Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 252: Old Pond Golden Turtle

Such annoying laughter shocked the crowd. Aotian was too influential at this moment. Who would dare to mock him and the Golden Dragon Prince?

People quickly turned back and saw that it came from no one but Fiercest standing in the distant with a relaxed pose.

“Thats Fiercest.” The spectators were astonished to see Fiercest hovering in the sky while calmly watching everything.

They found that his boisterous laughter was completely understandable. In their eyes, he was the only qualified challenger and the only real threat for Aotian.

The Golden Dragon Prince looked over as well and turned cold. He had heard of the guys notoriety and knew that he wasnt easy to mess with.

The prince scowled to show his dissatisfaction but he didnt dare to retort either. He was an amazing genius but going against Fiercest was not on his agenda.

The experts nearby glanced at each other after seeing this. Thats Fiercest for you. Even the extremely arrogant prince didnt dare to provoke him.

“An insect claims to be a golden dragon? A mortal wishing to be the high heavens child?” Li Qiye said flatly after hearing the scowl.

Li Qiye was only following along to see Aotians bloodline for a bit and see if it had undergone any transformation. After a careful observation, he found that there was no problem with it.

Of course, he didnt really care for the guy and saw no point in doing anything now. In his eyes, Aotian was no different from a dead man. It was only a matter of time.

“You!” The prince angrily glared at Li Qiye and couldnt help from blurting: “Li Qiye, you are too arrogant!”

He naturally couldnt endure this indignation from being publicly shamed in this manner thus he still replied even though it was Fiercest.

“Ive always been arrogant like this, you found out just now?” Li Qiye said leisurely: “Just remember, make sure to calm down on your boasting. No one will be emperor but me in this generation.”

“Damn!” Some of the spectators secretly applauded.

Everyone knew that Aotian wanted the Heavens Will. Fiercests comment right now simply didnt give the Golden Dragon Prince nor Aotian any face.

“Fellow Daoist Li, your words are too smug.” Even Aotian who was fighting against Yuanhou and the dragon in the sky had to shout.

Li Qiye replied right away: “Im merely stating the truth.”

The impressed crowd glanced at each other and thought that this was truly Fiercests style. He was still as domineering as ever even before Aotian. This lawless man didnt care for anyone. Others were just dogs and cats in his eyes.

“Thats Fiercest for you. The time and place dont matter to him at all.” People were utterly convinced by his style.

Golden Dragon Prince was a bit restless and also wanted to win back some face for Aotian. He snorted and said loudly: “Li Qiye, I know you are strong but there is still a way for you to go before competing with Imperial Prince Long for the Heavens Will.”

Li Qiye simply smiled and ignored this provocation. Being treated with such contempt instead of a verbal quip only further infuriated the prince. It was much more humiliating in this manner.

“Li Qiye, do you dare to block my bow?” The golden prince became hot-headed and challenged Li Qiye.

Normally, he wouldnt take such a risk but he couldnt endure this anger at this moment. Li Qiye ignored him and stood still as if he wasnt part of this world and that he was the chess player while everything else were mere pawns.

The lack of response made it intolerable for the prince. It was more unbearable than if the guy was putting him down. It seemed as if Li Qiye was an elephant treating the prince like an ant. Would the elephant care if the ant was screaming?

Thus, the prince felt his blood boiling. He wielded his bow and shouted: “Li Qiye, dont tell me you dont have the courage to take one strike?!”

This longbow made of intertwining vines was as green as jade, beautiful and enchanting. It exuded a vibrant presence as if its arrow could travel through the ages.

“A bow left behind by a Heavenly Demon!” An ancestor blurted out with astonishment.

This was a destructive weapon left behind by the matriarch from the Mu Zhuos Demonic City.

At this time, Li Qiye slowly turned to look at the prince and said flatly: “Take one strike? Whats hard about it? Go ahead, Ill give you a chance.”

The prince nearly vomited blood from anger due to Li Qiyes nonchalant attitude. Even though he wasnt a match for a supreme genius like Long Aotian, he was still among the top of the young generation at the Grand Sea. Even the older generation wouldnt treat him lightly but now, Fiercests attitude towards him was all too humiliating.

“Very well, Ill see how strong you are!” The prince roared while blinded by fury.

“Xsh!” He pulled back the string and gathered the momentum. The bow was full of power as if its user was channeling the power of the world itself!

“Rawr!” Once the string was pulled back all the way, a dragon roar suddenly resounded. A totem of a golden dragon appeared behind the prince and seemingly took over his body. The aura of man and dragon using together surged and transformed him.

There was a reason why people called him the Golden Dragon Prince. His bloodline was precious with this type of totem. When it appeared, it would grant him an explosive power.

The bow also changed color and became resplendent with the emergence of a golden arrow.

“Whoosh!” The arrow finally rushed out with an incredible speed, capable of shooting down the sun in the sky.

It instantly fixated onto Li Qiye. It wouldnt matter where he ran, he wouldnt be able to escape this arrow. The terrifying part was its incomparable sharpness, capable of piercing through everything. Even the best armors and protection artifacts wouldnt be able to stop it.

A bow left behind by a Heavenly Demon and used by an expert at the Heavenly God level had palpable power. God-Monarchs would fall prey to it.

“Boom!” Contrary to everyones expectation, Fiercest didnt bother evading the shot with his amazing speed.

In the blink of an eye, time seemed to have been frozen. One could see Fiercest reaching out with one finger and touched the arrow.

A loud explosion occurred when the two entities collided. The arrow immediately shattered into golden powders that scattered everywhere.

This ferocious attack from the prince was dispelled so easily by Fiercest to the astonishment of the crowd. The prince was aghast as well. His mind became empty as he instinctively took one step back!

1. The prince in Golden Dragon Prince consists of the character Heaven and Child. Just another word for emperor/prince but Li Qiye is using the literal meaning for his verbal retortPrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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