Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 274: Heavens Secret Valley

The entire Mortal Emperor World held its breath before the inevitable battle. This phenomenon struck the Grand Sea even harder. Many great powers were scared out of their mind. Their experts maintained their vigilance.

The Grand Sea would become a battlefield soon enough. The fire of war would spread to many great powers. At that point, so many existences would wail in lamentation.

However, while people were too anxious for this war, something extremely strange happened to the nine worlds.

“Buzz!” A pleasant yet moving sound occurred. Despite not being too loud, the trillions of existence heard it clearly. Even the deaf could hear this sound since it came from the heart.

On this night, the nine worlds were boiling with excitement. Everyone woke up from their slumber, even the old monsters sleeping underground.

The night sky suddenly turned bright with the same pleasant noises that reached all the corners of the nine worlds – the plains, deep valleys, deserts, and even in the sea of pedestrians…

People could see astral rays of grand dao descending from the sky to all places in the nine worlds. They looked like rivers that were both near and far at the same time, flowing towards the unknown or the origin of the myriad dao.

Water wasnt flowing from these river-like rays, only bright particles and lights. Each grand dao had a different color and form but all were pure. This was the purest form of power and energy in the world.

Such grand dao werent created from cultivation and accumulation. It came from the source and encompassed the power of an entire generation. It would only appear at the formation of a generation.

When all the powers in the nine worlds came together to form these grand dao, it would eventually form the thing cultivators have always dreamt about for generations, the Heavens Will!

Some of them were in the shape of a gurgling creek. More looked like an endless river while the others looked like an expanding galaxy up above…

Everyone in the nine world was in awe to see these grand dao flowing in the sky. Not everyone was lucky enough to see this magnificent scene in their life. It would only happen once per generation.

“What is that?” A junior pointed at the sky since this was his first time.

“The gathering of the Heavens Will, the power of a generation shouldered by the nine worlds. The Heavens Will is about to appear along with our future emperor.” A senior that had seen this before explained.

“The Heavens Will…” The juniors expression changed to excitement.

All cultivators wanted to possess the Heavens Will; this was their ultimate pursuit. It meant a lifetime of invincibility and being the ruler of the generation as an emperor. So many people worked hard only to become dried bones along the way. Nevertheless, the dangers and effort required didnt stop people from trying. The temptation of the throne was irresistible.

“Where are they going?” A junior asked his senior with curiosity while staring at the flowing grand dao.

The senior shook his head: “No one knows. Some say that they are flowing towards the high heaven. Others believe that they are going towards the origin of the world or our dao hearts. The real answer is still a mystery.”

“What is the source of its power?” Another junior wondered about the purest power accompanying these grand dao.

“That is a question for Immortal Emperors. Rumor has it that they rarely use their full power after shouldering the Heavens Will. Some older people even say that they wouldnt ever use the ultimate power of the Heavens Will. Nevertheless, you can still imagine its power. It shouldered the nine worlds and contained the power of a generation so just use your imagination.”

The juniors were dazed to hear this. Just how crazy was this power? No wonder why so many people wanted the Heavens Will.

When the grand dao were flowing, a light slowly emanated from portals in the sky. The dusty platforms became clean and started to shine again.

Many people were excited to try after seeing the recovering dao portals. The people from the last generation wanted to see other places in the nine worlds and meet their old friends. Needless to say about the young generation, they have never left their own world. Of course, they were excited to have the chance to visit the other worlds.

Some experts rushed to the sky while the grand dao were flowing up above. Some people took out their treasures and holy artifacts on top of using their peerless arts. There was only one goal – to grasp the power of the grand dao by seizing them.

Unfortunately, all were useless. They couldnt grab a single strand of power from the grand dao. None of them were stopping.

“Its useless. No one can oppose the heaven and earth regardless of their might.” An experienced senior shook his head: “If you could steal the power from these grand dao, it means that you can destroy the heaven and earth, the nine worlds. If that is the case, then you dont need the power from the grand dao. Just one word from you would be able to swallow the nine worlds. Alas, no one has ever reached this level since the start of time.”

The experts trying this could only give up one after another after failing to steal the power of the grand dao. The senior was correct. If they were able to oppose the heaven and earth, then they would be even more powerful than Immortal Emperors. It would be silly for them to steal the power here by that point.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was standing under the moonlight inside Pearl and gazed at the flowing grand dao. He smiled at their pure power.

“This is the only time in each generation that I really look forward to. It makes my numb heart beat again.” He murmured.

Worldkeeper and the matriarch were standing to his left and right. They were staring at the same thing.

“Such a beautiful scene. Such a shame that some people wont get to see it in their lifetime.” The matriarch said with emotions.

“Yes, it only happens once in each generation. After this beautiful night will be the extremely cruel competition. The excitement is palpable but so are the horns of war from the geniuses in the nine worlds.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Regardless of all that, its impossible to be bored watching this. Each generation is different in some ways. Watching this scene means that one is still alive, their heart is still beating.”

“Its a bit different this time.” The true god stared carefully and eventually said.

He has lived for longer than the matriarch so his knowledge was even more exceptional. He was able to see something different this time around.

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