Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 275: Princess Bao Yun

In a short time, screams echoed through the world. This great powers ancestral ground contained more than ten thousand disciples but they were instantly cut to pieces by this black tornado, a terrible way to end.

The spectators were horrified by this unknown force, capable of destroying a great power in the blink of an eye.

“Boom!” The tornado continued to drill down and pierced through the ancestral ground completely.

“Rumble!” The entire place started to quake with tidal waves in the near vicinity. It looked like the end of the world was coming.

After piercing through the ancestral ground, the tornado continued to drill into the deepest part where the earth vein was located.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A series of explosions continued. The tornado suddenly became gentle after reaching the earth vein like a tamed beast. The earth vein wrapped around it like a long chain. The tail of the tornado was still floating in the sky just like a kite.

“What is that thing?” Many people were horrified by this tornado. However, the big shots glanced at each other since they didnt know what it was.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Amidst the confusion, a second black tornado pierced through the sky and attacked the capital of a country.

“Kill!” The disciples there also cried and soared to the sky to fight. A Godking ancestor from this country was the first to make contact and used his most dominating move to stop it!

The majestic walls of the capital spanning for thousands of miles instantly collapsed before this tornado like a piece of paper.

“Ah!” More screamings resounded with the disciples being ravaged by the tornado into mists of blood.

“Ah!” The Godking cried in anguish and unwillingness. Even the countrys strongest Godking still couldnt stop the tornado at all. The sharp gale pierced through his chest and made him join his fellow disciples in pieces.

Even a powerful being like him was so insignificant and couldnt protect his home and children. This was a tragic end for a Godking.

“Boom!” This tornado pierced into the earth vein and became gentle just like the first one while prolonging its tail.

“Just what is going on?” People thought that it could be a natural calamity with the first tornado, but the appearance of the second made them realize that this was no coincidence.

However, who created these black tornados? What was the goal in destroying these sects?

“Boom!” A third tornado added to the panic. This time, an imperial lineage was the target.

“Its challenging an imperial lineage!” Many were startled at this sight.

“Whoosh!” An imperial defense system instantly appeared to stop the black tornado.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The first attack was stopped but it continued for three more times. The defense system faltered and with a loud bang, this tornado finally pierced through to attack the ancestral ground of the lineage.

“Ancestor, please protect us!” At this critical moment, the ancestors of this lineage prayed with their longevity blood. The other disciples were kneeling on the ground with blood and tear; they beseeched their ancestor to come back in spirit and protect their sect.

“Boom!” Under the cries of the sect members numbering in the ten thousands, this particular Immortal Emperor showed up. His will instantly erupted in the form of a majestic figure to stop the tornado with his hand.

“Our ancestor is invincible!” The disciples applauded to see their ancestor sealing the sky with his palm and protecting his descendants at this perilous juncture.

“Thats an Immortal Emperor for you.” Many said with emotions: “Great powers cant compare to imperial lineage. The protection of an emperor is stronger than anything else.”

“Bang!” When people were excited that the will of the emperor had stopped the tornado, imperial auras surged out of the tornado like multiple emperors taking action. They formed into the sharpest, most tyrannical spear in this world and instantly thrust through all things.

The spear pierced through the majestic figure and shattered the imperial will.

“No!” The descendants from the imperial lineage cried out after seeing the will of their ancestor destroyed. The screams were full of despair because they understood that the only thing awaiting them was demise!

“No way!” Many big shots were frightened pale in the Grand Sea. Even the will of an emperor was destroyed, just how terrible was this power?

Among their astonishment, they also finally understood the true extent of their enemys power. To the surprise of no one, the tornado pierced through the ancestral ground to reach the earth vein.

“Who is doing this?” Everyone still didnt understand the culprits goal of destroying these imperial lineages.

Meanwhile, Li Qiyes group was also watching the destructive tornado from Pearl. He had a smile on his face.

“Soaring Immortal wants to use the earth veins in the Grand Sea.” Matriarch Yu understood the intent right away.

“The mastermind in Soaring Immortal wants to change everything with a single battle by using the earth veins. Thats the only thing that could support their high level of formation.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“What formation is this?” She asked.

He answered with amusement: “This person knows that Im versed in all the arts in the nine worlds, especially the imperial techniques and grand formations from Soaring Immortal, some even came from me. Because of this, they want to do it differently by using a formation that I dont know for this battle.”

He continued on: “Rumor has it that when Immortal Emperor Fei got the Immortal Confinement, he also found a few items including a formation. This is an extremely old artifact, not from our epoch. This mastermind being able to understand this ancient item… quite an exceptional feat. It must be someone with supreme talents and intelligence. Thats the only way for them to form this formation.”

“Looks like Soaring Immortal is well prepared. This mastermind must have done so for more than just one or two generations.” The matriarch murmured.

“Thats true. Such a formation couldnt be comprehended even by the wisest being in a short time. Moreover, refining this formation required a long period as well. You can say that Soaring Immortal has been influenced completely; its young generation wants nothing more than to come into being again.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Is there a name to this formation?” The true god stared at this formation with flashing excitement in his eyes.

“If Im not mistaken, this formation is called Omnidirectional Immortal Annihilation.” Li Qiye answered: “Though I dont have the blueprint for it, I have experienced the ultimate arts from this epoch before. Others might not understand it after studying for a lifetime, but it cant elude my gaze.”

“Senior Worldkeeper, are you waiting for the formation to be completed?” The matriarch noticed the true gods appearance and asked.

“I havent warmed up since Immortal Slaying. Its time for our Azure Dragon Legion to erupt and show our invincibility. Soaring Immortal will be our sharpening stone.” He revealed a tyrannical posture and declared.

The monarch had nothing to say. This legion dared to fight the Ancient Ming back then. In their eyes, Soaring Immortal wasnt anything. They werent afraid of the dark days back then so they werent afraid of Soaring Immortal now!

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