Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 288: Nine Words True Bow

The infusion of the eight legions blood energy made the ancient platforms exude a sacred light.

This sacred light influenced the sky with its holiness. The entire world was engulfed with this particular energy and the Grand Sea was being washed.

With a series of magnificent sounds, it looked like an unprecedented holy creature was descending from the sky. It carried the power of a heavenly tribulation.

“Boom!” A supreme light filled the battlefield and sucked the power from all directions!

Remember that this battlefield was empowered by ten earth veins underground. Outside of Immortal Emperor Refined Jades carved outside, it was the majestic worldly energy from the veins that was simply unstoppable.

The battlefield became heavier after absorbing the energy from the veins. It seemed as if the entire Grand Sea was being refined into this place. More importantly, the battlefield was grasping the entire region ’s power!

“Buzz!” Scorching flames blazed up in the battlefield. They covered the sky like waterfalls as if this was a punishment from the heaven.

A majestic figure emerged on the battlefield. It was an existence that looked like an angel of great height. It emitted an inviolable light with ten fiery wings on its back.

When these wings spread open, all of Mortal Emperor World was under their shadows. This was the ruler of the world, it came to sentence its judgment.

It was wielding a longsword made from heavenly laws twisting together. The scary part was that it carried the power of tribulation and judgment. It didnt come from the grand dao or the myriad laws but rather, the heaven itself.

It represented the will of the high heaven and its judgment. Because of this, it was also the symbol of invincibility. No other existence could stop it.

Omnidirectional Immortal Annihilation! This was the ace card of Soaring Immortal. It wasnt created by their emperor or anyone else since it was from a very ancient epoch.

In order to deal with the Dark Crow, the mastermind behind Soaring Immortal used this formation that hadnt appeared before. The mastermind was aware that the Dark Crow knew the arts of Soaring Immortal all too well. Two emperors were even taught by him so using Soaring Immortals arts against him was displaying ones slight skill before an expert.

Thus, the mastermind used this Omnidirectional Immortal Annihilation technique that the world had never seen before. Even if it couldnt kill the Dark Crow, the mastermind still hoped that it would be able to stop the Dark Crows legions.

Of course, Soaring Immortal had to pay a great price to use this formation. It was supported by the power of the earth veins and channeled by the vitality of its disciples. It meant that the vitality and the worldly energy of the earth were fused together.

A long battle would result in depleting their vitality and aging then death. Alas, they had no other choice against something as powerful as Azure Dragon.

“Clank!” The gigantic sword unleashed a judgment slash! The will of the heavens was truly hard to resist.

“Retreat!” Worldkeeper gave the order. The alliance immediately ran back because the slash was aimed at their legion.

They were also stunned at the immense power and nature of the sword. However, it was too late to run because the slash wouldnt allow it.

“Ah!” A storm of blood exploded. The entire battlefield looked like an ocean of blood like someone splashing ink onto a picture frame. It had become a scene of hell, a spectacle that would shock everyone here.

The entire alliance nearly became ashes after this one slash. Only one out of ten survived. Those who were lucky enough to survive would most likely never forget this nightmare from their mind.

Even though Hai Lins alliance was rumored to be ten million men strong, this wasnt the case. A generous estimation would land it from five to seven millions. After the skirmish earlier, the alliance was brought down to three to four millions.

However, this slash alone took them down to around three to four hundred thousand men. One could imagine how frightening this scene was.

One slash took down three million soldiers. The survivors were completely pale with fear.

“Clank!” A second slash came downward with the tribulation of the heavens. It was aiming for Azure Dragon this time, wishing to slay the beast.

“Rawrr!” The dragon clawed at the sky. In this split second, it turned into a straight spear with a dragon coiling around it. A draconic aura permeated through the air as if this was about to be the most powerful thrust in the world. It was born from the world so it could resist the will of the heavens!

“Boom!” The spear stopped the slash then slammed into the sword with fiery sparks flying everywhere. The sparks fell down like meteors into the stage, causing it to shake along with the entire Grand Sea!

“Boom!” The spear ultimately couldnt handle the tribulation sword and was pushed down to the platform from the impact. A terrible hole and cracks appeared on these platforms.

The sword of this ten-winged creature was too powerful due to the three different forces encompassed within – the earth veins, tribulation power of the heavens, and vitality of the soldiers.

“Rawr!” The spear turned back into an Azure Dragon. However, pieces of artifact suddenly came from the horizon.

“Click! Click! Click!” These exquisite pieces wrapped around the dragon like an armor.

“Clank!” With more metallic noises, a green spear appeared in the claws of the dragon. It emitted a snow-white glow with a murderous aura. It seemed to have been stained with the countless blood of gods and devils.

With this weapon, the dragon could meet god, slay god; meet devil, slay devil.

Everyone could see this scene at this moment and thought that it was a real dragon protecting the nine worlds, not a legion.

With the new armaments, the dragon grew larger. Even the ten-winged existence towering at ten thousand meters seemed tiny compared to the azure dragon.

This was the final form of the legion. It didnt assume the shape of a formation but of a living existence.

Countless stars exploded under the thrust of this dragon. When its snow-white tip came down, it carried the power of the stars with the ability to destroy everything.

“Clank!” The ten-winged existence didnt back down. The hymn of the sword resounded with another tribulation slash!

“Rumble!” The two sides went all out and made the sky their victim.

“Whoosh!” During this battle, space fluctuated and Li Qiye instantly appeared next to Matriarch Yu.

“Your Excellency, you have killed Gu Zun already?” The matriarch asked.

Li Qiye watched the battle and gently shook his head: “Not yet, the Black Dragon King is taking care of him.”

“Which generation?” She was slightly surprised despite knowing about the kings reincarnation.

“The first.” He smiled and said.

“Does he actually want to kill Gu Zun?” She was worried, not about his ability but about his determination!

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