Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 296: Grand Era Hall

t Imperial Queen Ren Xian died young and couldnt enjoy the glory of being a queen. However, due to Immortal Emperor Ren Xians contribution to the sect, she was buried in Soaring Immortal as well so that future descendants could worship her.

A few ancestors who were generals under Immortal Emperor Ren Xian became quiet. It seemed that they werent too surprised to see this because they knew what was going on. They chose to stand on her side. Otherwise, how could the Ren Xian branch have the ability to make all the decisions right now?

“Boom!” She raised her finger straight at Ye Jiuzhous cavalry.

“Ah!” Many experts from Heaven Suppression were instantly killed. Even Ye Jiuzhou was blown away. The opponent was simply too strong and he couldnt block her first move.

“Whoosh!” She took one step into the battlefield and instantly blocked Gu Zuns path.

At this moment, Gu Zun, the imperial queen, and the azure dragon formed a triangle. The first to take action would be at a disadvantage.

“Release my children and I shall spare you.” She spoke for the first time with an unquestionable authority. She didnt care for a monster like Gu Zun at all.

Gu Zun smiled in response and leisurely said: “Imperial queen, I have no hostility towards your sect. This is only a little method to get you to come out. Its much easier with you here now, I can let the four imperial princes go and dispel the poisonous mist, with just one condition!”

“Youre not qualified to negotiate with me! Release my children now or I shall trample your Heaven Suppression!” Her eyes turned cold with an oppressive glint.

“Imperial queen, dont waste our time.” Gu Zun smiled and shook his head: “I wont deny your considerable power. I believe you have the strength of an Emperor Contender right now, no, maybe even the means of an Emperor Rival from the Ancient Ming. But I, Gu Zun, am not afraid of you. I have met people much more terrifying than you before.”

His eyes became serious at this point: “Right now, we are on the same boat. Imperial queen, youre not a fool and should be able to tell between friends and foes. I only need him, you can have the rest.”

The queen stared at Li Qiye sealed inside the bubble with a murderous glimmer. She knew exactly who this person was! Her lifelong goal was to kill him!

“And if I refuse?” She asked coldly.

“Then, your plan for many generations will go to waste.” He smiled: “Not only will you lose your children, your sect will be massacred as well and turn to ashes. If you want to go hard with me, no problem, Ill release him and work together with the Azure Dragon Legion.”

He went on: “No need to glare at me like that. Thats right, I want to kill His Excellency and he knows it too. He knew that I had a penchant for treachery since my youth so its not surprising for me to betray him at all. Even if I stand by his side, he might still not forgive me and will kill me eventually. But dont forget, we are strangers while I am still master-disciple with His Excellency. If I have to pick my death, I will definitely pick being killed by him. It will be much more glorious and renowned. Plus, even if I wont be considered a contributor or an ally after releasing him, at the very least, Ill still earn a proper death with a grave!”

“So now, do you know the right choice? Stand by my side and stop the Azure Dragon Legion so I can escape. Ill release the imperial princes from the Temporal Bubble in due time!”

The queen slightly batted her eyes and had to reconsider.

“Not a bad plan.” Worldkeeper said coldly. His legion was watching both Gu Zun and the queen at the same time.

“Youre too kind, True God. This is because His Excellency is such a good mentor.” Gu Zun joked: “As the saying goes, rich and risk go together, so I have to seize success in a time of danger. The truth is that Im not too confident in success right now because His Excellency had schemed the ages. But regardless of that, I still have to try, dont you think, True God?”

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