Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 276: Arrogance With No Consideration For The Opponen

est had even helped him before. Thus, there was no better candidate than Hai Lin to go and talk with Li Qiye.

In the end, under the recommendation of his legion, Hai Lin went to see Fiercest at Pearl.

Li Qiye gave him enough face and granted an audience. He sat high in the hall and smiled at Hai Lin.

“Please excuse my sudden visit, Brother Li.” Hai Lin didnt dare to show any slight and bowed towards Li Qiye with great humility.

He was famous right now and praised as the leader in fighting against Soaring Immortal. He was very influential and loved by many great powers at the Grand Sea.

Moreover, he was the commander of the alliance at this moment so his fame and authority were only below Fiercest and Long Aotian.

Anyone else would become complacent and smug. However, Hai Lin had near-death experiences before and he knew that there was a big gap between him and someone like Fiercest. Plus, Fiercest had saved his life before so he owed him a debt!

“Have a seat.” Li Qiye gently nodded and said carefreely.

Hai Lin sat down and cupped his fist: “Brother Li, Soaring Immortal is a great threat to the entire Mortal Emperor World. As a member of the Grand Sea, I have the responsibility to resist. I lack experience but was fortunate enough to be supported by everyone. I come here, representing the Mortal Emperor Alliance, to ask you for help.”

Li Qiye smiled at the youths humble attitude and said: “Looks like you know how to act, knowing when to push and when to pull.”

“Thank you.” Hai Lin said: “This has nothing to do with personal glory. It is relating to the survival of the Grand Sea. I am here to humbly ask for your help, Brother Li.”

Hai Lin was not a soft person. On the contrary, he was a very arrogant and confident man. Otherwise, he wouldnt have clashed with Long Aotian so many times. However, this matter was an existential crisis so he let go of his own pride in order to ask for assistance.

“The survival of the Grand Sea has nothing to do with me.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

“You might not be from the Grand Sea but you were still born in the Mortal Emperor World.” Hai Lin hastily added: “If the Grand Sea were to fall, Soaring Immortal would point its sword at Mortal Emperor next. In the end, you will still have to fight them. It is better to fight them now before they grow stronger.”

“Its only Soaring Immortal. Destroying them, to me, is a piece of cake, not worth talking about.” Li Qiye said without thinking.

“Well…” Hai Lin had no response.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing this: “You are the commander of the alliance so you can wait until Soaring Immortal and I kill each other, then take advantage of the remaining mess, capturing both sides at the same time. Perhaps you will be the final victor in the competition for the Heavens Will. Your prestige will make the world listen to you so you can become the next emperor.”

“No, Im afraid you misunderstood me, Brother Li.” Hai Lin said: “I definitely do not have this idea nor dare try to carry it out. No one will be emperor but you in this generation.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “It doesnt matter what you think. Action speaks louder than words.”

“…” Hai Lin became quiet after hearing this. Meanwhile, Li Qiye simply stared at him and waited.

After a long time, Hai Lin took a deep breath and said seriously: “I know that you do not trust me. After all, wars are no joke. This battle will involve the fate of the entire Mortal Emperor World and the competition for the throne. I can see why Brother Li is choosing to not mobilize your troops.”

Hai Lin felt that Li Qiyes caution was warranted. If Li Qiye and Soaring Immortal were to be caught up in a costly battle, then he would lose everything that he had been working for.

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