Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 250: Remembrances at the Eastern Hundred Cities

Aotian stepped into the Big Dipper formation with an arrogant smile. He didnt bother putting on guard at all as if merely strolling through an empty courtyard. This formation seemed to be nothing in his eyes.

“Whoosh!” Starry shots rained down, causing the sky to shake the moment he stepped inside. Each of these rays could penetrate the earth itself.

He merely glanced at the sharp rays; one of them was aiming straight for his head. He still didnt move at all as if he didnt take note of it.

Many experts held their breath to see his lack of reaction. When this ray touched his hair, he finally moved.

“Pluff!” The ray failed even though it was a split hair away. Aotian easily avoided it.

The experts didnt see how he dodged it at all. It was as if he has been standing still the whole time.

This ray instantly turned around and went for his chest instead as the new target. Aotian still easily waited and evaded it in the same flashy manner.

“Buzz!” The formation finally erupted with fury and shot out countless rays in a complex manner, weaving a net in the sky. Anyone would be turned into a sieve instantly.

Alas, in face of this onslaught, Aotian still stood there without moving. The countless rays couldnt even touch the corner of his sleeve.

It wasnt due to the formation lacking power and speed. Aotian was simply too fast with a virtually matchless agility. It was as if each of these connecting rays was moving at a snail pace.

People gasped after seeing this, completely frightened by his incredible speed. They thought that they wouldnt even have the chance to react against him in a fight before being decapitated.

“Too slow and weak.” Aotian shook his head with disdain: “Not even as fast as a snail.”

The sect master and the others were vexed to hear this but there was nothing they could do. Their formation has been exerted to the limit yet it still couldnt do anything to Aotian. It was no wonder why he was mocking them.

“Break!” Aotian instantly took action and jumped into the most dangerous location in the formation.

“Bang!” In the blink of an eye, space and time seemed to be shattered completely. All the images here seemed to have stopped, allowing everyone to see all the small details.

In this moment, Aotian devastated for the formation with different moves before breaking through it completely. The crowd could see the sect masters and his peers desperately dodging but they were too slow compared to Aotian. Next, Aotian raised his finger for the finisher.

He took his time with this final technique, allowing the crowd to clearly see his move. In fact, it had surpassed the temporal limitation which was why it looked so slow!

The experts nearby were watching the eighteen children on the verge of dying to this finger strike. The eighteen themselves had their eyes wide open. They could see the disaster coming as well with the finger strikes penetrating their skull.

But they could only watch helplessly, unable to withstand the strike.

“Boom!” The entire mountain shook as if it was caving down but it still didnt collapse entirely.

In this blink of an eye, time passed quickly again and was restored to its initial form. It became a flowing stream again just like normal.

People focused and could see that the eighteen children were still alive. Someone else had blocked the finger strike for them.

It was a scholarly old man with a green robe and a pure aura. The eighteen children were pulled back from the brink of death. They calmed down and quickly called out: “Master.”

“Ding Yuanhou, peerless Godking of the Grand Sea!” A paragon from the last generation shouted after seeing this old man.

“Ding Yuanhou, the most amazing demon genius of the Grand Sea during the Difficult Dao Era!” Even those who had never seen him before have heard of his fame.

He had exceedingly high comprehension during his youth, allowing him to reach the tenth step at Discover just like Ye Jiuzhou.

“Imperial Prince, please calm down.” Yuanhou stepped out and said.

He didnt have an oppressive aura since he was hiding his energy. There was a hard-to-describe scholarly and elegant manner about him, just like an intellectual. He was a remedy for the mind, it was as if with him around, everything would be fine even if the sky was collapsing.

“Calm down?” Aotian laughed: “Thats not hard, Ding Yuanhou. Hand over Hai Lin and the dragon then I can spare your mountain for its insolence.”

This answer was beyond arrogance. He simply didnt care for the rest of the world. Many became annoyed at this response but they understood that he was qualified to utter this statement.

Yuanhou shook his head in response: “Imperial Prince, he is closely related to us. How about you go easy on him just this once?”

People became surprised and wondered about this particular relationship. Even Yuanhou was protecting him. It looked like Hai Lin must be closely related to the sect in order to drag them down the mud like this.

“Ding Yuanhou, Im afraid I cant give you any face right now.” Aotian shook his head in response: “I would do so if it was anyone else but not Hai Lin, he has opposed me time and time again. If I choose to spare him right now, it would be an unreasonable amount of restraint.”

Yuanhou didnt become angry. He was still as composed as ever: “If you wont compromise, then please excuse us.”

From beginning to end, Yuanhous tone was just right without any sign of anger.

“Yuanhou, you are indeed capable but you have only reached the Legendary Godking realm, no match against me!” Aotian laughed loudly.

Everyone was surprised at this revelation. The uninformed didnt know anything about this particular realm. Only the big shots from the previous generation were aware.

“Thats incredible. Ding Yuanhou is actually a Legendary Godking now!” An older Godking was shocked: “Thats the number one genius of the demons for you.”

“Imperial prince, you are too kind. My dao is shallow with countless flaws. I only barely saw an opening, cant be considered a Legendary Godking. Compared to Brother Ye who is a real Legendary Godking, Im far too lacking.” Yuanhou answered in a cool manner.

He wasnt being overly humble since he had only been able to comprehend this realm in the last several years. It was indeed true that this was only the beginning. In fact, this wasnt easy for him at all. Mount Qingcheng wasnt an imperial lineage. Thus, his grand dao was lacking in this sense so he didnt consider himself a Legendary Godking.

Nevertheless, people were still astonished all the same. Yuanhou was born in the Difficult Dao Era on top of being from a weaker sect. This achievement was already incredible enough. One could even say that if he was born in a prosperous era, he could have been an Emperor Assailant right now

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