Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 272: Goddess Mei Suyao

“The old men sent you here, are they interested in talking about the mastermind this time?” Li Qiye looked at Lin and smiled.

This made Lin quiet because he didnt know whether he should talk about this. Before leaving, the ancestors told him to play it by ear with great caution. After all, this could besmirch someones reputation.

“I also know that your old men are thinking that it is Immortal Emperor Ren Xian.” Li Qiye could read the youths thoughts.

“Surely not, the ancestors are only thinking about all possibilities. They definitely dont think so.” Lin quickly answered.

He was very careful about this matter, same with his ancestors. This could negatively affect Immortal Emperor Ren Xians glorious reputation. Moreover, their entire sect vouched for him back then.

“Its not him. Im certain about this after some rumination.” Li Qiye shook his head.

There was a reason for his firm belief about the emperors innocence. If the emperor actually had such thoughts back then, he wouldnt have become an emperor.

“I knew it.” Lin felt a weight off his shoulders. In his mind, an emperor being involved in this conspiracy would be too much. A descendant like him didnt wish for this stain on the emperors reputation.

“Regardless of the past, the emperor has always been an insightful man with great self-control. Thats why he won the battle for the throne, not to mention his amazing achievements afterward. Perhaps your sect and his descendants did not inherit the same qualities, thinking that as a five emperors sect, you deserve hegemony in the nine worlds!” Li Qiye chuckled and praised.

Lin had nothing to say again. After a long lull and great hesitation, he softly asked: “What does His Excellency think about it?”

It took all of his courage to inquire about the opinion of the eternal ruler, the dark hand.

Li Qiye stared at the youth before laughing: “You are asking for His Excellency, the Dark Crows opinion? Its fine to tell you that he suspected the imperial queen back then!”

“The imperial queen?” Lin was shocked. After calming down, he blurted: “Thats impossible. The queen had passed away long ago. Moreover, she, she is a human.”

“Thats where it gets interesting. During the search back then, he also examined her remains. She had indeed passed away early.”

The truth was that he was very skeptical about this back then but he couldnt find any concrete evidence. The opponents planned everything well, not leaving a single hole.

“Someone that can hide this from Immortal Emperor Ren Xian isnt simple.” Li Qiye concluded.

Lin was in a tough spot the whole time. He eventually handed a scroll to Li Qiye and said respectfully: “This is the ancestors record, please present it to His Excellency.”

In fact, Lin didnt know whether he would be handing over this scroll or not. The ancestors said that if Immortal Emperor Ren Xian wasnt the prime suspect, then hand this scroll over.

Li Qiye accepted and opened for a look. He then closed it and chuckled: “Your old men want to plea for leniency. Unfortunately, the relationships alone are not enough.”

“They are aware.” Lin spoke weakly: “They only want to leave behind the dao legacy so that the lineage can continue on.”

These ancestors knew that there was no going back on this. Once Soaring Immortal lost the battle, they would face destruction. Thus, they were asking for mercy with their dao legacy.

“Its not impossible.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I can make a decision with a simple demand. Find the bloodline back then and I shall let your sect leave behind its legacy. Soaring Immortal might be gone but at least some seeds will remain.”

Lin couldnt speak because this demand was impossible. He smiled wryly again: “The ancestors dont have any clue. The nine worlds are too large, theres nothing they can do.”

“No, trust me. This bloodline is absolutely hidden in your sect. There was no way for it to escape but who knows where it is right now.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Theres no chance. The ancestors said that they have been paying attention. Theres no place to hide in Soaring Immortal since they have basically searched every single inch. If this is true, the only possible location is the Immortal Confinement.” The stunned youth replied.

“Thats not it.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The prison wont allow for this bloodline to exist, destruction will come. Thats the reason why the Immortal Confinement wasnt searched back then because the imperial princes didnt have this bloodline. A pure Ancient Ming bloodline is exceedingly difficult to conceal.”

Li Qiye was extremely familiar with this bloodline. The whole thing piqued his curiosity. He wondered how the mastermind back then hid this particular bloodline from everyone.

Lin couldnt do anything but shake his head in response: “I dont think its there.”

“No rush, itll appear soon enough.” Li Qiye said: “I also want to see to what level has this bloodline transformed. This is indeed worthy of further research.”

This was another reason why Li Qiye didnt go all out back then. Since the mastermind back then was able to hide this bloodline from him, it meant that the bloodline itself had undergone a great transformation.

Because of this, he wanted to see the full extent because it has been some time since he last saw it. This will be a prime example to satiate his curiosity.

Lin sighed and understood that his sect has become Li Qiyes prey. Though he wished to change the situation, he was powerless.

In the eyes of others, he was an amazing genius. But for the true overlords, he was only an insignificant junior.

“Brother Li, Ill be going then, goodbye.” He stood up and cupped his fists.

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Leave Soaring Immortal now before the start of the battle. Out of consideration for our friendship, I wont make it difficult for you.”

Though Li Qiye was going to destroy Soaring Immortal, he didnt want Heavenly Emperor Lins life. The youth had nothing to do with this.

Lin pondered for a moment before. He then bowed and said: “Thank you, Brother Li. Ill remember your kindness but I am a disciple of Soaring Immortal. It doesnt matter if the sect is right or wrong, I will not be a deserter. Soaring Immortal do not have deserters.”

“Courageous indeed. Go then, life or death, leave it to your own fortune.” Li Qiye nodded.

Lin cupped his fists again before leaving. He returned to Soaring Immortal and met the ancestors from the three branches. Though they were under house arrest, they could still meet their disciples.

After hearing his reports, the ancestors who used to be generals under emperors became silent. These were prominent characters that once threatened the nine worlds.

“Child, run as far away as possible. Do not return.” In the end, the oldest ancestor among them told Lin.

“Ancestor!” Lin was astounded to hear this: “The battle hasnt even begun, we dont need to be so pessimistic. There is still hope.”

“None.” The ancestor shook his head: “You dont know how terrifying the existence we are facing is. Even if an Immortal Emperor was in this world right now, they still wouldnt be able to shake the position of this existence. If His Excellency had made his decision, there is no changing our fate.”

“What if everyone comes to plead? Ancestor, you said that you had some ties with His Excellency? Maybe if you and the others can see him in person…”

“Its no use.” The ancestor shook his head again: “We have already used up all of our face back in the previous search. The sentiments have been spent. Soaring Immortal had crossed the line, there is no saving this.”

“His Excellency has his own rules. Pleading is useless now even if we can meet him.” A different ancestor agreed.

The ancestors expression dimmed down after this point. Another smiled wryly and said: “I wonder if Asura would regret his decision? If he didnt support Immortal Emperor Ren Xian back then, maybe Soaring Immortal wouldnt be standing before this cliff.”

The other ancestors quietly contemplated the question. Forefather Asura eventually died from old age. Outside of a reduction in his life-prolonging resources, perhaps he had begun to question his own choice and gradually lost his will to live. Maybe he didnt wish to see Soaring Immortal being in its current perilous situation.

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