Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 251: Chi Xiaodao

“I dont care if you are a Legendary Godking or not.” Aotian chortled: “Since your mountain dares to protect Hai Lin, I, Long Aotian, shall annihilate you all.”

“If thats the case, then I shall try my best to try against your imperial arts.” Yuanhou calmly replied.

With that, he soared into the sky with just one step. While surrounded by the shining stars, he gestured and said: “Imperial prince, go.”

At their level, if they were to go all out, a sect like Qingcheng wouldnt be able to withstand their power and would be turned to ashes immediately.

Aotian stared at Yuanhou and instantly flashed into the sky as well. He laughed and said: “Yuanhou, take out your weapons. I will let you die with peace.”

“I have no worthy weapon to show off so I will only be using my bare hands.” Yuanhou responded.

It was a very calculated move. Even if he took out a weapon, he wouldnt gain any advantage since his foe was Long Aotian from Soaring Immortal. The guy had no lack of Immortal Emperor True Treasures. Aotian could just take out a random true treasure and that would be more than enough to deal with him

If it was a no-weapon contest, then he would actually have a chance.

“Using an imperial weapon would look like Im bullying your little sect.” Aotian laughed: “Fine, Ding Yuanhou, I will go barehand with you for a few rounds so that you will be utterly convinced with your defeat!”

“Go for it.” Yuanhou didnt back down and instantly grasped the celestials.

With loud explosions and his finger pointing, these large stars instantly rushed for Aotian from all directions and exploded on contact.

“Boom!” The exploding stars were resplendent. Even the sun in the sky paled in comparison.

After the stars shattered and the beautiful lights disappeared, Aotian was still standing there. He was protected by the deities and none of the explosions could touch him.

“Take this.” Aotian shouted and unleashed a draconic punch like a true dragon or a phoenix soaring to the sky. It dragged out the galaxies and shattered the fabric of time.

A dragon roar emanated from this tyrannical fist. Yuanhou instantly raised both hands to create a long string of yin and yang laws that eventually turned into a tsunami to drown Aotians fist!

“Boom!” The draconic fist slammed into the dao tsunami with a deafening blast. An unstoppable power erupted and spread at an amazing speed. The debris in this area all turned to nothingness.

Even though the tsunami was destroyed, Yuanhou still managed to stop Long Aotians fist by dispelling all of its energy.

“Have another!” Aotian pushed the sky back with another instantaneous palm strike. The six dao and reincarnation cycle were annihilated with his swift change from fist to palm. It was a flawless transformation.

This sky-pushing palm had an undodgeable speed. Even someone like Yuanhou couldnt avoid this particular attack since he wasnt faster than it.

He roared and turned into a giant bull. Its cry could shatter the stars with hooves that could crush the galaxies and a pair of earth-piercing horns.

“Boom!” The horns stopped the palm attack but Yuanhou in his bull form still took several strides backward and shattered the stars.

People were shocked to see Aotian forcing Yuanhou to assume his true form after just several exchanges. Aotian was simply too strong.

“Rawr!” While seeing that Yuanhou was at a disadvantage, the golden dragon jumped into the sky to stop Aotians retreat path.

The bull and dragon surrounded Aotian in just a short moment. Yuanhou was powerful but he was still no match for Aotian. Aotian was young and vigorous on top of having all of his innate advantages. Yuanhous initial constitution and background were not a match against Aotian.

If Yuanhou was from an imperial lineage, perhaps there was a chance for him in a no-weapon contest. Alas, this was not the case.

“Fine, Ill deal with both of you together then.” Aotian wasnt afraid at all by this pincer attack. He laughed with great confidence and didnt bother using an imperial weapon at all.

Even those who viewed him as an enemy felt some admiration towards his great confidence.

“Rawr, Moo!” The two beasts unleashed their devastating attacks towards Aotian at the same time.

“Bring it.” Aotians palms created an imperial law with a massive energy source like a deity. It swept through all evils easily.

The three fought against each other and robbed the light of the sky. Not just anyone could watch this level of a fight, only those at the paragon level could understand it.

The combined effort from the two beasts didnt yield any result. Aotian was still leisure as ever while smoothly revealing his moves.

Even Godkings were shaken while watching this battle. As for the weaker crowd, they couldnt look at what was happening above. Even if their seniors were to bring them up there, they wouldnt have been able to understand the battles amazing profundities.

“Rumble!” During this moment, blaring noises came with a cavalry from the horizon. It rushed towards Mount Qingcheng and blocked off the entrance.

“Mu Zhuos Demonic City!” The cultivators who have been watching the mountain range was shocked to see this cavalry.

“The Golden Dragon Prince is leading the troops himself.” One expert murmured.

The prince walked forward with cold, sweeping eyes on top of a brutal aura. His immense vitality was raging as if a golden dragon was wishing to come out of his body.

He was very powerful at the Heavenly God realm on the path of the heavens. Only someone like him was qualified to be sworn brother with Long Aotian.

In the past, he had the confidence to reach the Heavens Will. Alas, once Long Aotian came out, he gave up this thought and decided to work under Aotian.

The prince stared at the recovering Hai Lin before coldly speaking to the sect master: “Sect masters, smart people know when to give up. Hand over Hai Lin in order to avoid wails of lamentation and the fire of war destroying your sect!”

This was about the right attitude for someone as powerful at him. His words still enraged the demons in the crowd. Some demon monarchs even scowled in response.

Everyone knew that the demonic city was one of the largest demon lineages in the Grand Sea. Meanwhile, Soaring Immortal was slaughtering the demons and sea monsters. Not only did the demonic city ignored the plight of their kins, they even assisted Soaring Immortal in the hunt. Such actions made many demons furious.

The sect master shook his head and said: “Golden Dragon City Lord, Im afraid I cant obey. Nephew Hai Lin shall be protected by us.”

Many secretly gave the sect master an approving thumbs-up after seeing his attitude. This was heroic and loyal enough of them to protect Hai Lin against such pressure.

“Sect master, do reconsider.” The prince snorted: “Nothing good will come from opposing Imperial Prince Long and Soaring Immortal. The prince is already invincible even before becoming an emperor. Once he ascends, hell illuminate the world for an eternity. It doesnt matter what backing you think you have, you are simply overestimating yourself. Provoking a future Immortal Emperor is suicidal!”

The Golden Dragon Prince wasnt only threatening Mount Qingcheng. He was also building the momentum for Long Aotian and declaring his future ascendancy to the rest of the world.

This might not be a popular opinion but no one dared to vocally object.

“Hahaha!” While the prince was lauding Aotians achievements, a rambunctious laughter resounded.

It wouldnt be so conspicuous at any other moment but the timing made it very ear-piercing. It was clearly mocking the Golden Dragon Prince and Long Aotian.

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