veins power was sucked into this ethereal kingdom, allowing her to grasp the power of an entire world.

“Clank!” She had a bone sword at this moment. It was as black as ink with a terrible power of darkness. It seemed capable of piercing through everything. Even True Immortals would decay after being pricked by it. Immortality didnt exist before it. This bone sword represented death.

“Incredible, they went all out in grooming you, to actually give you this bone sword refined from the bone of their progenitor.” Li Qiyes eyes turned cold with a murderous glint.

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