Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 22: Saint Cavern 2

“Bang!” Li Qiye was instantly drowned by the vast sea while punching it.

Strangely enough, ordinary water would have been dried up instantly and turned into vapor by Li Qiyes destructive blow. However, this expanse simply quaked once after receiving the combination fist. This world-destroying punch simply couldnt shatter this mass of water.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Li Qiye unleashed several more punches of this magnitude in quick succession, yet this still failed to break this bizarre expanse. The scarier part was that it seemed to be eroding Li Qiyes power. After several blows, his successive fists seemed to start losing strength.

People took deep breaths after seeing this. They had witnessed the power of his fist earlier. It was truly magnificent, not even a Godking could stop it, and it even pierced Zhentians chest. But now, not only was this expanse able to withstand it, it looked like it could drown him as well.

This gave everyone a deeper understanding of the Boneseas water. No wonder people said it could drown Godkings, the current situation proved the notion.

His punches grew weaker and his actions slowed down. If this went on, he would drown in this sea.

“Yes!” Many felt very excited while the charming spirits applauded without restraint.

A big shot from this race clenched his fist and exclaimed: “Drown him to death!”

In the past, no one cared about Li Qiye trying to compete against Meng Zhentian whom they considered to be unbeatable. However, Li Qiyes display today has suffocated the masses. The cultivators here understood that he would be a dangerous rival to Zhentian in the future.

The sects that were optimistic about Zhentian felt uncomfortable due to Li Qiyes existence; he was like a thorn in their hearts, so it would be great news if he were to drown at this moment.

“Daoist Li, Im about to take action, watch yourself.” Zhentian smiled after seeing the water corroding both his speed and power.

He immediately unleashed the dark judgment without any mercy in order to slay Li Qiye, contrary to his polite words.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” In a split second, a dark judgment came down like a mountain into the dark expanse in order to suppress Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, the same form of judgment emerged from below the sea, trapping him from all sides. These separate judgments worked together well and carried a god-slaying power that was directed towards Li Qiye.

Under the duress and corrosion of this water, Li Qiye appeared to be unable to withstand this destruction. Jianshi and Ruyans hearts were hanging by a thread. They broke out in cold sweat from worrying about him.

Even Profound, who disliked him, was a little worried. This type of death would be a great shame. This was someone who could fight against Zhentian, so he shouldnt die here due to the suppression of the Boneseas water.

Some of the spectators happily thought to themselves: “Yes, just like that, end him!”

“If this is all you know, then it is just average at best.” Li Qiye was still smiling in the face of imminent demise.

“Buzz!” His body lit up as laws appeared all around him. The Death Chapter showed itself among these laws.

“Boom!” A seal imprinted itself into the earth before disappearing from sight.

“Rumble!” The unbelievable happened. A blinding primordial light engulfed this entire continent. A primordial chaos spanned as far as the eyes could see. Everyone saw an illusion that they were located in an unopened world, and this was its genesis.

With a loud explosion, the entire continent trembled. Next, all of the chaos was frantically swallowed and disappeared without a trace.

A Kun Peng emerged before everyone with the sky behind its back and stars rotating around it. It was as large as a huge landmass.

The sea water drowning Li Qiye was casually swept away by this beast back to the Bonesea, true to the many tales of this beasts gigantic sweeping motion. This vast expanse seemed to be a puddle of water when met with this tail — completely trivial. With another tail whip, the dark judgment that seemed to be able to deal with Li Qiye were instantly annihilated.

Everyone was stunned to see this huge beast in the sky. Both the girls cherry lips were wide open. They didnt dare to believe their own eyes.

Both of them knew that this continent was the corpse of a Kun Peng, but they never expected to actually see one right now!

“A Kun Peng?” Even some famous big shots shuddered as their knees grew weak. They couldnt stand straight any longer!

“Grand Primordial Dao!” The Kun Peng opened its mouth with Li Qiyes voice coming out from it. He was basking in this power, the force of the beginning.

This was the innate gift of this monster. Back in the octagonal tower, Li Qiye had researched this particular gift. At this moment, he didnt summon a dead Kun Peng with his Death Chapter, he was using his own knowledge to replicate the dao. Since he has understood its innate gift, it was an easy task for him to borrow its power!

The Kun Peng spoke: “Youre not the only one who can borrow power in this place.”

“Boom!” With that, it casually attacked Zhentian. Just this nonchalant strike made everything turn gray and feeble. All was incredibly fragile before this behemoth.

“Die!” Zhentian was alarmed to see this incoming attack. He roared and his dao turned into myriad laws to seal this area again. One had to admit that Zhentian was quite formidable. He could borrow the power of the gods up above and control the devils from hell below. His simple gestures could shatter the stars and slay galaxies! Plucking the moon and refining myriad realms was a piece of cake to him.

Alas, regardless of his efforts and might, it was all futile. If his true body was here, it could be something worth watching. Otherwise, his avatar alone simply couldnt bear the Kun Pengs attack.

“Rumble!” His seals broke down layer by layer while his laws and grand dao shattered to pieces!

Keep in mind that according to the rumors, a living Kun Peng had the same power as an Immortal Emperor. Thus, Li Qiye borrowing its innate gift, the Grand Primordial Dao, carried an unfathomable force.

“Bang!” Everything became bleak in the end. The crushing blow extinguished Zhentians immortal light around his body like extinguishing a candle. The laws that intertwined to form his avatar body broke inch by inch and turned to ashes.

Someone couldnt help but scream: “No!” This miserable and shrill scream didnt come from the avatar but from another charming spirit.

The avatar became ashes and disappeared among the winds and clouds as if it had never existed in the first place.

A Kun Peng hovered in the sky. This was an ancient divine beast, its very being was unreachable and distant. All existences were beneath it — weak and not worth mentioning.

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