Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 296: Grand Era Hall

The battle above the sky turned the world dark. Everyone was trembling in fear and praying for peace.

However, the two sides had similar power so no one had the upper hand, resulting in push and pull in a stalemate.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye changed his style by activating his Heavens Will Crystal Physique. His body lit up and the physique was able to dodge everything. All attacks were nullified even when they made contact.

“Rumble!” He had the advantage now and forced the monster back. However, it wasnt easy to kill this perfectly fused monsters with four physiques.

“Ancestors, help us!” The siblings bellowed after being repeatedly pushed back by Li Qiye. Their blood burned and a seal belonging to the emperors exploded like a sun. It blinded the sky with its light.

Five imperial auras soared from the sect and suppressed the world. It was as if they have come back to life.

Not only were they empowered by the emperors at the moment, even the power left behind by the wise sages of the sect was for them to use. Thus, one could easily imagine the immense strength they had just gained. It was a world-destroying one to the horror of all inhabitants.

They have finally reached the Emperor Contender level with this new boost and could last more than one thousand moves against one even if the emperor was using the power of his Heavens Will!

“Banish!” The four siblings shouted at the same time. Their monster form opened a spatial hole and wanted to expel Li Qiye.

There was no way for them to defeat Li Qiye due to this crystal physique. They wanted to wait until it disappeared inside that space before ambushing him afterward.

Moreover, ordinary spatial banishment was useless against his physique. They needed to use a combination of a temporal and spatial banishment in order to push him away.

“Fortify!” Li Qiye shouted and became heavenly. He fortified his spatial-temporal location in order to stop the incoming technique.

One side was trying to expel while the other fortified. This was a competition of spatial and temporal manipulation. They found that this was the best technique to use at this moment.

“Buzz.” Space and time around them were strangely refined into solid form and became shiny. It was because the combatants were too strong. If this continued, they would destroy this area completely and turn it into an inhabitable place.

The spectators were breathless while watching this even fight. If this spatial manipulation were to descend, it would make a large area disappear instantly.

Meanwhile, Gu Zun back in Heaven Suppression suddenly moved. His cultivation was completely sealed yet he broke through all the restrictions instantly. All the seals became ineffective against him.

In the blink of an eye, he looked to be several tens of thousand years younger. His vitality was exuberant at this moment as if he has become young again.

“Not good!” The ancestors suppressing him were aghast. Zi Cuining was alarmed as well since it was all too late. Gu Zun instantly disappeared in the next second.

“Buzz!” Gu Zun emerged again on the battlefield above the sky but he wasnt alone this time. Another person was with him, an inconspicuous youth.

It was Lin Qi, the disciple of an elder from Heaven Suppression. He was only an ordinary disciple so it was quite shocking to see him appearing with Gu Zun above.

“Who is that?” Ancestor Shan was surprised.

The two were quite strange as if they were a pair. Their body trembled together and began to move with a matchless speed in order to sever the time and space along with everything else from the battlefield.

The unbelievable happened. The two of them actually fused together into one being! This was a middle-aged man that looked a bit like Lin Qi and Gu Zun.

“Gu Zun during his middle-aged years.” The matriarch was shocked and murmured: “They severed themselves from the timeline. One before reincarnation and the other a half-reincarnation. The two can never meet or it will cause a distortion in the timeline. Just the slightest mistake would turn everything into ashes!”

After turning into this new form, Gu Zun located in this severed domain spat out two bubbles.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye and the monster were sealed inside the bizarre bubbles as if they have become relics of the ancient past, no longer living in the present.

This development was too fast so no one could react in time. Everyone became confused.

A faint mist rose from Soaring Immortal next. It engulfed the entire sect with an unimaginable speed. The whole place became dreamlike, the most beautiful paradise in the world! People would lose their way home after coming there.

The disciples of the sect became immersed in this ethereal location. They didnt know what was going on any longer.

“Kill!” In this instant, a cavalry rushed out from Soaring Immortal with the ultimate speed towards the most important treasury of the sect.

It pierced through like a sharp blade. This wasnt an attack out of avarice but a meticulously concocted plan from long ago!

“Ah!” The disciples from the sect in their trance couldnt stop the cavalry at all. Heads went flying as many disciples were taken down.

“Whoosh!” The defensive barriers of the five emperors were effective. Holy light flowed out of the important locations in their ancestral ground. These locations used to be the places where the emperors performed their dao search.

With the lights of the emperors, the ancestors and experts woke up from their daze. They composed themselves and noticed the cavalry rushing towards their most important treasury and became alarmed.

“Kill them!” The experts roared and went to meet the enemies.

The leader of this cavalry had a magnificent red cloak fluttering in the air. The other noticeable thing about him was his silver beard. It was Ye Jiuzhou and the cavalry that he had personally trained. They used to be a branch of Heaven Suppression made up of the sects elites.

At this moment, this elite force was attacking Soaring Immortal under Ye Jiuzhous leadership.

People were stunned to see this since they knew that Soaring Immortal and Heaven Suppression were allies. Thus, this ambush from Ye Jiuzhou shocked them all.

The even more bizarre thing was the mist ’s ability to mesmerize all the experts from Soaring Immortal. If it wasnt for the holy lights from the emperors, Soaring Immortal would have fallen prey to the cavalry already.

“What are they trying to do?!” Ancestor Shan was astounded by Ye Jiuzhous decision. He still thought that Gu Zuns group was with Soaring Immortal!

“The treasures!” Zi Cuining murmured: “Gu Zun covet the Soaring Immortal Treasury. It accumulates the treasures from five emperors, too many heaven-shattering items are hidden there!”

Ancestor Shans group shuddered after hearing this. The accumulation of five emperors… To say that one wasnt tempted by this treasury would be a blatant lie. Anyone would feel their heart beating faster before this treasury since they wouldnt be able to waste it all away for many generations!

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