Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 289: The Storm Began

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “Either way is the same. Even if I kill him right now, not much will come of it. The Black Dragon King still cant make up his mind. Forget it, let him deal with his brother-in-law.”

If Li Qiye wanted to kill, Gu Zun wouldnt be alive right now. The matriarch gently nodded and dropped the subject. She noticed that Li Qiye was staring at Soaring Immortal and said: “Your Excellency, do you want to personally take action or let me mobilize the troops?”

“Ill go.” Li Qiye answered: “One has to go all out if they want to catch the big fish. Let me be the bait. Maybe well catch the largest of them all, Ive been waiting for a while now.”

“Youre not trying to bait the mastermind of Soaring Immortal.” The matriarch carefully pondered. At this moment, she realized that His Excellency wasnt aiming for Soaring Immortal at all or the mastermind in the shadow. He was scheming for some existences hiding even deeper.

She wondered if he was the bait or Soaring Immortal. Of course, all of this didnt matter any longer. Soaring Immortals destruction was inevitable at this point.

When Li Qiye made it to the entrance, a figure descended from the sky to stop his path.

“Li Qiye, its time for us to fight to the death!” The person stared at Li Qiye with a ferocious glare.

This was Long Aotian, Soaring Immortals successor. He was currently in an amazing state with exuberant vitality and in his peak. There was no trace of depression after losing twice to Li Qiye. This was indeed an admirable quality.

Li Qiye wasnt surprised at all to see Long Aotian. He smiled and said: “Thats fine, but I wonder if you are prepared for death.”

“No one knows who will be the last man standing until the end, you wont be smiling for long!” Aotian retorted.

Despite losing twice already, Aotian still needed to fight because the Heavens Will had appeared. A fierce competition was approaching soon enough but he had no advantages to speak of. It looked quite unfavorable since he lost twice to Li Qiye already. Thus, he must defeat Li Qiye this time regardless of the price.

“The result is already determined. You wont be getting the Heavens Will.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The fight between the two attracted the attention of many people. People still didnt count Aotian out after his two defeats and felt that he still had a chance to turn it around. They felt that losing before becoming an emperor wasnt shameful at all. This has happened to many emperors in the past already! Some suffered some humiliating defeats too.

“Try and see!” Aotian uttered. He was still as confident as before and ready to defeat all foes. The successor of Soaring Immortal wouldnt be affected and give up completely after just losing one or twice!

“Fine, as you wish. Use all of your abilities and techniques. There wont be another chance after this.” Li Qiye looked at him and said slowly: “You can be considered a brilliant genius with a rare dao heart.”

The spectators held their breath as the fight was about to begin. They knew that one of them might fall before the start of the real competition.

Aotian took a deep breath. With a loud blast, he released his blood energy like the flood. It spread across the world as if wanting to start a disaster.

“Whoosh!” His inner physique lit up and caused space to tremble. His body became shiny and dazzling as if it was a crystal carving. This beautiful scene was his grand completion Soaring Immortal Physique, one of his proudest achievements.

It became brighter and more dazzling by the minute until people couldnt stare straight at him anymore, not even with heavenly gazes. He gave a strange feeling of flight, as if space itself was growing a pair of wings and ascending.

“Buzz.” A very rhythmic series of noise resounded. It was slow and came from space itself. Space and time were being slowed down by Aotians physique.

In the blink of an eye, everyone became a painting since time had stopped in this split second.

“Whoosh!” Time began to flow again. It wasnt because of Aotian this time. Li Qiye was the cause.

Before anyone realized what was going on, Aotian was inches away from Li Qiye when time flowed again.

At this moment, time once again paused. Everyone could watch this scene and saw Aotians palm containing a sharp and cold gale that was only three inches away from Li Qiyes forehead.

Aotian exerted his physique to its limit. No, he even broke through it in order to deliver the fatal blow.

Remember that this was a grand completion Soaring Immortal Physique, allowing him to break through the limit of time. This was almost impossible to describe with words. Even a Nine Worlds Godking wouldnt be able to dodge this fatal blow.

Unfortunately, he had met Li Qiye today. During the process of this attack, Li Qiye had activated his Stagnation Domain.

In terms of the physique itself, Aotian still had the advantage since Aotian was at grand completion while Li Qiye wasnt.

Alas, under the Stagnation Domain, even a faster speed would seem slow under this suppression.

Time flowed once more with a loud boom. People saw Aotian being unable to move an inch forward and they heard the sounds of bones breaking under the effect of the domain.

Aotian was impressive enough. Under this perilous situation, he instantly used his arts from the five emperors for protection. With loud, beastly roars and raging imperial auras, he decisively burned his longevity blood in order to empower his techniques. With that, he managed to escape from the Stagnation Domain.

“Boom!” His full power allowed him to retreat. He shattered space and ran towards the horizon. Nevertheless, he was still grievously wounded with blood staining his clothes and many broken bones.

This still showed his amazing capabilities. The combination of his imperial arts and immortal physique allowed him to escape from Li Qiyes domain.

Li Qiye wasnt in a rush to give chase. He watched the injured foe and shook his head: “The flaws in your physique are too clear. If it was perfect, you would have had the chance to injure me with that strike earlier.”

Aotian responded with a scowl: “I dont just have a grand completion physique. My grand dao can harm you as well!”

“Very well, show me your imperial arts then.” Li Qiye smiled.

Aotian was versed in the techniques of five emperors and had created his own unique grand dao. So many people were envious of this. How many could be lucky enough to study the supreme arts of five emperors at the same time? Just learning the art of one was already the fortune of a lifetime, let alone five.

“I want to see your grand dao as well.” Aotian powerfully uttered. Having said that, he activated his grand dao.

Five Immortal Emperor True Treasures appeared. With clicking noise, an imperial armor protected him.

It seemed to have been created with strands of snow. There was the image of a silk dragon. It wasnt embroidered but naturally formed on the armor.

Silk Dragon Robe, the true treasure of Soaring Immortals second emperor, Can Long. It wasnt only meant to be used as a defensive barrier. It was also capable of boosting speed and vitality on top of some other magical properties.

“Clank! Clank!” A harmonious clanking of sword and saber came about after he unsheathed his weapons – a sword in one hand and a saber in the other.

The saber was tyrannical and ferocious, granting its user the courage to fight against the rest of the world alone.

This was the Tyrannical Destruction Saber, Immortal Emperor Ba Mies true treasure, his weapon of choice to fight the nine worlds.

No need to describe the sword any further. This was the Virtuous Sword belonging to Immortal Emperor Ren Xian, the progenitor of Aotians branch.

At the same time, two more treasures emerged behind him. One was a feathered fan with many colors. However, one feather was missing. The other was a spear as hot as the sun. It seemed to be cast from a divine solar metal.

Missing Feather, this was their sect progenitor ultimate true treasure. It could be listed among the top ten greatest weapons of the emperors due to its incredible power.

Sun Devouring Spear, Immortal Emperor Tun Ris true treasure. Rumor has it that whenever he used this spear, he would be able to kill the enemy. It once scared the souls out of his enemies in the nine worlds.

Everyone was lost in jealousy and admiration after seeing one person using five true treasures at the same time.

These true treasures were powerful but also difficult to use. For many experts, attacking with one of them was already hard enough. However, Aotian had such mastery and ease when wielding five. This was the reason why he was so powerful and worthy of praises.

Though he couldnt unleash a Heavenly Annihilation with all five at the same time, he had combined the grand dao of five emperors and created his own. He relied on the five weapons to empower his grand dao. This increased this particular daos power by up to ten times!

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