Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 287: Ancient Secre

The Soaring Immortal Sect has always been imperious, and same with their legions. They were able to threaten the nine worlds while no one else dared to criticize them.

Moreover, eight legions were present at the same time. Anyone would feel their legs trembling at this sight, let alone commenting.

However, the eight legions were silent before Worldkeepers criticism because they knew what kind of mighty character he was along with his legion.

“State your name before I kill you.” Worldkeeper with his spear pointed at a commander whose power was among the middle of his peers.

This commander wore a dark red armor as if it was painted with blood. The radiance exuding from his body was hotter than the sun while his aura could crush the firmaments.

Despite his accolades, he didnt dare to posture because he was only a junior before Worldkeeper.

“My name is Ma Zhenwen, under the banner of Immortal Emperor Ren Xian.” This commander didnt dare to show any slight. He said respectfully: “Your fame resounds like the thunder and we are forever in reverence of the Azure Dragon Legions tales. Unfortunately, we must fight you because we have our orders. ”

Ma Zhenwen was an unknown name to the youths but an old God-Monarch from the alliance had heard of it and shouted in astonishment: “The Soaring Horse General.”

This name was more popular with the old characters. Though he was not the strongest general under the emperor, he had the most contributions, He once destroyed ten sects, eight countries, and one imperial lineage within one night. This made him quite notorious and granted him this nickname.

“Good. Come and witness the destruction of Soaring Immortal.” Worldkeeper calmly said as if this was no big deal.

If such words came from anyone else, the generals would be in a furor right now. However, Ma Zhenwen and the others didnt voice their displeasure.

They were aware of the legion and Worldkeepers tales. This was a legion that could stop the Ancient Ming. It was indeed eligible to challenge their sect. It could even be said that Ma Zhenwen felt like the underdog in this fight.

“Start the formation.” He didnt waste time and took a deep breath before giving out the command.

“Buzz.” Endless light surged out from the platforms and jumped onto the members of the eight legions. Each expert became shrouded in this light and gained a divine armor. They looked just like gods now.

With an explosion of an imperial power, the eight legions came together with the front and the back sides meeting to form a circle. In a short time, the legions seemingly disappeared from the platforms. Next, all one could see was a forest of weapons, a thicket of destruction. This was an ultimate formation sealing all the platforms.

It would be exceedingly difficult to forge a path out of this formation.

Despite the fatal danger surrounding him, Worldkeeper calmly ordered: “Azure Dragon Eighteen Formation.”

“Buzz!” The entire legion turned into an Azure Dragon in the blink of an eye. This gigantic dragon took over the platforms that were now a death zone due to the Soaring Immortal Legion. There were shadows of spears and blades everywhere. Every single step was filled with danger.

“Clank!” The Soaring Immortal Legion suddenly appeared again in the form of a saber formation trying to make mincemeat of their enemy.

It was indeed capable of chopping everything into thin slices of meat with such fast speed that they would still be moving after the severing process.

As the horde of blades was coming, Worldkeeper gave an order: “Dragon To The Sky!”

The dragon leaped upward. Though the eight legions have sealed the platforms, it still couldnt stop the movement of this draconic formation.

With a single jump, Azure Dragon instantly dodged the saber formation.

“Raaar!” The dragon descended and clawed at the formation. The unbelievably sharp claws slashed the chest of many experts in the imperial legion.

“Pluff!” Blood went flying. Some generals couldnt evade in time and were torn into two pieces. They didnt even have the chance to scream.

“Boom!” Soaring Immortal retaliated against this powerful offense of the dragon. Their formation instantly turned into a Heaven Suppression Seal that rushed down from the sky to stop this beast.

The sky suddenly turned black with the emergence of the seal. Followers were chanting to the seal of an emperor. This looked like an imperial decree, all must prostrate at its sight. All evils would be annihilated.

“Raaa!” The dragon roared and became enraged. A terrible draconic aura engulfed the sky. At this time, the dragon had an imperceptible speed.

With a deafening blast, the Heaven Suppression Seal was torn into pieces. Next came a series of screamings. The dragon turned into six copies and ravaged all directions. In the blink of an eye, the supreme formation was torn asunder.

This was the Azure Dragon Eighteen Formation. First, it went from “Dragon In The Wild” and changed to “Season Of Six Dragons”.

In the next moment, the eight legions emerged again. Powerful they may be, they were no match for Azure Dragons formation.

Just like Worldkeeper had said, the eight legions were in name only, not as strong as they were in the past. Their supreme formation was much weaker while his eighteen formations were just as strong as before on its new debut.

“Rawrr!” The six dragons continued to scream and rampaged on the battlefield. The eight legions were being massacred.

“Kill!” Despite not being a match, Soaring Immortal was still struggling to hold on. Waves of combatants rushed forward in order to stop the dragons.

“Go now!” The alliance saw an opportunity and immediately joined the battlefield. They followed the dragons and attacked the weakened foes with great success.

The alliance was ecstatic to join again with a risen morale. In the beginning, Soaring Immortal didnt care for the alliance but now, they were being stomped down by the alliance. Many generals from Soaring Immortal angrily gritted their teeth but there was nothing they could do about it. The majority of their forces was being used to stop Azure Dragon and had no time to deal with the alliance!

“Ah!” Soaring Immortal was no match for the fury of the eighteen formations from Azure Dragon. They were continuously pushed back!

Soaring Immortal suffered grievous losses in a short time. Many disciples were being massacred to the dismay of the old generals from the imperial legions. This was truly humiliating to them.

“Open the formation, use our vitality!” In the end, an order-giver from the sect couldnt endure this any longer.

After receiving the command, the soldiers offered their blood energy without any hesitation into the battlefield.

They had no other choice at this moment. It was either being killed one by one by the legion or to go all out. This was a heavy price to pay but at least there was a chance. Once it was time for their ace card to come out, perhaps they would be able to destroy Azure Dragon and put an end to the legend!

1. This title is weird in English because Ma = Horse. In reality, he just gets the Fei (Soaring) part adds to his title, which is a very prestigious thing. Its like becoming a duke and gaining the last name of the imperial family. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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