Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 21: Saint Cavern

“Crash!” Amidst the gloating spectators, rocks went flying and Li Qiye jumped out of the crater then landed on the ground.

He was covered in mud but still looked quite natural without any signs of injury.

The crowd basking in schadenfreude immediately closed their mouths and didnt dare to talk. After all, Li Qiyes notoriety was still there.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “A bit surprising. My leading the forbidden power here actually helped you in understanding its mysteries. Your talents arent bad for being able to channel this power.”

“It was only by chance. I have only touched the surface of that majestic power, its not enough to reach the apex.” Zhentian calmly replied without showing any signs of complacency.

“Okay, warm-up is over. Lets make this quick.” Li Qiye laughed and clenched his fists.

“Pop!” The fists emitted a golden light as if they were made from gold.

“Eat another punch!” In a split second, he leaped up and unleashed a fist that stole the light from the celestials and myriad realms.

The diamond, soaring, hell suppressing, sky destroyer, furious immortal, void imperfection, and sacred spring fists all combined to create an unimaginable power. The world collapsed before its coming, the six dao were destroyed, and the reincarnation cycle ended!

All attacks were useless against it, any defense would be circumvented, and sealing techniques were meaningless. This was the embodiment of boundless weight, power, and speed! All of this culminated into an incredibly destructive force.

However, the scariest part about this ordeal was the furious immortal fists outbreak. The trifecta of speed, weight, and power was frantically amplified by several thousand times.

One would be mistaken if they thought that this was the end of this move. No, with the sacred spring fist, it allowed for the trifecta to reach an infinite level due to its empowerment. This fist had the best possible conditions…

The spring continued to power this fist, allowing it to reach its ultimate state. The sky was instantly blown apart. The fist was blinding as if countless suns appeared up above. Stars turned to ashes and a galaxy collapsed. Even the most powerful existence would tremble before this attack.

The astonished Profound believed that this was the most terrifying fist he had ever seen. Puresun put on a solemn demeanor as well. As for the other people, they were scared out of their wits and dropped to the ground, nearly soiling their pants.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Zhentian took three steps forward and formed the dao. A darkness materialized in his palm and turned into a superb power.

He slightly raised his right hand and sealed the entire area with worldly laws. It encompassed the power of nature as well as darkness while meeting Li Qiyes fist with an overbearing momentum.

Zhentian was indeed powerful. Just this move alone could instantly kill an Apex Godking!

“Bang!” The two moves finally collided. However, before this punch, the worldly power, laws, and the dark judgment were all useless.

Nothing could avoid destruction from a direct impact, not even Meng Zhentian could seal this punch. The combination of the seven fists meant that it was invincible!

“Bang!” Li Qiyes destructive fist instantly pierced through Zhentians chest!

A horrifying hole appeared on his chest. Even though this was only an avatar, it was still quite creepy to the spectators. His immortal light dimmed right away. The strands of radiance in the air withered as if they had lost their life force.

The crowd gasped again from witnessing this astonishing scene. For a short time afterward, many eyes were wide open. The charming spirits clenched their fists and were speechless.

Earlier, those who were mocking Li Qiye with great excitement turned pale. Not even in their wildest dreams would they imagine Li Qiyes powerful fist actually piercing through Zhentians chest.

“I cant understand it.” Puresun gently sighed. That fist was beyond his scope of comprehension.

This was clearly not an Immortal Emperor merit law, but its power was above one. How could anyone believe this? Puresun began to wonder if Li Qiye were to obtain the Heavens Will after proving his dao, wouldnt his imperial dao suppress all the other emperors?

“Clank—” The sound of laws intertwining came about. The hole in Zhentians chest slowly closed and his body lit up once again.

“Boom!” Boundless immortal light soared to the sky as his aura assaulted the world. His prestige could still crush the heavens and awe the gods.

“Good, very good!” Many charming spirits raised their fists in celebration while heaving sighs of relief.

Zhentians appearance showed that he wasnt defeated just yet and still had the ability to fight. If Meng Zhentian lost to Li Qiye, it would be a merciless slap to the charming spirits, something completely detrimental to their prestige.

“Your strength is beyond my imagination. Im afraid you will be my lifelong enemy.” Zhentian spoke with a tinge of emotions.

Li Qiye casually smiled in response: “You are indeed someone who can accept the Heavens Will. Alas, youre just a bit lacking!”

This answer was distasteful in the minds of the spectators, especially the charming spirits. Zhentian praised him as a rival — a great honor. Anyone else would be exchanging courteous words right away, but to the chagrin of the charming spirits, Li Qiye didnt care at all.

“It looks like well have to go to the death today. Without going all out, one cant show real techniques.” Zhentian laughed without taking Li Qiyes attitude to heart.

Though their words were relatively polite, their actions were anything but that. These types of duels would often in end in death. Regardless of their attitude and self-restraint, their enmity has been determined. Courteous words were one thing, but there would be no holding back in the fight.

“Come, show me the killer move youre hiding up your sleeve.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

“Be careful then, Fellow Daoist.” Zhentian was polite, but his intention was to deliver a fatal blow with this next move.

“Have another punch!” Li Qiye jumped to the sky and unleashed another seven-fists combination.

“Crash!” Zhentian summoned a monstrous wave and sent it forward. A vast ocean appeared with great turbidity and aimed to drown Li Qiye.

“The Boneseas water!” Someone screamed after seeing this!

This water was something everyone here was all too familiar with. They found it completely unbelievable. Many didnt even dare to touch this water, let alone try to control it.

In fact, this was impossible for pretty much anyone, but Meng Zhentian was able to do it. Alas, this wasnt very surprising considering that he had understood some of the mysteries of the forbidden zone. This allowed him to control this water for a short period of time. Of course, its full power was unattainable for him. Not even Immortal Emperors could do something like that!

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