Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 281: Hundred Battles Godking

“Ah!” Miserable screams became even more common as the battle grew increasingly intense. Skulls and blood went flying. A rain of blood poured down, accompanied by severed limbs. Pulverized flesh was everywhere.

As more of cultivators faltered, there were little piles of corpses everywhere. Their blood accumulated into little ponds with floating corpses and limbs.

The entire battlefield has turned into hell. The platforms were huge meat grinders that ate flesh and lives. No one could run after coming in. Their only thought was to kill or be killed!

The weak-hearted would have fainted after seeing this grotesque scene. Even the braver ones would inevitably vomit.

Alas, Li Qiye and the Azure Dragon Legion simply watched outside of the platforms without any emotional fluctuation.

Such a sight was common to them. One could even say that this was only a minor skirmish to this crowd, only an appetizer. They have experienced much worse in the Immortal Slaying War.

The alliance from Mortal Emperor actually had the upper hand in this battle. They themselves didnt expect this at all and it became a great morale boost. They fought with an unprecedented ferocity.

This was the result of Soaring Immortal underestimating its enemy. Otherwise, their formations wouldnt have become disorganized after the penetration of the blood arrows. It wouldnt have been as easy for the alliance.

The most ferocious was Hai Lins cavalry. It was entirely made up of experts from imperial lineages on top of being led by Ding Yuanhou and several powerful Godkings. This was the elite force of the alliance. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that all hopes were pinned on this particular group.

And the cavalry didnt let them down. After entering the battlefield, they stopped Soaring Immortals powerful retaliation like a merciless dagger aiming for the heart.

Hai Lin and the top experts were exemplary as they killed several captains on the other side and won precious opportunities for advancement!

“Reinforcements!” A horn sounded as the alliance seized the upper hand while the Soaring Immortal Legion was pushed back.

“Rumble!” The gate to Soaring Immortal was opened in a split second as more legions joined the battlefield.

The soldiers there emitted an ancient bloodthirst as if they have been stained with countless blood and the souls of their victims still lingered around.

“Imperial legions!” Everyone knew what kind of foes they were about to face. This reinforcement was many times stronger than the first legion.

In the beginning, the first legion was made up of the young generation from the sect. Now, these were imperial legions that have helped Immortal Emperor Ren Xian sweep through the world. They were experienced and adept at killing, allowing them to be completely unstoppable.

“Kill!” Nevertheless, the alliance didnt show any fear and still lunged forward to meet their foes.

Under ordinary circumstances, people would retreat against the imperial legions. But now, the alliance had no other choice. Their eyes were red in a frenzy from the atmosphere and imperial legions werent enough to stop them! Only by risking it all would they have a chance for survival. Plus, to their back was their home, the Mortal Emperor World!

“Ah!” More wailings came about. It seemed to be storms of blood in the sky now. All the advantages won by the alliance disappeared after the imperial legions joined in.

At the same time, a figure appeared on the battlefield. It was an old man in gray.

He appeared like a ghost with imperceptible speed and made screams happen. In this split second, the golden dragon, Ding Yuanhou, and the top Godkings were instantly killed. The old man was truly too fast with his fierce attacks.

“Gu Zun.” Li Qiyes eyes narrowed before ordering Worldkeeper: “I leave this place to you.”

With that, he joined the battlefield as well. After seeing this, Gu Zuns figure flashed and disappeared. Li Qiye smiled and crossed through space in order to give chase.

The moment the two appeared again, they were already far from the battlefield. Their place of appearance was inside an auspicious ground of Heaven Suppression.

It was a flat field surrounded by mountains with a tiny palace in the center. It was half-buried on the ground and quite old in appearance. Plenty of weeds grew in the vicinity as if no one has been taking care of it.

This inconspicuous and abandoned palace was a forbidden ground for the disciples of Heaven Suppression. No one knew why except that this was a clause in their ancestral teachings.

Gu Zun stood before the palace without escaping. He turned and stared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye also stood there, as calm as ever with a faint smile and evaluated Gu Zun for a bit.

“Your Excellency, long time no see.” Gu Zun wasnt afraid nor angry after seeing Li Qiye. He was actually very respectful and cupped his fist: “You are even younger than in my imagination.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile while shaking his head: “Gu Zun, Im actually amazed by your courage. You know who you are facing, even emperors are afraid of me yet it doesnt deter you. Its quite rare.”

“It is my honor to be praised by Your Excellency.” Gu Zun responded in a natural manner: “You used to teach me back then and said that the most important thing for a cultivator is a fearless dao heart. I have always kept this in mind. And right, you also used to say that, tread forward despite knowing that a tiger dwells on the mountain and try to overcome the impossible. Thats the way of true man.”

“I indeed taught you that.” Li Qiye nodded: “Looks like you have kept them in mind. I dont know if I should be proud or not to have a student like you.”

“My little accomplishments arent enough to get into your eyes.” Gu Zun said slowly: “You have trained so many supreme people such as brilliant emperors. I pale in comparison.”

Li Qiye sighed emotionally and said: “Incredible, I have seen many people in my life. Sometimes, I feel that you are truly special. The truth is that others knew what to do with their lives but your choice surprised me.”

“You said that I had a natural disposition for betrayal.” Gu Zun said with a smile: “Since you have put it that way, why not try doing it so that you wont be wrong? Moreover, if I dont do it, I would be letting down my natural disposition, right?”

“Hahaha.” Li Qiye laughed and said: “Though you might not be the most courageous or the most brilliant, you are the most interesting one.

“You are too kind.” Gu Zun replied.

Li Qiye looked at him and continued: “Gu Zun, what do you think is your chance for survival or victory? Remember, Im not turning back this time so theres no holding back.”

Gu Zun responded: “I know. I dont have brother-in-law to beg for my sake. Plus, even if he was present, you wouldnt spare me either. You have your rules and a bottom line. Once crossed, there is no mercy!”

“Correct.” Li Qiye nodded: “The Black Dragon Kings beseech no longer applies in this generation after what you have done, which is why Im finally here now.”

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