Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 280: Princess As A Servan

Li Qiye told Worldkeeper while glancing at the two armies on the verge of battle: “Let them fight for a while until enough blood has flown. When they cant handle it anymore, you can start.”

“Affirmative.” The true god nodded.

“The Mortal Emperor World is showing tremendous resolution this time. Looks like they will be able to last for a while if Soaring Immortal doesnt use its ace cards right away.” Matriarch Yu who was once the first general of the Black Dragon Legion commented while looking at the alliance.

Li Qiye nodded in agreement: “Indeed, theyre doing a fine job.”

Calling themselves ten millions strong was pushing it a little but everyone was going all out, agreeing to send so many disciples to participate in this war. They put aside their grievances and banded together during this moment of crisis caused by a foreign invader!

The matriarch said with a tinge of regrets: “Unfortunately, they do have a lot of firepowers but not enough time for sharpening. These battalions are strong but wont be able to cooperate during a real fight, unable to form real formations and use their combined vitality to unleash an ultimate blow. Otherwise, they would actually be able to stop Soaring Immortals ace cards.”

Soaring Immortal had fought against the Black Dragon King Legion before and had swept through the nine worlds. Their legions were battle-hardened.

“This is already impressive enough.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Even if they train a bit more, they would only be able to stop the real moves from Soaring Immortal for a bit, not a full-frontal assault. The crux of the issue is that the majority of the sects are still hiding their resources. Say, if these imperial lineages all take out their imperial true treasures to form a formation empowered by Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood, they would actually be able to take Soaring Immortal on!”

The matriarch became quiet. This was indeed too difficult. How many imperial lineages were actually willing to use their full arsenals and treasuries for this battle today?

In fact, it was already commendable enough for them to send so many experts.

While the group was talking about the alliance, a series of clattering noises came about. Three huge crossbows placed on three stages far away from each other were situated in front of the alliance. With metallic clanking, the three crossbows had actually assembled themselves.

How gigantic were these crossbows? The stages they were on were the size of a mountain. Their string alone was made from the tendons of flood-dragons and spanned for more than a thousand meters.

The arrow created on top of the crossbow was even longer at ten thousand meters. Such a divine arrow could annihilate a city instantly. This was definitely an amazing artifact for a siege. Just a casual blow could end a great power.

The crowd stared in fear while looking at the black light emanating from the three arrows.

These three arrows had unique marking. The matriarch looked at Li Qiye with surprise in her eyes after seeing the marking.

Ordinary people wouldnt recognize it but she knew that it was the unique marking of the Heavens Secret Valley.

This particular sect rarely cared about worldly matters. Who would have thought that the alliance would be able to borrow three divine crossbows from this sect. It showed the great effort and solidarity of the Mortal Emperor World.

Of course, it wasnt that easy to borrow these crossbows. Some imperial lineages must have stepped up because ordinary people werent qualified to do so.

Meanwhile, the soldiers on the platforms of the Soaring Immortal World only sneered while looking at the three crossbows.

In their eyes, this alliance was no different from a disorganized mob, no match for their army.

Thus, the three crossbows brought here were viewed with disdain. Their crystal walls from the platforms simply couldnt be penetrated by this type of arrows or this newly formed alliance. After their enemy became fatigued from the failing siege, thats when they would instantly annihilate them.

The only real threat in their eyes was the Azure Dragon Legion, not the alliance. Killing this ragtag alliance wouldnt take too much effort.

“Fire!” After the crossbows were done setting up, Hai Lin gave the order.

A whoosh came before a loud bang. The truth was that the sounds came slower than its speed. The crystal walls were struck before the sounds emanated.

Ordinary experts couldnt see it clearly but Godkings saw everything. The three arrows struck the wall and failed to penetrate, only leaving small holes next to each other.

Because of this, the soldiers on the platform sneered at this childs play.

However, their smile froze in the next second. The arrows fell down from the holes and crumbled, revealing three intensely red arrows made of blood inside. They were extremely small, only the size of a thumb. They instantly suppressed the imperial auras that were ravaging the world and everything else.

“Boom!” The wall shattered and the blood arrows continued towards the Soaring Immortal Legion.

“Shield!” The officers reacted with amazing speed and instantly gave the order. At the same time, the platforms exuded a boundless imperial light to protect its legion.

“Boom!” The three arrows pierced through the imperial barrier and the shields from the soldiers. Everything crumbled before their might.

“Ah!” Blood spattered like a storm. The three arrows left behind three immense trails of blood.

Soaring Immortal suffered a devastating first blow with a casualty of nearly one hundred thousands.

“Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood turned into arrows, okay, they really put it all on the table.” Even Li Qiye commented after seeing this.

These arrows were indeed made of this grade of material and served as the alliances biggest ace card. Eight imperial lineages indeed expended their resources and offered the unbelievably precious nine drops of imperial blood. Finally, the Heavens Secret Valley refined these drops of blood into the blood arrows hidden inside the regular arrows since the crossbows by themselves wouldnt be able to break through.

This was part of Hai Lins plan after careful deliberation. They needed to catch Soaring Immortal by surprise by instantly breaking through the barrier.

Soaring Immortal underestimated its enemy this time and focused on the wrong foe at this particular juncture. They didnt expect for the imperial sects in the alliance to actually use some Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood.

“Kill!” The soldiers on the alliance side felt a great morale boost after breaking down the crystal wall. Their battle cries echoed across the entire Grand Sea.

“Rumble!” The great army rushed for the platforms with an unstoppable momentum as if they were primal beasts. The cultivators in Mortal Emperor have had enough and must destroy Soaring Immortal this time. Otherwise, this sect would always be a threat in their mind.

“To battle!” The Soaring Immortal Legion was ferocious as well. They quickly rushed to meet the enemy with the same ferocity. Even some of the wounded members were still as mighty as tigers.

Having their defensive perimeter broken through was humiliating so their bloodthirst surged even more. They would never let anyone challenge their prestige! Massacring this alliance would let them re-establish this authority.

“Boom! Bang!” In a short time, the two sides went all out on the platforms. The Godkings rampaged and everyone used their best killing techniques in order to take the enemy down.

This battle was a fight to the death for the alliance. They would never let Soaring Immortal point their swords at Mortal Emperor! A shocking skirmish ensued to the astonishment of all spectators!

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