Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 261: Graves Auction

The atmosphere in the Grand Sea became tense after Soaring Immortal mobilized against Pearl City.

The city itself was under more duress. In order to avoid being killed in the process, the citizens there evacuated. Only the experts stay behind to protect the city even though their opponent was Soaring Immortal since this was their home.

The great powers were startled to see this scene while certain cultivators were very confused.

“Isnt Soaring Immortal an ally of Heaven Suppression? Why are they sieging Pearl?” A young disciple had a confused expression.

A senior explained it to him: “This is related to the internal politics of Heaven Suppression. Pearl might be under the sects jurisdiction but it doesnt obey a direct order without an extremely complex procedure. You can say that it is an independent city as well.”

“But its still under Heaven Suppression. They shouldnt let Soaring Immortal attack their own.” The junior was still perplexed.

“Not quite the case.” The senior shook his head: “I heard Pearl is part of Ancestor Shans branch while the Bright Peacock Monarch and Ye Jiuzhou dont see eye to eye. This is a good chance for Jiuzhou to kill with a borrowed knife by using Soaring Immortal to capture Pearl. If he were to win it back after Soaring Immortal took it down, it would be a great contribution. Not only would he gain Pearl, it would solidify his status at Heaven Suppression too.”

In fact, there was a very simple reason and excuse for Soaring Immortal to surround Pearl. They wanted the defeated demons and sea monsters hiding within.

Not long ago, Soaring Immortal plowed through the sea trenches and killed many hiding demons. Only a small number managed to escape into the nearest location, Pearl.

The monarch refused Soaring Immortals demand for the refugees: “Pearl is a free trading port in the Grand Sea. As long as there is no existing violation of the citys laws, anyone can stay here. Pearl will never hand over a guest to anyone or any sect!”

Her formal response shocked many cultivators and made them feel ashamed. No one dared to protect the sea monsters and demons outside of Mount Qingcheng that had deep ties with Hai Lin. Pearl was the next right now but it had nothing to do with the two factions. It was simply protecting the rules of Pearl.

These two factions were virtually destroyed right now by Soaring Immortal. No other lineages in this place would oppose Soaring Immortal for their sake but Pearl chose to do so.

“The monarch is just as brave as any man can be.” An ancestor said with shame: “Not just anyone can be undaunted before authority yet she can, putting men to shame.”

Pearl was ready to fight as well. All the gates were closed with the disciples situated in key positions. The ancestors there personally came out in order to protect their city as well.

The two armies made the atmosphere very tense with their weapons drawn. An aura of war permeated the entire archipelago. At this moment, a loud blast resounded as a man made his appearance in the middle of the scene.

It was a stalwart old man with a silvery beard and a conspicuous red cloak. When it fluttered with the wind, it looked just like clouds of blood.

“Ye Jiuzhou!” The spectators murmured in shock.

“Monarch, Soaring Immortal is our ally, we should be on the same side. You shouldnt involve Pearl just because of a few remnants.” He spoke.

The monarch appeared on the city wall and replied with a solemn expression: “Ancestor Ye, Pearl is part of Heaven Suppression but according to the ancestral guidelines, it has its own rules. If the ones staying in Pearl have committed crimes, then we would hand them over. However, if they are innocent, we will not acquiesce to anyone!”

After hearing this, the spectators nearby became emotional. One of them murmured: “Pearl dares to stand up for strangers. We have so many sects in the Grand Sea so why are we letting Soaring Immortal does whatever it wants?!”

Nevertheless, these sect masters and royal lords remained silent. No one wanted to be the first to oppose Soaring Immortal despite being unhappy about the current situation.

“Monarch, open the gate and let me in to talk?” Jiuzhou told the monarch.

“Ye Jiuzhou, just because you want to be a hound for Soaring Immortal doesnt mean we want to do so too!” An unhappy ancestor coldly uttered: “We dont have an entrance for a dog like you at Pearl!”

A few ancestors here have been unhappy with Jiuzhous faction since it had tried to seize power several times. The two sides were like water and fire!

“Then excuse me.” Jiuzhou stepped forward and made it to the gate in an instant.

“Cease your haughtiness!” The ancestors here shouted and took action. However, Jiuzhous long cloak swept by and created a terrible storm that blew these ancestors flying.

“Boom!” Jiuzhou walked in a dominating fashion and made it to the government hall inside the city.

He himself was a Legendary Godking. Ordinary ancestors were no match for him.

“Ancestor Ye, halt.” The monarch appeared right outside this building and said with austerity.

“Monarch, I come with sincerity in order to discuss this with you. I hope to resolve this in a different manner, no need for Pearl to fight against Soaring Immortal. I dont want to fire of war to spread here.” He said sincerely.

To which she responded: “Its not hard to end this whole thing. Tell Soaring Immortal to send their troops back. When the sea monsters and demons are outside, Soaring Immortal can do whatever but when they are inside Peal, no one can force us to compromise!”

He persuaded: “Monarch, you should know I cant decide for Soaring Immortal.”

“Then theres nothing I can do.” The monarch shook her head: “They can either leave or fight. No need to waste words.”

Jiuzhou took a deep breath and said solemnly: “Monarch, then I must take over Pearl temporarily and sentence you.”

“Ancestor Ye, you want to forcibly seize power?” The monarchs eyes turned cold.

“I cant change your mind. Excuse me, then.” He continued stepping towards the government hall.

However, he slowly walked backward when he got closer. At this time, a woman came out from a palace inside. This wondrous beauty was the lord of Heaven Suppression, Zi Cuining!

“City Lord.” Jiuzhou bowed deeply with a respectful attitude.

“Ancestor Ye, rules are rules.” She stated: “You should know that you alone cant decide who will be in charge of Pearl.”

“City Lord, Im only doing this for Pearls sake.” He had no sign of arrogance.

She shook her head in response: “You have the power in Heaven Suppression at this moment and can change many things. However, dont forget the ancestral teachings. Pearl is independent of Heaven Suppression. If you want to take over, you need to bring an official decree with the unanimous agreement of all parties and signed by me. Go do that if you want to make the change.”

“City lord, you know that Im not doing it to take over but Soaring Immortal wont give up. This is my way to buy more time, hoping that Pearl will come out fine.” He pondered for a moment before answering.

“Fighting against Soaring Immortal is unwise.” He added.

“Then what do you think is the wise course of action? Leading the wolves into our home? You know that leading Soaring Immortal to the Grand Sea is the start of a disaster. Once they take roots here, theyll certainly aim for us!” She looked at him and retorted.

He could only sigh after hearing this.

“If you truly want to talk, then fine, tell Gu Zun to come here himself. This started with Gu Zun so let him come to deal with it. I dont care about the underlying goals but he brought Soaring Immortal here, he is responsible for this!” She said solemnly.

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