Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 264: Turning Something Rotten Into Something Magical

With five emperors, Soaring Immortal was a battle-hardened lineage and had experiences beyond others with regards to both battle formations and strategies.

Godkings personally led the cavalries so they came with an unstoppable and majestic momentum. Their auras made many big shots turn pale in the distant.

Their sects wouldnt be able to stop this flood of steel; destruction would be inevitable.

“Rumble!” Powerful weapons began their attack. The world seemed to be exploding with mountains and rivers trampled.

In a short time, the city and even the entire archipelago were shaking. Tsunamis were formed in the process like the ocean was being flipped over.

Such power scared everyone and made them realize just how terrible the legion of Soaring Immortal was. Such a legion could sweep through the world.

“Boom!” Pearl was feeling the effect but it was still fine. An unbelievable scene happened before everyone. The blinding light emitting from Pearl as a defensive barrier nullified all attacks from the legion.

The legion didnt give up after the first failure. They rallied again for an even more powerful attack.

“Boom!” Pearl was shaken this time but still unbroken. The barrier of light had runes flowing through it as if it had experienced the augmentation of an Immortal Emperor.

This astonished the crowd. The big shots watching from far away and Pearls own disciples were shocked. They didnt think their defensive barrier was so powerful, able to stop Soaring Immortals offense!

“No wonder why Pearl dared to challenge Soaring Immortal. So they have this power.” Another great character found this surprising.

“Rumble!” Soaring Immortal launched one attack after another but the barrier remained strong.

Despite the shaking territory, the Peacock Bright Monarch could sense the pendant in front of her chest lighting up even more. With Soaring Immortals attack becoming stronger, she felt the tower becoming stronger as well.

The little tower inside her mind resonated with her pendant and it exuded a light as well.

At this time, she felt an illusion as if she was becoming one with the tower. She felt it coming back to life and borrowed the power of the earth using her vitality.

Its supreme laws and her grand dao created a bridge to connect their power. The stronger she was, the stronger the tower would be. She never felt this before; this was like an awakening to her. There was another grand dao inside the tower waiting for her to comprehend.

The failed attacks made Soaring Immortal pause their advance.

“Is the cavalry giving up?” A spectator commented.

However, their disciples took out some strange metallic items. Who knows which metals they were made from but each piece had been refined and was full of power.

“Click, clack!” After the disciples laid out the foundation, the items actually put themselves together at an increasingly faster pace.

“Clank!” In just a short time after the metal pieces came together, a huge giant appeared before the world.

“Click, clack!” A total of eight giants were formed with the same process in eight different directions around Pearl.

What shocked people the most was that their body was engraved with many perfect Immortal Emperor Refined Jades! Each piece of jade was spewing out an immortal energy. They were bright and desired by everyone in the world.

“What are those things?” Another person yelled in astonishment.

“They must be sieging weapons, powered by Immortal Emperor Refined Jades.” One God-Monarch speculated: “They either came from emperors or some other invincible beings in Soaring Immortal.”

“Rumble!” While people were wondering what they are, the eight steel giants began their attack on Pearl.

Their hands turned into rapidly rotating drills. They came from the sky with an all-breaking momentum to attack the bright barrier. In the blink of an eye, the archipelago seemed to have been pushed deeper into the ocean.

A large area on the barrier was slightly pushed down, nearly being penetrated.

Fortunately, this barrier was extremely powerful. The eight giants still couldnt pierce through it but some cracks have appeared on the affected locations.

The disciples in Pearl who were relieved just now felt their heart hanging on a thread again.

Luckily, the Pearl Towers light became even more binding. All the cracks came together again.

“Just who the heck created this tower? It can actually stop Soaring Immortal.” Many became startled after seeing this.

Other great powers wouldnt have been to handle this. Their defensive lines would have crumbled but not Pearl.

Someone reminded the crowd: “Dont forget, the Black Dragon King reigned for three generations. Would he be able to do so without some invincible means? The three emperors were very respectful to him so one could easily imagine his strength. In my opinion, this tower definitely came from the king. Only someone of his level could create such an amazing barrier!”

People found this comment to be reasonable. Alas, the truth was the tower came from the Dark Crow. There was a great secret inside the tower. Moreover, some of the construction materials came from the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine!

The leftovers from the mine were used to create the tower. Despite being called leftovers by Li Qiye, they were extremely precious to the world.

“Rumble!” The eight giants went all out like the storm. They must pierce through Pearls barrier. Since they were empowered by imperial jades, they had enough power source to attack without rest. This was Soaring Immortals amazing sieging weapons. During a siege, the attackers would feel fatigue eventually. However, these giants could go on forever as long as there were enough jades to fuel them.

For other great powers, imperial jades were too precious but they were nothing in Soaring Immortals eyes.

The monarch was clearly affected as the giants raged on. She continuously faltered with her strength wavering.

The giants were directly shaking the tower. As the master of the tower, her grand dao and strength were directly connected to the tower. Thus, she felt the pressure as well.

“No time to play around with you three!” Long Aotian noticed something while fighting in the sky against Hai Lins group. He unleashed an invincible blow with his imperial weapon and pierced the sky. Darkness ensued and the three couldnt withstand this attack at all. They were blown away towards the horizon; their fate unknown.

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