Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 268: Wooden Rulers Secre

Li Qiye couldnt help but smile while looking at the five Legendary Godkings and the legion: “Looks like you dont understand me at all, same with the ancestors backing you up. This is really disappointing, Soaring Immortal producing some idiots. Your forefather, Immortal Emperor Ren Xian, was a visionary. Who would have thought that his descendants would be a bunch of fools?”

“Kill!” Aotian shouted with no needs for more words. He wanted to use action to harm Li Qiye and let the world know the fate of those who oppose him. It wouldnt only end in death, even friends and families were going to be killed as well.

“Kill!” The legion from Soaring Immortal responded to his order. They rushed for Pearl like an unstoppable flood.

“Clang, clang, clang…” The warning bells echoed across the city as the inhabitants fell into a terrible panic.

“Fight!” The disciples from Pearl also let out a battle cry. They had no other choices; it was either fighting to the death or running and be killed. Thus, they dashed ahead in order to desperately face their foes.

“Rumble!” The world and Pearl continued to shake. Pearl was a city that could disappear in this storm of crisis at any moment.

It was already having a hard time dealing with the first legion from Soaring Immortal and was forced back continuously. Now, another legion of the same strength made resistance even harder. Screams and blood scattered across the city. The defensive lines inside the city crumbled instantly so the remaining troops fell back to the central area.

“Li Qiye, open your eyes and watch the destruction of Pearl. Get used to this feeling since you have Soaring Mortal as an enemy.” Aotian coldly uttered.

“Soaring Immortal, only a bunch of fools.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Come now, Azure Dragon, its your time to roar and protect the nine worlds. Let them taste your rage!”

“Boom!” The sky shattered with a battle platform. It instantly teleported a legion to this place.

This legion was surrounded with primordial chaos and an ancient yet vigorous aura. It seemed to have been buried for millions of years. The soldiers all wore an azure scaled armor with an Azure Dragon raising its claws embroidered on the front. These dragons were extremely tyrannical, capable of tearing apart everything.

The legion itself was the sharpest spear with nothing in this world capable of stopping its thrust. Even imperial legions and emperors could fall prey to its sharpness.

The legions from Soaring Immortal looked like greenhorns compared to this legion. This became even more apparent after seeing the important old soldiers in this legion. Their eyes were cold without any sign of fear. Even when an emperor stood before them, they would still raise their spear and take the vanguard. They dared to fight against any existence in the world. It was as if they were natural-born warriors with experience added at this point.

Their war banners fluttered in the sky. It was also the same image of an Azure Dragon. It looked like it wanted to fly out of the flag to tear apart its enemies.

When this legion appeared, the nine worlds turned cold. People shuddered everywhere regardless of who they might be. Even the god of war would still feel fear.

“Aooo!” The legion landed and rushed towards the other two legions from Soaring Immortal with the cry of a dragon.

“Ah!” Skulls went flying amidst the wails. Blood spurted everywhere before this war machine, the harvester of skulls. They fought to kill with every single technique. Their murderous bloodthirst and wanton regards for their own safety were the scariest aspects of their combat.

“No!” Screams continued endlessly. Even Godkings were lamenting as their head went flying with their eyes wide opened. This was the most terrifying legion they had ever seen.

The draconic legion rampaged across the battlefield like a true dragon. The other two legions couldnt slow it down at all.

The old soldiers in the legion were even more incredible. Five old soldiers formed a team that could instantly put an end to a Godking in a scene of carnage.

The crowd was shocked to see this. In their mind, Godkings were supreme existences but just these old teams were enough to tear their body apart.

The scariest part was the expression on these old soldiers. Their dismembering and decapitating techniques were flawless. It looked as if they werent operating on humans, only helpless livestock.

“Ah!” The disciples from Pearl werent the ones screaming any longer. In a short time, the harvest continued and there were few left in the Soaring Immortal legions.

The strongest cultivators among the spectators were afraid as well. They would find it difficult to forget this battle for the rest of their lives.

“Clank!” The clanging of metals continued. Wile the legion was killing the disciples, a halberd strike came out of nowhere and aimed for the five Legendary Godkings trapping Li Qiye.

“Kill!” The five Godkings reacted swiftly with enough power to flatten the heavens. Crazy imperial laws crushed space and time.

However, this particular metallic clanking had a strange rhythm to it. It crushed all the imperial laws even though they came from Legendary Godkings.

The halberd continued with a godslaying momentum. The moment this strike came out, everything was a foregone conclusion.

“Open!” The five Godkings worked together to unleash a tyrannical move. A divine wall that had surpassed all physical limits appeared to stop all attacks.

However, the halberd slammed into the wall and instantly penetrated it.

“Pluff!” More blood came out. The five Legendary Godkings had their throat pierced. They were still lost in disbelief. They were five Legendary Godkings working together yet they still couldnt stop this halberd!

Aotian was shocked to see this as well. His grand completion Soaring Physique reacted even faster. His Virtuous Sword slashed through the sky with a devastating imperial aura. It was a Heavenly Annihilation.

“Boom!” The annihilation turned the world dark. The sun in the sky was blotted out. It looked as if the end of the world was coming.

“Clank!” The impact resounded across the entire Mortal Emperor World. Just this sound alone seemed to be eternal like a supreme authority in existence. Nothing could shake it!

The annihilation was stopped by the halberd, resulting in fiery sparks flying everywhere and shattered the stars. The initially dark sky was brilliant with the new fireworks.

Ordinary cultivators dropped to the ground, paralyzed. They simply couldnt withstand this aura. Even Godkings lost their colors and felt completely worthless before this power.

“Is that the attack from an Immortal Emperor?” In this split second, everyone had the illusion that an emperor was around.

“Clank!” The halberd suddenly moved and reversed the universe with it. This next strike was simply unstoppable.

“Boom!” Long Aotian went flying for more than ten thousand miles and vomited blood under the pressure of the halberd.

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