Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 270: Tyrannical Lion Physique Heavenly Turtle Fate

Any lineage and big shot would be overwhelmed with chills while looking at such a legion.

Soaring Immortals troops were completely massacred in a short time. Moreover, the older soldiers from Azure Dragon dismembered Godkings as if they were mere cattle. That was the frightening part.

It was unfortunate that not too many people knew about this ancient legion. Those who once knew about it have returned to the earth.

“Azure Dragon Legion.” However, some were still alive. In a sect with three emperors, an ancestor woke up while sitting on his throne inside a palace deep within. He focused his gaze at the Grand Sea and felt his hair standing on end after seeing the legion.

“The Ancient Ming Race turned to ashes after the Immortal Slaying War because the Azure Dragon Legion and the wise sages of the nine worlds surrounded and slaughtered the Dragon Ming Dynasty. During that period, the Ancient Ming had many supports so Azure Dragon took the vanguard to stop their waves of reinforcement with blood. This particular battle lasted for forty-nine days. The earth was covered by a bloody paste and in the end, Azure Dragon with sheer determination protected the last defensive line to stop any reinforcement. Finally, Immortal Emperor Long Ming was crucified on a peak. The screams of an emperor echoed across the nine worlds. That might be the most terrifying thing in all the ages. The emperor of that arrogant race was actually killed during their own era…”

“That battle astounded the inhabitants of the nine worlds. It was the fruit from the wise sages working together. However, without the Azure Dragon Legion, it wouldnt have been as easy to massacre that dynasty, let alone killing their emperor!”

This particular ancestor became emotional while thinking about the old war with heartfelt admiration for Azure Dragon and their tyrannical heroism.

How many lineages dared to accept such a risky order during the Ancient Mings reign but Azure Dragon accepted this responsibility and completed it without letting anyone down.

In a different sacred ground, another eternal existence woke up and gazed at the legion: “The first, Azure Dragon Legion, the most amazing legion in the world, daring to fight against the Ancient Ming when no one else did. Alas, their casualty was too great. So many brave generals and soldiers fell in that battle so they could only retire afterward. Otherwise, it wouldnt be Soaring Immortals turn to do whatever they want now. Just Azure Dragon alone would easily sweep through Soaring Immortal.”

In the Barren Earth, a dying old man in an ancient clan sat up with tears in his eyes the moment he saw the legion.

“Azure Dragon protects the Son of Heaven. One hundred fight to slaughter the immortal!” He murmured: “It is a shame that I only have one breath left or I shall contribute for His Excellency again on the battlefield. For glory!”

“The old valorous shall be undying, Azure Dragon shall be eternal!” The old man quietly mumbled as tears dripped down his cheeks.

Back in those dark years, they weathered through perils together. With no fear of death, everyone held the last line of defense without a single thought of giving up!

The phrase was their battle cry and their symbol. It represented their entire will and determination. As long as they were still alive, they would protect their prince and the last line of defense for the nine worlds.

Their ambition was to protect his Excellency and the nine worlds on top of killing the Ancient Mings emperor!

They worked towards these goals from beginning to end. Ultimately, they finally did it with the death of Immortal Emperor Long Ming by cutting off the reinforcements. Their illustrious battle exploits were built on their blood and tears.

They shocked the world with the battle today. Though no one had heard of the previously, the name, “Azure Dragon”, will be repeated everywhere henceforth. People were speechless even while others felt great admiration for the legion.

After the battle, the legion camped inside Pearl. The city was completely quiet and no one would dare to step inside. Many big shots were terrified to see the older soldiers in the legion. Their legs would uncontrollably tremble.

Meanwhile, inside the main hall of Pearl, Li Qiye and Wordkeeper sat together. After so many years, the master and servant were together again.

“Though you cant live for another generation, you are still vigorous enough. Your vitality isnt as strong as your peak but it isnt much weaker.” Li Qiye looked at the true god and smiled.

“It is all because of the love you have shown me, Your Excellency.” The true god smiled back: “If you didnt bestow immortal treasures to me, allowing me to recover, I might be a pile of mud right now.”

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “No need to thank me, you deserve them. Our brothers paid a heavy price back then but unfortunately, I couldnt keep everyone alive through the long years.”

The true god couldnt help but sigh after the past was brought up. Both him and Li Qiye felt the same awe when thinking about the glorious sacrifice of old.

The true god changed the topic: “Your Excellency, when do you want to attack Soaring Immortal? Our brothers are ready. Just give the order, we shall flatten them!”

“No rush.” Li Qiye said: “I actually want to see what kind of cards they have up their sleeve. I heard Immortal Emperor Ren Xians sons have escaped from the Immortal Confinement so I want to see what kind of trouble they can bring.”

“If Immortal Emperor Ren Xian was still in this world, then maybe they can do something. But just some imperial princes alone, theres nothing they can do against you, Your Excellency.” The true god replied.

“Princes or princesses, whatever.” Li Qiye was nonchalant: “Im just curious about what they hid back then and the bloodline. I want to see who was the one who had their bloodline changed. I didnt find it back then but Im certain it is in Soaring Immortal.”

His eyes flashed with a terrible glint. Even an emperor would feel trepidation after seeing it. The true god naturally knew the significance of this glint.

“If Soaring Immortal dares to let the Ancient Mings bloodline appear again, this is more than enough to kill them all!” The true god became bloodthirsty as well. He had experienced the darkest years so he naturally wouldnt allow it to happen a second time.

“Yes.” Li Qiye was in no hurry: “Its just that I couldnt find the changed bloodline back then or Soaring Immortal wouldnt exist right now.”

Back then, with Immortal Emperor Qian Li and the Black Dragon King, even Soaring Immortal had no other choice but to submit and let the Dark Crow search every inch of their land.

Alas, the forceful search didnt yield any result. The participating ancestors all committed suicide while the imperial princes went hiding in the Immortal Confinement.

“No need to talk about Soaring Immortal, theyre already fish on the chopping board.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Outside of giving Azure Dragon the well-deserved glory, I have another personal reason. I hope that after I leave, the legion will still be famous across the nine worlds in order to deter a few people from having the same thoughts in the future.”

“Your Excellency, your burden is too heavy.” The true god cupped his fist and said: “If this was the past, I would want to follow and pave the way for you again with our brothers.”

“I know of your devotion.” Li Qiye nodded and sighed: “However, there was too much casualty back then and I dont want it to happen again to the legion. You all have paid enough. In the future, the war above the nine heavens will be even crueler.”

“You love us too much.” The true god said with sincerity.

“No, it is because I owe everyone.” Li Qiye replied with a tinge of sadness: “I personally recruited each of you but how many brothers have been buried now? Their blood still stained the battlefields.”

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