Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 282: Ancestral Divine Temple

Gu Zun said with a smile: “I know that you have given me a chance. Brother-in-laws sacrifice had redeemed for my sin. Because of this, after you have regained your body, you still didnt do anything against Heaven Suppression.”

“Unfortunately, you still dont understand and havent changed your mind at all. Still the same Gu Zun as before.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Why should I?” Gu Zun smiled back: “If I am a bad person, no matter how much I change my mind and become enlightened, Im still a bad person. It doesnt change what I have done in the past.”

“Yes, just the fact that you told Immortal Emperor Ta Kong of the coordinates to Immortal Demon Grotto alone is worthy of a thousand deaths.” Li Qiye nodded seriously.

After Li Qiye escaped from the grotto, he worked together with an Immortal Emperor to banish the entrance to this place into a deep spatial zone. Others wouldnt be able to find the coordinates of this entrance but Gu Zun was aware of this secret. He told Immortal Emperor Ta Kong so that the emperor could find it.

“Thats why there is no need to change my mind.” Gu Zun smiled: “Im a dead man anyway, why bother trying to become a good person? Plus, I might have a chance of winning as a bad person, dont you think?”

Li Qiye became a bit sentimental after seeing the calm Gu Zun. He smiled and said: “With your talents, you can learn things that even the old emperors cant. Alas, you couldnt learn certain positive traits outside of this calmness. It does resemble me quite a bit.”

“Immortal Emperors arent anything to you anyway. Plus, due to your belief of my natural disposition for betrayal, you wouldnt have trained me to become one anyway regardless of how I have acted. Thus, I have thought clearly about this matter. No need to worry about becoming an Immortal Emperor, there are many other things in life worth pursuing.”

“So you want to imitate and become me.” Li Qiye was clear on this as well.

“In this world, it isnt my sister who understands me the best, not my brother-in-law either, it is you, your Excellency.” Gu Zun said: “If I cant become an emperor, then its not bad to become the dark hand either. I dont lack talents and strategies, my dao heart can be polished even further. Though my dao heart is no match for yours, I still think it cant be weaker than the emperors. With enough time, mine will be as strong as yours.”

“But you lack two things. Resources and immortality.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Yes, Your Excellency. However, you have left behind a treasury that was once watched over by my brother-in-law and Immortal Emperor Qian Li. It was then strengthened by Immortal Emperor Yin Tian later. I heard them saying that this treasury contains your personal artifacts for attacking the tenth world. Thus, there is no need to debate their values. If I can obtain them, thats enough for me to stand strong in the nine worlds!” Gu Zun remained calm.

“Thats why you have always wanted it.” Li Qiye didnt become angry: “Though you couldnt open it, this led to your second idea. If you had immortality, it would mean endless possibilities and time for strategies. One day, you would be able to get this treasury.”

“Yes, thats why I gave the coordinates to Immortal Emperor Ta Kong so that he could invade the place. Unfortunately, this plan wasnt that successful. If I could become an immortal being like you were, I could replace you one day.” Gu Zun agreed.

“How interesting.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile: “I have met so many people in the millions of years. Supreme geniuses and treacherous students, but no matter who they are, they all wanted to obtain some treasures or training from me. Of course, becoming an emperor was many peoples dream. However, very few wanted to become an existence like me. Immortality isnt all that wonderful like in peoples imagination.”

“Thats indeed the case.” Gu Zun said solemnly: “This is something I admire about you. As generations went by with pain, you didnt become a saint or a devil, your heart remained the same. This is the greatest thing about you and what I aspire with great confidence to have one day, an immovable dao heart. Then I can rule the nine worlds just like you, much more interesting than becoming an emperor.”

“Its not a bad thought, unfortunately, you are not me.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Thats why I have worked hard to become someone like you. After all, my cultivation is still weak after just three generations, not being able to reign the nine worlds just yet. It looks like I have let you down.” Gu Zun replied truthfully.

“Forget it, no need to talk about this.” Li Qiye shook his head: “My main goal this time in the Grand Sea is taking your life. Since you have chosen on walking the dark path, I shall let you use all your means and ace cards now, so that you wont be dying a regretful death.”

“Thank you. Let us finish this matter then.” Gu Zun respectfully cupped his fist.

“Clank!” The entire field was locked the moment Gu Zun finished speaking. An iron curtain surrounded the whole place with the two and the palace inside.

Li Qiye wasnt afraid at all. He carefully observed the curtain and commented: “Flawless craftsmanship, cast from the iron of the earth vein. It grew together with the vein and after a long period of gestation, it had taken roots with the vein for symbiosis.”

“This is all thanks to your guidance.” Gu Zun didnt become complacent: “You have taught me the art of smelting before so I gave it a try. Im glad youre not disappointed.”

“You still want me to open the treasury.” Li Qiye glanced at the palace and understood Gu Zuns intention.

“I truly want to widen my horizon. Your treasury has been here for a long time. After careful rumination, this treasury was now connected with the earth vein. Without your key, it is impossible to open it. So, I used the arts you have taught me back then and used the earth iron as the base in order to connect this curtain with the earth vein as well. After years of harmonization, my experiment was a success.”

“Hmm, indeed.” Li Qiye agreed: “A very clever design. If I want to leave by breaking down this curtain, I have to open the treasury first. Or, just opening the treasury would automatically remove the curtain as well. This is indeed the finest craftsmanship in the nine worlds. This technique, this planning, this refinement technique… how many people can actually achieve this type of symbiosis with the earth vein?”

If outsiders were to listen to this conversation, they would think the two were discussing a profound art. Who would think that these two were about to kill each other?

Gu Zun respectfully cupped his fist at the praise again.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at Gu Zun: “You want to see the key, right?”

“Yes.” Gu Zun nodded: “Your treasury is unique, the other treasures in the world are mere scraps in comparison. I have coveted your treasury for a long time, you wont be so stingy as to not let me see it?”

Gu Zun didnt try to hide his intent at all. There was no need to do so before Li Qiye since nothing could elude his eyes.

“Are you not afraid of me killing you first?” Li Qiye teased.

Gu Zun didnt become afraid: “I know youre not so ordinary. In your eyes, I am a dead man, it is only a matter of time. I havent used my ace card so you wont be killing me just yet. Im confident you will open the treasury first.”

“How fun.” Li Qiye praised: “Fine, since you want it so bad, what else can I say? Its not like I cant let you see it, but, the key is not on me.”

“From what I know about you, Your Excellency, as long as your soul and sea of memories are there, it will not be a problem. Your sea of memories isnt only empowered by brother-in-laws group but also by many other existences. Because of this, it can easily open this treasury.” Gu Zun slowly commented.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “No, you dont understand. What Im saying is, the key is not on me. You have the key.”

“Your Excellency, your joke isnt funny at all. If I had the key, I wouldnt need to wait till now.” Gu Zun shook his head.

To which Li Qiye responded in a serious manner: “Im not joking around. I dont have the key, the real key has always been on you. You, yourself, is the key.”

“Impossible!” Gu Zun couldnt remain calm at this moment. He took one step back with his eyes narrowing.

In this split second, he came up with a frightening possibility!

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