Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 267: Heaven Cutting Table

Long Aotian and Li Qiye were hovering in the sky. Aotians eyes were sharp enough to pierce through all things while Li Qiye stood there leisurely as if he was only facing a random stranger on the street.

The countless spectators held their breath. They knew that a great battle was coming and ruminated about the victor.

“Li Qiye! You are about to become a skeleton on my imperial path!” Aotian stared at him and uttered coldly.

Each word was sonorous and powerful. They represented his undying will to kill Li Qiye.

This prompted Li Qiye to shake his head and smile: “You alone wont do. Despite having a grand completion physique, your power is still far lacking compared to a real Emperor Assailant.”

“Theres no way.” The experts nearby became skeptics. Everyone knew that grand completion users could become Emperor Assailants. His statement went against the common belief.

“Hmph!” Aotian snorted without agreeing or retorting.

“No need to be unconvinced.” Li Qiye smiled cheerfully: “Triple saint talents and the arts of five emperors, those are incredible achievements. Unfortunately, you have been too hasty and forcefully reaching grand completion before the perfection of your grand dao. This resulted in flaws within your physique, something that cant be fixed even if you were to become an emperor. With your current strength, you cant handle one thousand moves against one. Even five hundred moves might be challenging.”

This statement made the crowd ponder and looked at each other. They felt that there was something else to this common belief. They thought that grand completion users could assail an emperor but maybe this wasnt the case?

“So what?” Aotian was unperturbed: “The grand dao is endless. I can make up for this flaw after becoming one!”

Aotian was completely confident even after losing the first time. In his eyes, the throne was his for sure due to his incredible strength and peerless achievements.

“Being confident is not a bad thing.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “It shows your ambition and will to surpass the former sages including the emperors from your sect. You believe that you will become an emperor stronger than them or even become someone comparable to your progenitor, Immortal Emperor Fei…”

“And then?” Aotian uttered coldly. He wasnt in a rush to attack and kill since Li Qiye was the only rival at this level.

“Im not looking down on you.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Even if I let you become an emperor, with your current state, you cant surpass Immortal Emperor Tun Ri and Immortal Emperor Ba Mie. Your talents might be better than Immortal Emperor Tun Ri but you have been too impatient, unable to calm down. The best you can be is an average emperor.”

The crowd was surprised to see the two mortal enemies talking. They thought a battle would break out upon sight but this was only a discussion about Immortal Emperors. Perhaps only people at their level would understand their train of thoughts.

“Hah, Im afraid you wont live to see that day.” Aotian was unaffected and sneered: “After I step on your body, youll see what kind of emperor I shall become.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Still a firm dao heart. Fine, Ill take you down again. Well see how many defeats are necessary before your dao heart is affected.”

Aotian snorted in response: “Li Qiye, the one shaken will be you!”

“Rumble!” A huge portal appeared in the sky with people rushing out. This was another legion of ten thousand men, enough to instill fear into the crowd.

It was a forest of armors and spears. The soldiers stood upright with a murderous aura and battle intent, even the ocean would lament before their might. This was a legion of steel, capable of crushing everything.

The swift teleportation of ten thousand troops showed just how amazing Soaring Immortal was with their resources. This type of forces seemed so common to them.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, loud explosions shattered the sky. Five Godkings came out of nowhere. They were extremely old with white hair and despite their withered lifespan, their eyes were still spirited with the flames of Godking. Inside their eyes were the derivation of the grand daos myriad laws. A boundless power was being cultivated within.

The five Godkings didnt hide their aura at all and let it roam free like a disaster-level tsunami. It slammed into the sky and ferociously shattered all the stars above.

The five Godkings immediately surrounded Li Qiye with Long Aotian and blocked all of his escape paths.

Li Qiye was still all-smiles: “Hmph, the quality is a bit bad with imperfect dao foundation, but this is indeed the first step into the Legendary Godking level. Of course, the five of you are only poor imitations compared to the real things.”

The five Godkings glared at him with terrible bloodthirst. They were Legendary Godkings yet Li Qiye called them poor imitations. This really drove them crazy but since they came from Soaring Immortal, they could still remain relatively calm. The moment Li Qiye made the slightest action, they would deliver the fatal blow.

“Legendary Godkings!” The sect masters nearby felt a chill running down their spine after hearing this.

For a great power, it was already amazing to have a Godking. A Legendary Godking would be the prized jewel of the sect. Now, Soaring Immortal had five of them appearing out of thin air. This was enough power to flatten any lineage in the Grand Sea with the exception of Heaven Suppression.

This gave everyone a new perspective on Soaring Immortals legacy. It was much more frightening, beyond their imagination.

However, Li Qiyes comment left them speechless as well. These were Legendary Godkings that would be respected no matter where they were and there were five of them. Alas, he was calling them poor imitations, as if such Godkings couldnt get into his sight and not worth mentioning.

They could only smile helplessly. It wasnt their first time experiencing his domineering and arrogant style.

“One isnt enough so gotta increase the number now?” Li Qiye looked at Aotian and smiled.

“No, I only want you to watch those on your side die a miserable death! If they have chosen you, then let them die a meaningful death. You will only be able to stand and watch each of them being killed one by one!”

The crowd was frightened upon this declaration. They could imagine rivers of blood and mountains of bones scattering all around Pearl along with wails of torment!

They understood that Soaring Immortal and Long Aotian wanted to make an example out of Li Qiye. This was a warning to everyone in this world that those who stood by Fiercest would be destroyed mercilessly!

The scared spectators thought that if they were to make a choice at this moment, no one would pick Fiercests side.

“Lets see how long you can watch and if your dao heart can remain strong under this massacre.” Aotian sneered with a terrible murderous glint in his eyes!

This was also a way to take Li Qiye down. Thats why he had five Legendary Godkings trapping the guy. It could be said that he wasnt in a rush to kill Li Qiye. His goal was to torture him by letting him watch his friends die. This was a way to affect his dao heart.

Meanwhile, the crowd found themselves thinking that being enemy with Aotian was a very scary thing.

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